World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1205

Shen Xiang thought that on that black flood dragon jade box inside thing is more fearful, this Ji Chong takes the thing of exchange to satisfy these five black flood dragons the demands, but thing that these five black flood dragons take to a Ji Chong person, even if so, Ji Chong so wants. Waits again, I must confirm that around this nobody in, you should know my this box inside thing fearfully!” That black flood dragon looked at other two companions, hint has made them exit to clear. Shen Xiang sees the opposite party to be so prudent, immediately is far away from here, but he still patrols to watch, at this time he guessed that inside thing, should be one type makes the person be panic at the news, even can bring in the thing of infinite fatal disaster, therefore so will be discrete. Several turn into the black flood dragon of guy, strolled outside that pinnacle, after having expelled other people, in standing on pinnacle, watches all around through several windows, at this time in that underground stone chamber has Ji Chong and one is the black flood dragon Boss of head. „Isn't here your domains? You were also terribly suspicious and fearful.” Ji Chong said that he could not wait obviously, wants to have a look at the opposite party to make very much really the thing that he needs. You, if lives here for several years, you will certainly not say that here first kills my fellow to be many are, our somewhat strength, already by others Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality pulling out.” That black flood dragon Boss said. You pull out others' demon core to be also many, the situation and our Devil Territory of your Demon Territory law of the jungle are also similar.” Ji Chong sighed. Shen Xiang waited for less than half double-hour, that black flood dragon old great ability opens that black box slowly, in sees is only a grain of black bead, turns on that cover time, Shen Xiang can see Ji Chong to hit one to tremble, can see that bead has very astonishing cold strength, the character who will otherwise not let Ji Chong this rank feels cold.

Worthily is Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, even if were sealed in this grain of bead so is cold.” Ji Chong exclaims. unexpectedly is Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, is beforehand that Evil Snake King is used to cope with Lu Qinlian Primordial Strange Poison, it is said is weakest Primordial Strange Poison, but also is very fierce, in Lu Qinlian this type of toxin, felt very thorny. „Does this fellow do with this type of toxin? Can cope him is fiercer than many fellows?” In the Shen Xiang heart is having doubts. This fellow is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect inside Second Elder, does he want to usurp the Dean position? If in the fight, suddenly uses this type of toxin, can definitely defeat compared with he many people.” Long Xueyi said. That black flood dragon Boss has covered box, seriously said: This Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison is any goods, your I am clear, if you use this poisonous exposed to exit, let alone is we give you. Also, this type of toxin does not have what antidote, therefore you use must be careful, was lifted the stone to pound own foot.” Before after that Evil Snake King used the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison matter passed on, causes expert of Human, Devil and Demon three territories to be scared, after passing to Heaven World, these Immortal King immediately sent out to post a reward. In Heaven World, these Immortal King strengths can be said as in that higher world are quite top, if not Immortal King has the conflict with Immortal King, can be very exactly long, but if uses these Primordial Strange Poison not to be different, so long as there is the means to release Primordial Strange Poison, once the opposite party is poisoned, with dying similarly, even if undying, the latter half of life almost ended.

This does not need you to be worried, I use certainly very much will promote! Now can exchange.” Ji Chong must obtain this Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison very anxiously, he pushes out his jade box immediately, exchanges Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison with the blood of these five drops of Evil Dragon. The black flood dragon Boss also pushes out that black box, both sides obtained the satisfied thing, the nature is happy, but this black flood dragon Boss somewhat was worried, urged, lets that Ji Chong careful use. These do Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison come? That Evil Snake King has, these black flood dragons have, can Demon Territory some place nurturing leave this strange poison?” Since is evil poisonous, Shen Xiang also wants to take, although he had two ratio Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison also some Primordial Strange Poison, but this type of thing the more better, but can also turn the use. After Ji Chong exchanges this Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, immediately leaves this city, Shen Xiang is the plan struck to kill Ji Chong here, but in that case, definitely will alarm that five black flood dragon, he thinks behind these five black flood dragons definitely also the fiercer monsters, otherwise is unable to get so far as this Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison depending on them, must compress Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison to a grain of bead is not easy, he thought that these five black flood dragons and make Evil Snake King have big relationship. Shen Xiang follows in Ji Chong behind, after having been far away from that Wan Shecheng, his suddenly picks up the speed, puts out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, displays the strength of Law of Space, the shuttle space, suddenly appears in spinning Ji Chong behind, is being maliciously a hammer pounds to the back of Ji Chong. This hammer maliciously, do not say Ji Chong, even if Immortal Monarch here, does not have words that magic treasure defends, the back came on such a hammer head, must be pounded spits blood. The skeleton of Ji Chong back chest in that instantaneous complete smashing, inside flesh and blood air/Qi dirty anything, was torn, making Ji Chong spout a thick old blood, the person also flew, lay in the ground **.

As Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Second Elder, the status in Ancient Desolate Devil Sect is not low, can explain that his strength is not absolutely weak, but is actually hit to go fall flat on one's face a hammer head now, lies spits blood in the ground in gulps, Ji Chong did not have ravelling what happened, only thought that a palm racket maliciously on his head, afterward vast spiritual strength drills into his Sea of Consciousness, is turning is looking for his Sea of Consciousness inside thing, is spying on his memory, this lets in his heart in great surprise. Ji Chong is powerful devil cultivator, he naturally knows that Grasping Soul Devil Curse this fierce devil art, in Heaven World is also the illustrious thing, let alone has studied, personally sees not to be easy, but currently actually some people use for him! So long as is devil cultivator, does not want to learn this peerless devil art, this not only can spy on others' memory, but can also the devour others' soul, launch very strong spiritual attack, if not for this devil art has appeared little, is considered has been lost, was already included to ban merit ranks. Who you are!” Ji Chong is enduring the severe pain of head, clenches teeth to ask, but Shen Xiang when displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse to him, has taken down his storage equipment, that Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison in inside. Hehe, your ambition is not small, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison I kindly accepted!” Shen Xiang Divine Power condense together, fierce infiltrates in Ji Chong Sea of Consciousness, crushes together with the soul Ji Chong Sea of Consciousness completely.