World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1204
Shen Xiang sound transmission asked: Reward.” Your excellency knows the person who must first kill who is, then asked that is not late!” Mo Xu said with a smile: „The fellow who must kill is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Second Elder.” Does not have the issue, now can say that has rewarded for services rendered, I compare to care about this.” Kills the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's person, Shen Xiang most is glad. Killer line, never asked the reason of assassination, how therefore Shen Xiang again was curious, will not ask absolutely, otherwise that not like the Ghost Killer Sect attitude. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect and Mo Clan are the Devil Territory strong presences, manipulates strategically in secret definitely also has, but develops to assassinate this situation, this was very serious matter, especially in this crucial point, the influence in Devil Territory did not have Shen Xiang to imagine is so harmonious. Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that can use this, in making this alliance fights, so long as there is a benefit to exist, he can instigate. trillion crystal stones!” Mo Xu said. Good, this is my first time cooperates with you, I did not bargain back and forth, has a good start.” Is a person, can obtain trillion crystal stones, Shen Xiang thought that is very cost-effective, is no one can receive such business to do. I inquired, this fellow will leave tomorrow morning, he will go to Demon Territory Wan Shecheng, you can there fight, best be make by the appearance that Evil Demon kills, this will not be suspected!” Shen Xiang leaves the Saint flame mountain immediately, goes to Demon Territory Wan Shecheng.

After arriving at Wan Shecheng, Shen Xiang has not been bringing that blood red mask, otherwise that Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Second Elder dies here, suspected that he is surely, he plays the role of the same whole body to send out snake poisonous Qi breath Evil Demon, in this Wan Shecheng, many monsters is this. Wan Shecheng is very worn-out, here not like the city of humanity neat, here many shops carelessly build with the stone, the ground of avenue is digs, bumpy, the raining words, guarantee the everywhere mud. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's does Second Elder come to this place to do? In the Shen Xiang heart is curious, he thought that certainly comes to here to see somebody, but the whole person possibly is Demon Territory influence inside expert, he guessed like this. In this worn-out city, suddenly presents one to put on magnificent, tall and powerfully built old man, immediately caused many people to surround, because here monster majority were the snake monsters, looked like very thin and weak, only then extremely few parts paid great attention to their wear. Was this fellow, such high-sounding talk came to here, it seems like that the energy was very full!” Shen Xiang induces in Devil Qi to opposite party dantian to be very vigorous, should crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, even is devil cultivator of nine tribulations. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, has not thought of us to!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart , to continue to follow this Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Second Elder with Divine Soul. This Second Elder named Ji Chong, is very high in the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's status, although is Second Elder, but sometimes Dean must look at his complexion, moreover Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Great Elder had closed a while ago up, has not come out. Ji Chong arrives at this city, moves toward a quite dignified pinnacle on the half step, but Shen Xiang induced to that pinnacle in has several powerful aura. In that pinnacle has a fierce fellow?” Shen Xiang was inquiring a small snake monster.

Does not have, but several, that is in Wan Shecheng big monster, evolves the fellow of flood dragon from the snake, is five greatly black flood dragons, crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, if progresses again, perhaps they can Dragon Transformation.” A that small snake monster face yearned that said. Shen Xiang followed, walks toward that pinnacle, there has five black flood dragons, that strength Demon Territory was top one row, this Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Second Elder looked for these five black flood dragons, definitely has the important matter. He has not entered the pinnacle, but he actually patrolled, Ji Chong was led into a pinnacle underground stone chamber, sits five black armor guys in this stone chamber, the body is sending out poisonous Qi, it seems like it was five understands with the poisonous poisonous flood dragon. Has not thought that your this matter can also keep an appointment, I heard that you are attacking the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's time loss to be serious.” A black flood dragon said that sound very ice-cold, does not have a sentiment. Is this, cannot miss this important matter absolutely, that thing did you bring?” Ji Chong asked that afterward he has put out a quite big jade box. Is making the transaction, Shen Xiang is curious immediately, because they probably in exchanging serious thing, otherwise that will not promote, because after Ji Chong enters this pinnacle, other monsters in pinnacle were caught up, the nearby does not allow to approach. We must have a look at your thing first.” A black flood dragon is staring at that jade box stubbornly, although sound ice-cold, but his pupil actually sends out the frantic ray to come, must put out a hand to take. A Ji Chong hand according to that jade box, can look to you, but you do not allow to touch, moreover I must know that you do have the thing that I want bring. These five black flood dragon slightly frowned, looked that their appearances did not understand very much such transaction custom, Shen Xiang does not know Ji Chong had a liking for their any thing, unexpectedly must endure these fellows.

Brought!” A black flood dragon has put out a black box, this time is one's turn that Ji Chong look becomes fiery. Now you can open make us have a look! If confirmed that our fought.” That black flood dragon said that a big hand makes an effort according to that black box, that black box works very excellent, the material quality is also good, is not Demon Territory can have the thing that likely. Ji Chong opens the jade box, sees only in that jade box to have five transparent beads, but in the core places of these beads, separately five drops of black dot, seems like five drops of black blood. This is the blood of Evil Dragon!” Long Xueyi clenches teeth saying: Evil Dragon is not my goodness, but these five drops of blood can make these five black flood dragons step into the [say / way] of Evil Dragon!” Shen Xiang sees Long Xueyi so, to know that the blood of this Evil Dragon is not simple: This Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's does Second Elder get so far as? This type of thing should very difficult lane!” Naturally difficult, I also want to know that perhaps in Ancient Desolate Devil Sect has a clone body of Evil Dragon, initially Evil Dragon was collaborated to put to death by expert of multi- clan, but some fellows have actually preserved the department clone body of Evil Dragon, body ten thousand years of immortality of this Evil Dragon!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has not gotten rid immediately, because that five black flood dragon is not a vegetarian, he also wants to have a look at Ji Chong to exchange any important thing with these Evil Dragon blood. „The present arrived at you, you should be able to see this are not fake!” Ji Chong said that he covers the cover of jade box, then stubbornly holds down that jade box.