World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1208
In a secret room in Saint Flame Sect, is flooding unusual tepid strength, in these Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison person here strength of to rely on this warming up has driven out cold poison in within the body at this time, but that year light Immortal King, drove out that terrifying cold poison in own secret room, although he is Immortal King, but faces Primordial Strange Poison, same must be careful, otherwise very easy opportunity therefore to perish. This is only Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, is in Primordial Strange Poison weakest one, otherwise other people simply have not driven the poisonous opportunity, they rejoiced secretly that Shen Xiang can only use Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. This matter has not passed on, will otherwise lose very face, a they so giant alliance, unexpectedly presented the internal contradictions, but also others family has had almost it all, if no Immortal King on the scene, after Shen Xiang releases these Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, the painful under killer, these people must die again completely, therefore they, whenever thinks of here, will be afraid, because of them in some time ago, brushed past with the death. Ghost Killer King in Emperor Heaven, did not have the good reputation fellow, but Saint Flame Sect begins to speak to the grandfather, Ghost Killer King enables this matter very good security. In Chenwu Mainland and Subduing Dragon Sect, only then young some people know that Shen Xiang has mixed in Saint Flame Sect, and plays a very important role in inside, now spreads Ghost Killer King to have such matter, they are very urgent want to know the Shen Xiang present situation. Saint Flame Sect had recognized Ghost Killer King was killed, reason that emits to issue a warrant for arrest the Ghost Killer King news, to take over control of Ghost Killer Sect, or eliminates Ghost Killer Sect, will not be said anything by others. Shen Xiang in the hot thick liquid of that volcano deep place, he is having unusual strength that the Fire Dragon sword releases, can block these hot thick liquid to depend, letting him to have the small space that can move under. Can find the set up formation trace? They have certainly arranged formation, makes this volcano steady.” Shen Xiang said that he has made Long Xueyi use Divine Power to examine outside this volcano carefully, has a look whether has large formation.

Had not found, this set up formation technique is not simple, in this Fire God Palace the formation grandmaster is really fierce, can arrange such fierce large formation to trig this volcano, but actually does not leave the obvious trace.” Long Xueyi sought for good a period of time not to find, therefore she so will sigh. The Shen Xiang present wound did not have, otherwise he will also seek for that formation. Looks to look again, perhaps therefore where.” Shen Xiang thinks that said: Inspects that island, if has not sought for the formation trace in the volcano, may very much on that island.” Long Xueyi complies immediately, inspects the base in that float in the air islands, she looked everywhere the entire volcano, has not discovered any clues, that powerful formations may hide in that islands very much. After a while, Long Xueyi really some big discovery, startled shouted: Found! This has not thought that this island actually is this.” What situation is?” The Shen Xiang running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked. This island is very huge formation plate, if not under beforehand that Immortal King the heavy hand rumbles hole to come, I am unlikely indiscoverable, they also know this formation plate looked importantly, therefore hide-out is good, does not want to make others discover.” Long Xueyi said: I investigate time, sees many are to cover up this island is the camouflage of formation plate.”

The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth rise slightly, say with a smile: So long as knew that's alright, how when I injured well to have a look to be able to destroy this formation plate structure quietly.” This is not good to destroy, before that Immortal King you from above dozen, has made a hole on formation plate, but formation plate has not received anything to affect, moreover probably also has the ability of self- repair, the speed of just repairing is slow.” Long Xueyi said. I occurred to conflict with Saint Flame Sect in any case now, in any event I must ruin this island.” Shen Xiang had decided that resorts to all means that must ruin this island. Knows that large formation where, Shen Xiang relieved healing from a wound, he had been hit a palm by that Immortal King maliciously, but his fleshly body is very luckily intrepid, there is Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, therefore injures is not very heavy, can restore in the short time. Shen Xiang is winning time now, he eats up pills that can fast therapy massively, coordinates his within the body Jade Dragon Bloodline and bone [lineage/vein] again, this can enable he quickest time recover completely. If drags to be too long, he worried that Immortal King can drive the poisonous success, because here is on a hot cave, moreover that Immortal King is practice flame, has studied many fierce fire attribute cultivation technique in Fire God Palace, can very effective restraint these Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. So long as can catch up before that Immortal King drives out Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison completely gets rid, he did not worry that Immortal King will prevent him.

The half-day time, Shen Xiang restored to the best condition, at this time he fast to surfacing the boat. Fire God Palace expert in these poisons, very relieved, in that has warms up in the strength secret room to drive the toxin unusually, although Ghost Killer King makes them frightened, although has Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison this Primordial Strange Poison, but has fallen into under that fearful volcano now, but also had been hit a palm by that Immortal King. Therefore they recognized that this Ghost Killer King died. In these people, is that Mo Xu that most does not feel better at heart, because before him, in secret cooperates with Ghost Killer King, can say that their relationship are good, but has not thought Ghost Killer King counter-attacks at the point of death, has drawn him, let in him this damn Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. Is, if this Ghost Killer King disagrees that Immortal King to conflict, later he can also use good relationship that and Ghost Killer King establishes to cooperate, removes all hindrance. Shen Xiang flies from the volcano, turns into wisp of smog, ascends the base to above that islands, looks from below that islands situation is bumpy, is very anomalous, is very difficult to see this is formation plate, moreover is so huge, the load bearing many mountains, refinement this formation plate, certainly was being many Heaven World above formation masters of great learning and integrity with joint forces completes obviously, has used the massive precious materials, if were destroyed, definitely will let the Fire God Palace meat pain a while. In order to Xiong dominated Emperor Heaven, Fire God Palace invested the massive energy and resources, can say that Fire God Palace placed this above thoughts, former these were repulsed is much bigger than Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm that. This formation plate is very fierce, to ruin, the most direct means destroy with the most formidable strength one breath completely, but this formation plate itself has strongly defends strength, perhaps even if I and you collaborate unable to shake this formation plate in the slightest.” Shen Xiang exclaims, he slightly investigated this formation plate internal structure, has discovered many things.