World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1207

Hears Shen Xiang these words, the people have inhaled cold air secretly, unexpectedly contradicting influence strong Immortal King, this was dislikes the life radically steadily, although swallowed an insult, what knelt to kowtow to admit mistakes anything was hurts feelings very much, but can maintain a livelihood after all, lived is being more important than anything, did not go on living continually exactly, but also wanted the wool face. But Shen Xiang does not believe that because he thought that he does not kneel also to go on living, therefore he chooses does not kneel, although his present status is Ghost Killer King, but words that wants him such to make, he same will feel the humiliation. That year light Immortal King, complexion sank, on that delicate and pretty white face suddenly was covering haze, everyone could see that this Immortal King temperament was not very good, his sound was bringing intense killing intent: „Are you are speaking with me?” Shen Xiang suddenly grips the tight double fist, asked back: You deaf?” Courts death!” This Immortal King drinks one coldly, the person has disappeared, such suddenly appears above Shen Xiang, moreover is bringing his luxurious big chair, float on Shen Xiang, a palm pats, that palm strength, making expert present feel scared, that Immortal Monarch all over the body lives coldly, because is he, will be hit by this palm vanishes in puff of smoke. However, Shen Xiang actually hid, he hid the past that is very instantaneously strange, resembled the powerful palm strength that Immortal King hit to shove open to be the same him, has not injured to his in the slightest. You court death, is Immortal King also what kind of? I am also same can make you suffer a loss!” Shen Xiang is also murderous aura soars to the heavens at this time, throws a grain of black bead, pounding maliciously in the ground, causes a black Qi fierce impact, along with the Shen Xiang's control, this black Qi such as the ghosts and demons appears side that Immortal King generally, will twine, but escape black Qi also flutters in the hall, lets many expert ashen-faced, because they, when was drilled into the body by that ice cold strength, knows that this was anything. Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, Ghost Killer King unexpectedly has this thing, moreover in these many people's place uses, this do not draw in them to front the back? They still in to rejoice in other people's misfortune, in heart commended a moment ago that Immortal King coped with this Ghost Killer King, but has not thought of the matter in a while, made them beset with a crisis in unprecedented life. unexpectedly uses Primordial Strange Poison, I must rip you exactly!” That Immortal King is angry, originally his delicate and pretty white face, at this time some black Qi, but can also see his body to tremble, this is been frozen by that Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison.

Has to plant comes, my Ghost Killer King murder are countless, but has not killed Immortal King! You in my eyes, is one with the average person same can by the fellow who this strange poison claims the life with ease!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Your this fellow was sent, that should unable to mix!” Braves the flame big hand suddenly to pound down, hit Shen Xiang maliciously, this big fire palms pats Shen Xiang lies in the ground. Gives me to get down!” That Immortal King is a palm, although he is poisoned, but he cultivates the flame after all, can resist these cold poison temporarily, most formidable palm strength that his condense can transfer, to is lying down Shen Xiang that spits blood in the ground is a palm. Of bang, this float islands shivered violently, but the place that Shen Xiang lay down a moment ago also left big hole, Shen Xiang is hit by a that Immortal King palm penetrates this islands, was suppressed by that strong palm strength stubbornly, has fallen into the islands below volcano. Shen Xiang by the Immortal King frontal attack, had not been turned into blood fog is the miracle, but actually the whole body ache, the body also lived by that remaining palm forcing, making him to sinking, the pressure that impact that in these hot thick liquid keeps comes, making him more uncomfortable. This bastard!” That Immortal King complexion is very ugly: Luckily is Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, we can stand firm this toxin proliferation, leads them in the martial arts room, strength of to rely on these flame drive the toxin, if the luck is good, perhaps one year or so can poisonous drive out completely.” This Immortal King is poisoned deeply, absorption Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison are most. That Immortal Monarch looks at that passed through hole, said: Falling down words, should die!”

Definitely, even if you do not suffer my palm, falls down the following deep place, will die.” That Immortal King coldly snorted: How inventories to his Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison most in a big hurry to come!” Is a strength very weak person uses Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison luckily, if the strength is quite strong, moreover with very much suddenly, he perhaps died, at this time he has a deeper fear to strange poison. This fellow was really has also delivered to this good place me, since I am unable to mix, then came a fight in which both sides perish, even if you were Immortal King, you could not fight strength of nature absolutely.” Shen Xiang with produce fire Dragon sword, making all around hot thick liquid give way to traffic, this can make him have a spacious small space in the hot thick liquid deep place, can avoid by the hot thick liquid ignition. He was hit the severe wound by a that Immortal King palm, has almost put up on the powder, he has Heavenly Saint Body luckily, as well as Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor protects the body. After eating up several grains of Life Returning Pill, his rapidly is recovering, he has pair of Bone Spirit, repairs the speed very rapidness of skeleton, but Jade Dragon Bloodline can also when the meridians muscle is damaged plays very major role, coordinates that several grains of Life Returning Pill efficacy, his situation is improved gradually. Has been a pity, if you use Devil Decaying Death Qi and Intoxicating Spirit Powder again, can perhaps take them.” Long Xueyi said with a sigh. My actually also has this idea, but that Immortal King a little strength, at that time he in being vigilant me continued to poison, since he hit my palm, strength that he can transfer were many, I when the time comes let use Devil Decaying Death Qi and Intoxicating Spirit Powder cannot take him, will also be resisted by him.” Shen Xiang said that he plans to use that instantaneous, has thought of many things. But was now different, they think that I died, moreover they should detoxify!”

Long Xueyi said with a smile cloudy: actually is this, if comes up quietly, used these toxins to be different again.” This actually, I want to come more ruthless!” Shen Xiang, said: This volcano should not be so stable, but now so is tranquil, should have large formation to control this volcano.” This volcano definitely was constrained was very long, if destroys to that large formation, perhaps meets the suddenly eruption . Moreover the hot thick liquid that erupts, was constrained for many years, that hot thick liquid of most base, enough destroyed the above that island, ruined Fire God Palace and Saint Flame Sect!” Although that above islands have Immortal King, but this is not Fire God Palace's is complete, Shen Xiang has thought Fire God Palace hid many strength in this Emperor Heaven, therefore he will not be lax because of the ruining above islands.