World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1201
Yang Jiutao float in the air, fought with the fists by Shen Xiang retreat dozens zhang (3.33 m), in heart panic-stricken, because he had not felt a moment ago Shen Xiang releases any True Qi strength, he does not know the opposite party uses what strength is, unexpectedly is so intrepid. My blade good and bad is middle-grade immortal tool, unexpectedly cannot leave behind any scar on a meat fist!” Yang Jiutao felt thornily, because the opposite party is not only one only understood that uses the Sound Attack Devil Art person, but also has immeasurably deep strength. Helps me quickly!” Yang Jiutao hastily to several elder sound transmission, wants him to run away that is impossible, can only ask other elders to help. old fellow that this alliance comes are many, the strength majority are very strong, Chenwu Mainland's expert, the overall quality is not luckily bad, when was besieged, can guarantee the perfection. Several burning hot Qi Energy from all directions spout to come, to flicker to check strikes on the Shen Xiang's body, sticks out suddenly the fierce flame explosion, the boom is billowing, is similar to ten thousand thunder sounds together, Yang Jiutao and that several elders, use Saint Flame Sect hot flame Thunder Quan at this time, shells Shen Xiang in the distant place, they do not believe this wild attack function. One group of idiots!” Shen Xiang suddenly appears in a Saint Flame Sect elder behind, his words said the time, his hand blade has divided maliciously to that old man nape of the neck, on the hand blade is covering very strong Qi Energy, making his hand really be similar to the sharp knife of destroying the hardest defenses, making him be similar to cuts the bean curd to be the same, gets down that old man nape of the neck bevelling. Also encounters obviously very strong raging fire flame Thunder Quanhong kills, unexpectedly was quietly to run, this made them think that this person was to penetrate the space comes out, therefore they had not discovered. Present Emperor Heaven, the space is stable, if wants the control space, to carry on the space to shuttle back and forth stably , can only depend upon large formation strength to be good, if the person wants this, that also needs very strong strength, Immortal Monarch is difficult to achieve. More than 1 million people that the following piece of chaotic war, alliance brings, at this time was cut to kill half is less , the rivers of blood, the rank ghost has soared to the heavens, the sky is covering thick hostility, making the will of the people startle.

Your ambition is too big, why this will be you will die such quick reason!” The Shen Xiang ice-cold sound conveys, his fist suddenly appeared in old man at present. Bang a dull thumping sound, Shen Xiang that wild strength makes that elder whole body explode dead, these initial stage Human Immortal, in this Heavenly Saint Body front, collapse at the first blow radically! Heavenly Saint Body, is similar to immortal tool is ordinary, is in itself very fierce human form weapon, even if Shen Xiang does not use Divine Weapon, can have savage strength. Yang Jiutao palm suddenly presents a purple hill, he throws into the purple hill airborne, sees only that purple hill suddenly to turn into the purple great mountain, but also releases one to make all people feel the heart startled terrifying pressure. Purple mysterious saint mountain! Isn't this Saint Flame Sect town mountain supreme treasure? It is said is sacred tool, doesn't know real?” old man said pleasantly surprised that he is in the alliance an elder of influence. The purple great mountain depresses, but also releases one to twine Shen Xiang's strength, after he ties down, fierce below presses. Takes Suppressing Deity Tablet, otherwise you will certainly be suppressed, has not thought that Fire God Palace unexpectedly will be given this Dean by such fierce thing.” Bai Youyou suddenly shouted. Shen Xiang emits Suppressing Deity Tablet immediately, on Suppressing Deity Tablet is the blank, a character does not have, moreover looks like very plain dilapidated, but stele is very huge, to the person a very strong feeling, is such a great tablet, unexpectedly can withstand that strength that the purple great mountain presses, that purple mysterious saint mountain supporting! Although Suppressing Deity Tablet is also very big, but that purple mysterious saint mountain is bigger, but actually looks like very small Suppressing Deity Tablet withstands at this time.

Pours into strength toward Suppressing Deity Tablet in!” Bai Youyou shouted: This need uses Xueyi strength!” At this time Yang Jiutao has controlled the purple mysterious saint mountain float, prepares recompression Shen Xiang one time, moreover other three elders still attack Shen Xiang in the distant place with hot flame Thunder Quan, what makes their surprised is, their fist energy truly have blasted out on Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually stands there, has not paid attention to them, a hand according to Suppressing Deity Tablet. They think that very strong fist energy hits on Shen Xiang's, unexpectedly is similar to the wind blows general, others have not cared slightly! I prepared!” Long Xueyi said that at once, Shen Xiang releases True Qi in within the body, Long Xueyi's Dragon Force, one and pours into Suppressing Deity Tablet. Should use like this!” Bai Youyou is not quite definite, but she actually has then felt relieved, because Suppressing Deity Tablet suddenly releases a very strong ice cold strength, the Suppressing Deity Tablet crown also spout a white energy column, hits to that bottom of the float purple mysterious saint mountain. At this time many expert are paying attention to here, because that ice cold air/Qi was really too astonishing, making people think, so long as approached, might be frozen. Shen Xiang also thinks inconceivable, but makes him most surprised is Long Xueyi's strength, big breast Female Dragon that this is too fond of sleep gluttonously, talent really extremely, relaxed, the casualness can continually promote the strength, and quick. The Yang Jiutao complexion is dignified, because he wants to let that purple mysterious saint mountain Bianxiao, but the purple mysterious saint mountain was actually seeped by strength at this time, inside some marks have encountered the serious destruction, what making him be alarmed, the purple mountain started to bleach at this time gradually, the entire mountain is turning into the ice piece probably! All these are under that mysterious stele create!

Here only then several people know that uses this stele person is Shen Xiang, they have not thought that Shen Xiang was been so long by the seal, but can also get so far as this type of fierce thing . Moreover the strength be more formidable than before, when not having exposed any own strength aura, Shen Xiang equally is fierce, this progress, making these be familiar with his person to feel that the shock is incomparable. Any nonsense Sacred Mountain, kills it, this is my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor strength, making you taste my fierce.” Long Xueyi's strength crazy passing, but her spirit is incomparable. The quick, entire huge purple mysterious saint mountain turns into the white, turned into an iceberg! That Yang Jiutao has been controlling the purple mysterious saint mountain to drive out these ice cold strength diligently, but is actually unable to recall now. Gives me dead.” Yang Jiutao knows that own strength does not beat Shen Xiang, but actually and several elders have hit, with strength of whole body! Shen Xiang perceived that was besieged by several expert, immediately receives good Suppressing Deity Tablet, the Legend space to leave, but after the purple mysterious saint mountain does not have Suppressing Deity Tablet supports, immediately crashes, Yang Jiutao and several elders strikes fully, bang in this by completely frozen purple mysterious saint mountain on! A bang cloud penetration crack stone, that they were rumbled broken by Yang Jiutao by the frozen purple mysterious saint mountain, the ice piece of disruption flies to the four directions! The purple mysterious saint mountain destroys finally in their hands, this makes Yang Jiutao angrier!