World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1206

Kills this Ji Chong, obtains Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, obtains a trillion crystal stones reward that Mo Clan gives, he does not have to think one just became Ghost Killer King shortly, had such rich income. After the Ji Chong corpse burns down, Shen Xiang immediately returns to Saint Flame Sect, he also wants to see in Saint Flame Sect is hiding that mysterious Immortal King. As Ghost Killer King, mysteriously appears and disappears very normally, has also been unalarmed by strange sights in expert that in Saint Flame Sect gathers, but Ghost Killer King makes them dread, because no one knows that this fellow grows what kind, what origin has, what is most fearful is that assassination ability. Shen Xiang is not exposed, avoids talking with others as far as possible, but Mo Clan Mo Xu is an exception, because this is his super client. Mo Xu sees Ghost Killer King to come back, immediately sends for inquiring the news, he must confirm whether that Ji Chong died, this need a period of time, Shen Xiang is not anxious, he cannot obtain that trillion crystal stones in any case, got so far as some Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison also to calculate well. Now what Shen Xiang is worried, when this Fire God Palace attacks Chenwu Mainland, although before , lost much, but he knows Fire God Palace not only absolutely a little strength, moreover other influences definitely also hide have, but if must hit again one time, once loses, the heavy loss that causes, shook the foundations of these big influences. But this does not mean that they will not hit, because they and Chenwu Mainland's contradictions have not been able to melt, but the superiority that Chenwu Mainland has, after can let on Chenwu Mainland each influence, becomes very formidable, whatever the Chenwu Mainland above these influences continue to develop, once from now on will have enough strength, first will destroy completely will be they. Moreover before them, lost that many, cannot such in vain lose, therefore they hope that Fire God Palace that two Immortal King send out, such one, took Chenwu Mainland, they later can above minute to one cup of thick soup. Fire God Palace use that big strength comes the seal he also for so.

Here waited for several days, transmits the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Second Elder death news, that life bead broke, represents the death . Moreover the person has also been missing, but knows before him , went to Wan Shecheng! Went to Wan Shecheng dead, let the person cannot help but suspicion is in Wan Shecheng that five black flood dragon does, only then that five black flood dragon had that strength. Ji Chong in Devil Territory, the fame is very big, Human Territory many influence expert also know that this fierce character, now actually died, moreover is related with Demon Territory Wan Shecheng. This is Mo Clan Mo Xu makes Ghost Killer King assassinate, at this time Mo Xu has also approved this new Ghost Killer King strength, does very attractively . Moreover the speed is quick, but exited shortly after to complete, therefore after he confirmed Ji Chong died, in secret has given Shen Xiang trillion crystal stones. Shen Xiang beforehand has absorbed the Ji Chong memory, knows why Mo Xu must kill him, because beforehand Mo Xu and Ji Chong are good friends, moreover did must not exposed to the light the matter, for example Mo Xu and Ji Chong collaborate in secret, has gobbled up many Mo Clan benefits quietly, similarly this also made Ji Chong obtain many advantage, made many Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's resources in secret. Because these two are insatiably greedy, making Mo Xu be suspected, but got rid of the suspicion by Mo Xu finally, but Ji Chong coerced Mo Xu with this at this time, making Mo Xu help him take the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Dean position. Mo Xu dislikes is coerced, will therefore make Shen Xiang get rid to massacre Ji Chong, like this he can have no more worries, but Ji Chong does not know, therefore told Mo Xu own whereabouts, enables Mo Xu to know the Ji Chong whereabouts frequently. Ji Chong time at the point of death, does not know one were hired the person to kill by Mo Xu, Shen Xiang thinks that such matter, cannot help but sighed, because was not only Devil Territory devil cultivator, even if in Human Territory, this matter also were very normal.

The people were discussing when matter that Ji Chong dies, Fire God Palace's that Immortal Monarch suddenly walked, lowers the sound saying: That Senior went out!” In the hall is peaceful immediately, is reorganizing own clothing in abundance, these people are hoping this Immortal King nod gets rid to attack Chenwu Mainland, when the time comes they do not use that strenuously. Shen Xiang induced to a very strong aura, truly is the Immortal King rank, the strength and that Palace Master are similar, does not know that this Immortal King holds the post of any position in Fire God Palace. Those who surprise the people are, this Immortal King looks like very young, is long is good-looking, pretty, bridge of the nose tall Ting, the skin is tender, is a handsome man, from this also explained that this Immortal King possibly is very young Immortal King, this lets in the people heart is one happy, so long as can convince this Immortal King to get rid, after Chenwu Mainland, was their, although can only divide to a scrap place, but , can also expand, embezzles the influences outside other influence Chenwu Mainland. This year although light Immortal King looks like does not have what rack, that proud look that but in the foreheads reveals is very obvious, but this is also natural, because sits the person here to be able by him to be pinched casually. When light Immortal King sees the Shen Xiang's time this year, cannot help but frowned, the sound is bringing ice-cold: What doesn't take off the mask?” Except for that Immortal King, each people here somewhat fear this Ghost Killer King, moreover knows that the custom of ghost killer, usually little reveals the true appearance. Shen Xiang has not thought that this mask can make this Immortal King discontented, in his heart suddenly emits a resistance, even if this Immortal King is very strong, he does not want to obey this Immortal King intent, even if takes off the mask not to have what influence for him, because he can definitely turn into other appearances, did not fear that was recognized.

„Haven't you heard my words?” That Immortal King expression became ice-colder. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed secretly, he must continue to keep this Saint Flame Sect, eavesdrops on many some to their advantageous things, therefore can only endure now. He puts out a hand to take off the mask, has revealed an extremely ordinary face, looks like does not conform to this Ghost Killer King status. Snort, you bring mask to appear here, is disrespects to me, but looked, in you can be Fire God Palace publish on a strength share, you only needed to kowtow to admit mistakes that's alright to me.” That Immortal King coldly snorted, looked afterward does not look at Shen Xiang, in his eyes, that ordinary face thought that is filthy his eye. This Immortal King is not general arrogance, but he has the arrogant qualification, others are Immortal King, is Sir, even if sits the person here usually to be how imposing, in front of having Immortal King of strong strength , can only swallow an insult. Shen Xiang has stood, in people heart suddenly has one type inexplicably dark crisp, Ghost Killer King that because usually they fear, unexpectedly must kneel to admit mistakes like the grandson now, although does not kneel they, but they are very excited. If I didn't apologize?” Shen Xiang also ice-cold and has the angry sound to say with one type.