World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1203

Opposite party suddenly has Immortal Monarch to join, lets Shen Xiang them immediately the great stress, they planned to destroy completely the opposite party completely. Shen Xiang is displaying Sound Attack Devil Art to that evacuation large quantities of people, in retreating, some people resists without enough time, was shaken the casualty big piece by the sound wave. Annoying fellow!” That Immortal Monarch sees Shen Xiang and the others to pursue to the end and hit hard, wields a palm, immediately inundates Heavenly Fire Yun Longzhao in the sky, a giant palm pounds to fall, beforehand that Yang Jiutao has displayed Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, but the present is this Immortal Monarch displays, strength is very intrepid. This Cloudy Fire Spirit palm pounds to fall instantaneously, Shen Xiang their several this time has to use to resist strength of whole body, otherwise is hard to meet the severe wound surely. Next time will cut you again!” That Immortal Monarch throws down these words, in a hurry departs, this fights their Fire God Palace to lose seriously, sacred tool was ruined, Saint Flame Sect Dean and several coming the elders of died completely. Shen Xiang gives Li Baojun, Duan Chong and Zuo Zhenxuan sound transmission: Here gave you, I must continue to mix in them, learned of the firsthand news.” If not this, today will not have this victory, causes heavy losses to these to covet the Chenwu Mainland's influence, although died many people, but the war of this scale can only be small, must know Chenwu Mainland has sent out few elite, if sends completely, the person who comes are more. Shen Xiang turned into Red Faced Ghost to kill the king at this time, arrived at the Saint flame mountain, the person who at this time can meet here, reduced compared with before most probably, moreover on everyone the wounds of some varying degrees, the remaining these idle positions, are other influences, has sent for informing these influence inside high levels, making them send for attending the conference. After the people come to be uneven, the atmosphere is very depressing, on each face full is the color of anger, thinks absolutely safe they, unexpectedly loses that miserably, they have not thought after a Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire deceased person, Chenwu Mainland's each influence response is so rapid, elite gathers in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, has any slightest sign of trouble, can attack immediately.

But Subduing Dragon Sect that strength makes them most remember with eternal gratitude, they think that Subduing Dragon Sect did not have Shen Xiang, will be dispirited, has been low, but actually in secret develops now that formidable, has so many elite disciples to enter the war, becomes the beforehand that war kills the enemy many. Sees Ghost Killer King that mask, people very not to be feeling well, because loses slightly is this Ghost Killer Sect, a person has not gone, although this Ghost Killer King had pledged will go to the scene to have a look, but has not seen one including the person's shadow. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, as well as Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's several elders have not appeared in the battlefield, therefore the people have not suspected this Ghost Killer King, because of today's this situation, if Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan can enter the war, definitely will appear, because came including Danxiang Taoyuan's Wu Qianqian. How regardless of they suspected that will not suspect head of Ghost Killer Sect, before Ghost Killer Sect and Mo Clan colluded with together, enraged Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire again and again, both sides died some people, therefore nobody will think Ghost Killer King and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire union. Ghost Killer Sect naturally not Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire union, but Shen Xiang meeting, moreover Shen Xiang can be Ghost Killer Sect name brand Dean now, because he has killed Ghost Killer King, has the qualifications to sit in this position. Let also one that the people are not feeling well, is this Immortal Monarch from the beginning has not attacked, but in comes out finally, otherwise their casualty will not be serious. Naturally, they do not dare to say now, because Saint Flame Sect Dean as well as these elder cannot come back, adds on sacred tool to ruin again, this Immortal Monarch is definitely angrier. This time we lose are so big, cannot like this consider as finished, we prepare to fight the decisive battle!” That Immortal Monarch said: When the time comes I will go to battle, as well as that Senior!”

Can be this Immortal Monarch Senior, the strength has been needless saying that definitely is Immortal King, in the people heart secretly is not being feeling well, has this strength not to send out earlier, instead stays here to look that they bring death. Immortal Monarch and Immortal King do not get rid to hit this great war, has certain scruples, although they here are unusual top expert, but does not mean they can not restrain slaughtering, especially slaughters humanity. Shen Xiang hears this Immortal Monarch words, the mood becomes heavy, because this Immortal Monarch and that Immortal King enter the war are he most were worried that if to that day, White Tiger Fighting Clan did not get rid, perhaps nobody can force these two expert. Now each influence is Yuan Qi damages severely, in a short time cannot attack Chenwu Mainland's once again, only if these Immortal King get rid, but Immortal King does not get rid also to have their reasons, do they want a bit faster to take Chenwu Mainland? Several days later that Senior will go out, if everybody wants to obtain his direction, can stay here temporarily, when the time comes or again comes.” When the conference ended, that Immortal Monarch words make the people at present one bright. Many people stay here, for is other Senior, obtains the direction of that Senior, that is Immortal King, but in their eyes strong existence, they also can only look up to now, at this time has the opportunity to contact this character, but can also be directed, they will certainly not walk. Shen Xiang has not walked, he also wants to have a look in this Saint flame mountain to hide Immortal King, if is really this, that Fire God Palace has gotten down very big qualification, making two Immortal King sacrifice the massive practice time, arrived in this Spirit Qi thin Emperor Heaven, this might ruin these two Immortal King futures very much, although was very difficult to Immortal King this rank the promotion, wanted this stage, no one will give up promoting the strength the opportunity. Late at night, Shen Xiang sits on the bed the closed eyes rest, he has not slept, but here lair of enemy, where can he rest ripe?

Who?” Shen Xiang suddenly realized that some out of the door people appear, stealthy, his hastily has drunk one low and deep. I am Mo Clan Great Elder, can go in chats well?” This is a old man sound. Comes in!” Shen Xiang coldly said, before Mo Clan and Ghost Killer Sect colluded, thinks that was that dying the matter of Ghost Killer King, but present Ghost Killer King is new, Mo Clan wants to continue to unite with Ghost Killer Sect, therefore came. This Mo Clan Great Elder named Mo Xu, is one looks like soon the belch fart old man, but the strength is very strong. On the Mo Xu face is having the temperate smiling face: We have had the cooperation with Ghost Killer Sect before, but has not thought that Ghost Killer King trades that quickly! If your excellency is willing to continue to cooperate with us, the advantage will not be definitely few.” Shen Xiang asked: How can cooperate?” Mo Xu gives Shen Xiang sound transmission directly: Helps us kill people, kills these to deal with the Mo Clan fellow, before that Ghost Killer King had not completed the matter that we entrust to change players, therefore I hope that your excellency can complete.”