World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1199
The influences of Fire God Palace and numerous alliance have very big confidence to this motion, after meeting, everyone smiles, but smiles happily is Shen Xiang, because he is also confident to his motion. Concrete is this, we start to take action in the evening, I have informed our people, constructs Teleportation Formation in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire distant place place of secret, tonight we complete the transmission, clear(ly) was quick daily the bright time, launched the attack.” That Immortal Monarch said: When the time comes by Yang Dean direction, everybody won't have the opinion?” This Immortal Monarch unexpectedly did not plan one go, but makes Saint Flame Sect Dean go, Shen Xiang that had not been worried at this time, if this Immortal Monarch goes, when the time comes is troublesome, is only pulling this Immortal Monarch, needs to consume very big strength. The people leave respectively, transfers own person, starts to carry on the busy transmission, must gather in piece of secret mountain forest. Because Ghost Killer Sect left very big strength, has assassinated several important personages, in addition the Ghost Killer Sect person is not suitable to participate in this motion, therefore Ghost Killer Sect can not send out any disciple, this new Ghost Killer King can also. Shen Xiang told them saying that he will go, but will hide, was getting rid in secret. The Saint flame mountain also constructed Teleportation Formation, the Saint flame mountain had pledged, when the time comes they need to dispatch many people, Fire God Palace was also this, Teleportation Formation that therefore here constructed very large-scale, Shen Xiang with this Teleportation Formation, arrived at Chenwu Mainland with the first group of transmission past people. After arriving, Shen Xiang immediately has had the contact with the pass on message jade symbol and Duan Chong. Elder Duan, how did you prepare?” Shen Xiang has hidden, as Ghost Killer King, nobody can direct him. Was waiting outside the Divine Weapon country, we brought more than 20,000 elite, fierce formation plate that Iron Lion Divine Army refined, when the time comes will how many people attack Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire?” Duan Chong asked.

In order to the one breath captures Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, they increased strength, when the time comes 1 million, this will not have been counted these Evil Demon! Evil Demon quantity many that's it.” Really many, if no any protection, suddenly was attacked, that will certainly rout.” Duan Chong slightly took a deep breath. Quantity are many, but is not very necessarily strong!” Shen Xiang said: I think that time Chenwu Mainland's each influence, as well as Subduing Dragon Sect sends, is the elite disciples, copes with these Evil Demon anything, is definitely relaxed.” Our Subduing Dragon Sect's disciples get up after brutal training adolescence, can definitely display very strong strength in this great war.” Duan Chong said very self-confidently. Shen Xiang has related afterward Xue Xianxian. Xianxian, when the time comes you and Youlan, if must get rid, must hide well, if knows that you are also living, I am not possibly able to continue to mix in this alliance, I am Red Faced Ghost kill the king now, they trust me.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that fiery Leng Youlan, was worried this violence Female Dragon cannot bear. This I know that says their detailed attack plans.” Xue Xianxian asked. Now they are transmitting the massive people to come Chenwu Mainland, hides in piece of ancient forest , waits for the similar time, will attack, your ambush is a bit faster good on the road.” Shen Xiang told Xue Xianxian the route, simultaneously makes her pass on to Wu Qianqian. Duan Chong the information tramsmit to Extreme Martial Sect, Lotus Island these influences, they already in secret reached an agreement.

The time in the past, in this mountain forest was hiding the massive people and Evil Demon little at this time, the Evil Demon quantity must make Shen Xiang surprised, unexpectedly has 500,000, but overall strength is very weak, should be brings to bring death, at this time this crowd of Evil Demon are noisy, after the resolution of people, comes up these Evil Demon belts the first rush, specifically is used to consume opposite party strength. Shen Xiang hides in secret, upon learning this, does not think wonderfully, if this 50 ten thousand Evil Demon to the forefront, when the time comes ambush these elite definitely meets exposed, will affect their plans. Therefore, Shen Xiang decided one get rid, told Duan Chong them, these Evil Demon to will bring death in front, making them when the time comes discretely attack, other exposed too many strength. The sky is about to have shone, counts hundred thousand Evil Demon to send out all kinds of yelling, enormous and powerful, is similar to the tide is ordinary, fires into the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's boundary, the place that so long as this crowd of Evil Demon pass through, the flowers and plants trees give to gnaw completely cleanly, turns into a stretch of open land scary, the scene. But in Evil Demon behind person, criticizes Evil Demon that this crowd of spirit wisdom have not been opening, makes mountain forest anything bare, keeping them from hiding in behind, causes the ways of 1 million people of not any concealment whereabouts, follows in that crowd of wicked Demon Empress surface, rushes to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire quickly. This I got rid!” Shen Xiang turned into a middle age, suddenly crashes from the sky, the both feet falls to the ground, making the earth violent sways. „Can you invade Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's?” Shen Xiang loudly said, the sound wave passes on, arouses strength wave, shakes that crowd of Evil Demon to yell retreat. suddenly kills a person to come, Fire God Palace these influences and outside haughty, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire died unconsciously the important character, definitely will expect some people to attack, but they think that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire did not have what formidable person, therefore did not fear. When Shen Xiang induces to that crowd of Evil Demon behind several expert fly, he immediately roaring hiss, sends out an incisive grating long and loud cry, at this time the people can see the space to be similar to ripples general however, that is sound wave strength, unexpectedly is shaking the space!

Giant sound wave strength, fires into that crowd of Evil Demon, but instantaneously, is with irresistible force ordinary, penetrates that to count Evil Demon that hundred thousand sends out yells shocking directly! This is Sound Attack Devil Art, everybody was careful!” A Devil World's expert complexion big change, hastily exudes the deafening big roar. Sound Attack Devil Art is Sacred Dan World Sacred Dan Sect divine art, is Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Transforming Bone Devil Palm and Grasping Soul Devil Curse this devil art shares the honor, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears in Devil World, is used for the group to attack single Sha, has terrifying strength. Shen Xiang roaring hiss again and again, the strength of terrifying sound killing arouses intermittent implication endless murderous aura sound wave, after that crowd of Evil Demon were killed by the sound qi wave hits, the body gradually split open, afterward fierce exploding is opening! Counts hundred thousand Evil Demon, in such a short time, 200,000 explode blood fog, making here into blood fog filling the air, bloody strong terrifying deathtrap, but the Shen Xiang's sound killed the wave not to be weaken, he crazy was roaring! Fire God Palace this crowd of person that is a anger, especially the Demon Territory big shots, they have not expected to meet suddenly to kill a such fellow, casual roar a few tricks, let their Evil Demon army destruction, dies the skeleton not to save. Shen Xiang roared very short time, that crowd of Evil Demon completely turn into the blood fog, because these people understood that transports the merit to protect the body, in addition Shen Xiang's Sound Attack Devil Art in view of the big area attack, therefore has not made the alliance armies die the person.