World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1202

The smashing ice crystal of purple mysterious saint mountain scatters everywhere is, this is sacred tool, but now actually by a mysterious great tablet ruining. Shen Xiang can obtain this Suppressing Deity Tablet is the Fire God Palace's merit, if not they can seek for that huge Profound Ice from Profound Cold Ancient Domain, dust-laden when this Suppressing Deity Tablet has not known. Good fierce Suppressing Deity Tablet, my Divine Power and Dragon Force use up!” The Long Xueyi's sound is very weak, Shen Xiang can feel that wells up the abundant energy a moment ago from her body, can display formidable strength of this Suppressing Deity Tablet hideaway, obviously Long Xueyi strength is not weak. Extinguished him!” The face of Yang Jiutao is fierce, the full blue vein, this sacred tool is fierce, in Heaven World, that is also the priceless treasure, this is Fire God Palace that secret expert lends him to use, to let him can capture Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire smoothly. But now has actually ruined, ruins sacred tool, even if in Heaven World, is a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering big matter. Saint Flame Sect strength magic treasure was ruined, making Chenwu Mainland here person morale inspire greatly, rushes ahead fiercely, moreover sends is elite, is the ordinary day well-trained squads, these squads coordinate very tacitly, can in the tangled warfare, display stronger strength. Yang Jiutao roars, in the sky presents a red cloud suddenly, is burning the fierce flame, heat is steaming, making everyone in battlefield be similar to the stove is the same. Death!” A Yang Jiutao palm pats, the hot cloud in sky rolls, turns into a giant flame palm, the fierce pressure, strong strength, making the underground big stretch of flat land be torn. The giant palm twinkling has hit, Shen Xiang in front of this giant flame palm, is similar to a mosquito, after the palm hits, but also by the heavily pressure in ground. Then was ripped fully is the fissure ground, the huge fire palms seal there, the flame burns as before, whips the earth the time, that torrential hot wave, sweeps across the entire battlefield, burnt the massive corpses of ground completely, causes the bloody air/Qi that filled pale many.

This fellow unexpectedly attacks me with the flame!” Shen Xiang was being pressed by that giant palm, the body was hit maliciously time, was shaken whole body tingling pain, but for him is not anything. Engulfing Devil Art!” Shen Xiang displays Engulfing Devil Art, he who falls into deep place, at this time is similar to a bottomless vortex, but that is only suppressing his giant flame palm, is similar to the sea water, crazy gyration, enters in the Shen Xiang's body. This Cloudy Fire Spirit palm was I uses larger part True Qi to display, even if cannot strike to kill him, can let his severe wound, at this time my strength has not diverged, can the seal his a period of time!” Yang Jiutao thinks that like this, but after he sees position suddenly of palm falls, the complexion slightly changes. The Shen Xiang's devour speed is getting more and more fast, because these flame are very pure energy turn into, moreover he currently uses Fire God Art, was turned into Blazing Dantian by own dantian, digests these flame very rapidness. Giant flame palm, is changing is slowly small, by Shen Xiang devour, will be being been building up to change into own strength. After this fire palms strength weakens, the seal does not live in Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang fierce leap arrives airborne, is dragging long flame, this is that fire palms remaining strength, after his in the air flew, already that strength completely devour. Blocks him quickly!” Yang Jiutao sees Shen Xiang to dive, bellows, wants to ask the person to come, strikes to kill Shen Xiang with joint forces. But at this time comes, only then his Saint Flame Sect that three not tied down elder, they arrive at side Yang Jiutao, does not dare such to rush, is similar to the Shen Xiang frontage fight that with that the stars crash. These time was one's turn me!” Shen Xiang fierce took a deep breath, five elements of True Qi suddenly in within the body seethes with excitement, five beast image as if send out inspired roaring in his dantian, making True Qi that he releases at this time more formidable.

five elements of True Qi attacks together, turns into Universe True Qi, emerges Shen Xiang's all the limbs and bones, fuses together with his powerful Heavenly Saint Body, making this time strength more formidable. Earth Force......” chant in Shen Xiang revolution Earth Slaughtering Technique, through him for many years to the sensibility of Earth Slaughtering Technique, can let strength of his within the body again, turns into Earth Force. Shen Xiang as if integrated in the nature at this time, although the whole person is sending out very strong imposing manner, but seems like containing a natural spirit rhyme, he strikes a fist, fist energy that this fist releases, making people think that is similar to turbulent flowing rapidly, the tuck dive ocean waves, that imposing manner makes people think one stand in the under feet of innumerable palatial great mountain. Withdraw!” Yang Jiutao complexion sudden change, because he saw anything, he knows the strength that the opposite party uses may is in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Shen Xiang's fist energy the enormous and powerful impact, Qi Energy was shaking, as if the high sea impact, exudes deafening sounds, although that three Saint Flame Sect elder flew to run away with the quickest speed, but was covered by this terrifying strength, that strength as if there is hand that innumerable cannot only see, rips open the body of that three elder, the bloody fragment from airborne falls, looks at underground one group of people fearful and apprehensive. Half body of Yang Jiutao had been torn up, the head also links on that half body, had not died, on his face is bringing incomparable panic-stricken, he knows that he was dying: This is the world......” Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, flickers to check arrives at Yang Jiutao behind, used a moment ago that strength, was going to a Yang Jiutao head fist bang, becoming integrated with blood fog. Saint Flame Sect Dean and elder are annihilated, Yang Jiutao had requested reinforcements to other influences a moment ago repeatedly, making them collaborate to take Shen Xiang, but expert of these influences were being diverted. After Shen Xiang just killed Yang Jiutao, he feels a familiar aura.

This fellow has gotten rid finally, but he came late.” This is that Saint Flame Sect inside Immortal Monarch, is the Fire God Palace's person, here had such matter, some people had already reported that but they were slow one step, waits for this Immortal Monarch to arrive, the purple mysterious saint mountain and Yang Jiutao have not existed. Elder Li, Elder Duan, that Immortal Monarch came!” Shen Xiang hastily gives them sound transmission, this Immortal Monarch strength is very fearful, only then Duan Chong and Li Baojun collaborate, can have strength of the war. However this Immortal Monarch does not plan to participate in the fight, he one, on loudly shouted: Withdraw quickly!” In order to avoid this Immortal Monarch lashes out some influence quite weak people, Li Baojun and Duan Chong clash immediately, at this time expert of these influences are leading their person, the fast evacuation, some influences were extinguished completely light, only then several old fellow are supporting by hard and stubborn effort, this war, their these alliances lose seriously, because they were too negligent.