World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1209
Shen Xiang's brains revolution fast, is trying to find the solution. If the time, can refine a grain of destruction frozen pill with enough time, that grain when like your previous time breaks that seal uses.” Su Meiyao said. Perhaps is not good, when the time comes that Immortal King recover completely words, were discovered very much easily.” Shen Xiang shakes the head, for a long time destruction frozen pill who that need can refine enough might, moreover when the time comes does not know that on this island also many people, now gathers on this island, may have Big Shot of many other influences. Shen Xiang guessed that now Saint Flame Sect definitely completely calls many disciples of going out, protects this islands, because many expert of this island were poisoned now, needs a period of time to drive the toxin. Suppressing Deity Tablet?” Bai Youyou asked that although she quite knew about this Suppressing Deity Tablet, but Shen Xiang has used, be clearer than her regarding this Suppressing Deity Tablet might. Can give a try, but if not successful, did not have the second opportunity.” Shen Xiang has pondered the moment, finally decides to use this Suppressing Deity Tablet, because before him, uses this Suppressing Deity Tablet to ruin that very fierce purple mysterious saint mountain. Long Xueyi said: Used up my strength that's alright, your strength was remaining, in order to avoid had other matters.” Shen Xiang puts out Suppressing Deity Tablet, withstands that islands with Suppressing Deity Tablet, the base in this islands is huge formation plate, at this time after inducing to the threat, starts to release the strength defense. powerful big strength, this formation plate should be absorbs the volcano strength, is so terrorist, does not know frozen strength that Suppressing Deity Tablet releases can this islands completely frozen.” Shen Xiang starts to worry that he thought is only uses Long Xueyi's strength to be insufficient.

Long Xueyi's strength transported, he decided also to pour into own strength at this time, moreover turned into strongest Dragon Force. With my strength fusion, this formation plate in the condense strength counter-attack, we must before this strength condense completes frozen lives in the most mark, preventing strength to transmit through the mark, otherwise we have missed this opportunity.” Shen Xiang said. Long Xueyi's Dragon Force enters the Shen Xiang's body, with the Dragon Force perfect fusion that Shen Xiang releases, forms silver-white terror Dragon Force, they have not thought when their Dragon Force by the state fusion of most peak, will become so formidable, that strength will link them to think somewhat frightened. This formidable Dragon Force pours into Suppressing Deity Tablet, causes Suppressing Deity Tablet in the instantaneous spout massive frozen strength, saw only the base in this islands to present incorruptible in several suddenly, afterward gradually condense to become Houhou ice layer, but the internal structure was also starting to turn into the ice. But this completely frozen has not lived in this huge formation plate, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi can feel at this moment clearly this formation plate counter-attack strength is compelling gradually. Is ready that retreats, this strength strengthens, Immortal King must give way to traffic.” Long Xueyi shouted. Certainly can succeed.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that he has displayed peak own strength, moreover with some Divine Power. formation plate is turning into the ice little, saw that strength strikes on the strategic place, in the most essential moment, that strength suddenly dissipated, because in the formation plate important structure turned into the ice.

Might that this Suppressing Deity Tablet shows at this time, lets Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi feels the incomparable excitement! Has succeeded, continue!” Shen Xiang excitedly said, the Long Xueyi's strength also continuous transportation, merges into one organic whole with Shen Xiang's. Strange...... Why my does strength have that many?” The Long Xueyi suddenly doubts said that because previous Shen Xiang uses Suppressing Deity Tablet copes with that purple mysterious saint mountain the time, quick has drained her strength, but actually continues to be so long now. „After your Dragon Force and my Dragon Force fusion, formidable many times, therefore your Dragon Force has used little, can make Suppressing Deity Tablet achieve this effect.” Shen Xiang said that regarding this he also thinks very strangely, because before , when he and Long Xueyi's Dragon Force fusion, has not had this phenomenon, although fused before time was formidable, but does not have now to be like this formidable so multiple. Later again ravels, in brief with your this little rascal together, has the strange matter not only this.” In the Long Xueyi heart suddenly has a feeling, oneself relied on Shen Xiang more and more, after she is unable to imagine itself to leave Shen Xiang, how to live, is not willing to think. After breaking through the defense of formation plate, that frozen strength that Suppressing Deity Tablet releases opens access, breaks in the place above directly, these do not have the mountains of resistivity, turns into the iceberg instantaneously, Saint Flame Sect inside person has not known that what happened, but thought that suddenly is very cold, afterward body by a very strong cold air invasion. If were not these expert Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, not having formidable strength to resist this cold air to invade, otherwise they will not be occupied by instantaneous freezing. Bang! Above suddenly comes out a explosion sound, Shen Xiang also induces to this is that Immortal King aura, only then that Immortal King can resist that cold air, not frozen, other people are no exception, turned into the matchmaker completely, the interior of body turned into the ice, this was this Suppressing Deity Tablet might.

That Immortal King attacks is turning into the ice gradually the islands, he thinks the islands surface was covered by an ice, but when he shells, actually the discovery islands turned into the ice! Walks quickly, the volcano lost control.” Long Xueyi said: That Immortal King not frozen, is our expected matters.” Below that giant volcano in crazy swaying, these hot thick liquid is seething, Shen Xiang thinks somewhat regrettably, not having the one breath to kill that Immortal King. Walks!” Shen Xiang receives Suppressing Deity Tablet, the continual shuttle space, flees in a direction casually, so long as were far away from this volcano that's alright, although he can sneak this volcano the deep place, but this volcano lost control, that strength that erupted, he may unable to withstand. In that Immortal King of upper air, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, although does not have to drive out completely, but was suppressed by him, he can use some strength, before his suddenly remembers, their Fire God Palace's purple mysterious saint mountain like this was also ruined, all around he examines immediately, suddenly discovered that the distant place has a person's shadow, he pursued immediately. On this islands gathered Fire God Palace's majority of strength, many resources pile up here, many Fire God Palace have created many years of talented person carefully, but in completely had ruined a moment ago actually, this is this Immortal King responsibility, even if he can live, but he certainly accountability by that Palace Master. Who are you? Does with our Fire God Palace again and again right, you have this strength, but also stealthy doing?” That Immortal King is pursuing Shen Xiang, his speed ten points of rapidness, nearness Shen Xiang gradually, loudly shouted behind Shen Xiang.