World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1210
Shen Xiang takes that blood red mask, has turned head, looked at Immortal King one, is only sneered! That Immortal King sees on the face of front that person unexpectedly to bring a red mask, immediately understood many matters. Is you!” Before this Immortal King, listens to attack the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's report, quick thinks that this Ghost Killer King is a traitor within. After purple mysterious saint mountain by frozen, ruins, but at this time that islands are also so! After this Immortal King thinks to be clearer the matter, hears a fierce roaring sound, that volcanic eruption, moreover when the eruption sound shocks, unexpectedly exudes this roaring sound, that islands also in the instance of eruption, turned into Qi mist by that intense heat, the above all turn into the mist to dissipate. „Who are you?” This Immortal King arrives at the extreme angrily, from beginning to end, their Fire God Palace was being planned by this person, he was cursing that Ghost Killer Sect secretly, if were not Ghost Killer Sect likes the belt mask, as well as had that broken custom, will not make such a person mix. But this person is also very fierce, after he has hit a palm maliciously, unexpectedly had not died, instead has also ruined that islands, now can also run that quickly. Only what can determine, this person cannot hit him, will otherwise not escape now. You have been pursuing me, did not fear that I do use Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison again?” Shen Xiang spoke finally. You kill undying I, has to plant you to use Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison to cope with me now, this time I must massacre personally, you, look with own eyes before you at the point of death that struggles.” That Immortal King at this time is maintaining that arrogance: You should not ruin that islands, you because of this matter, exposed your status, your have used the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison person, with the Chenwu Mainland union, so long as I said that Chenwu Mainland definitely will draw on more foes.”

You said that who believes you? Human Territory jointly is attacked by Demon and Devil now, in all directions is the war, the strong presence of Fire God Palace seat humanity, even if not resist the invasion of Demon and Devil, should not join up with Demon and Devil, should not attack Chenwu Mainland these to cope with the Demon and Devil influence specially! You do not have a look, now do how many people hate to the marrow of the bones to your Fire God Palace? Who believe your words?” The words that Shen Xiang spoke are fact, Fire God Palace and Demon and Devil joint attack Chenwu Mainland, but Chenwu Mainland has come is attacks Demon and Devil to be most positive, now Chenwu Mainland to prevent to be eliminated by Fire God Palace, has to take back these to attack Demon and Devil strength to protect itself, therefore now the Fire God Palace's reputation is notorious, had obtains the person of Chenwu Mainland kindness much, gathers at Chenwu Mainland, prepares to cope with Fire God Palace. If your islands ruined news pass on, most people will cheer, your Fire God Palace behaves badly too, will not be popular in this Emperor Heaven, I will not make your Fire God Palace dominate Emperor Heaven, I must extinguish you completely kill.” The Shen Xiang's sound is very powerful, is full of determination. Depended on your this seeing I, like strength that the dog ran away, wanted to destroy completely Fire God Palace? Fire God Palace's Immortal King has three, your Chenwu Mainland will be destroyed completely by us sooner or later, Emperor Heaven sooner or later will be our Fire God Palace's.” This Immortal King said with a sneer. Shen Xiang is secretly panic-stricken, Fire God Palace unexpectedly has three Immortal King, pursues his and that Palace Master besides the present, unexpectedly, this makes his fashion be in a cold sweat, if not know, encounters Immortal King to sneak attack, will then be destroyed. What's wrong? Feared? Do not do senselessly has struggled, suffers to death!” This Immortal King braves Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison in within the body proliferation danger(ous), uses part to resist evil poisonous strength, becomes by own speed quickly, appears back of Shen Xiang's instantaneously, is going to the spot palm bang of Shen Xiang dantian. Opportunity came!” Shen Xiang is at this moment, his response is also quick, in the air stand up, has avoided this fierce palm. When look at you to keep off?” That Immortal King to Shen Xiang is being a palm like lightning, strength is also more formidable.

Shen Xiang loudly shouted, makes a palm, welcomed to this Immortal King. Two palms attack fiercely together, saw only Shen Xiang's that arm to send out a resounding, the skeleton broke completely has broken to pieces, the entire arm in the overflowing blood, had not been exploded the blood fog, was good. overestimate one's capabilities!” That Immortal King haughty sneers, Shen Xiang in his eyes is such collapsing at the first blow. Snort!” Although a Shen Xiang's arm by severe wound, but the body greatly has not actually obstructed, at this time his unexpectedly has smiled, wants haughty compared with that Immortal King, but also is happy. When that Immortal King thinks the doubts, one that the complexion brushes changed, becomes ugly incomparable, full is frightened, because he discovered own body to be also many two types of toxins! He is swallowing the saliva fiercely, because he has judged these two types of toxins is any was poisonous, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison! Also is two Primordial Strange Poison, moreover is fiercer than Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. These two types of toxins cannot restrain with the fire like Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, moreover these two poisonous toxicity are very unusual, proliferation also very rapidness. The muscle on this Immortal King face twitches, has been grow darking gradually, the whole body becomes is incapable weakly, this is the Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison toxicity is manifesting suddenly, strength of his within the body by paralysis. You...... You die like a dog!” That Immortal King said fiercely.

Ha Ha...... You have not clarified the situation now, dying like a dog should be you, you are in the body three Primordial Strange Poison, definitely will die miserably, but you should also feel for this reason happily, because can die person few under these three Primordial Strange Poison.” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, puts out a black hammer afterward, sees this hammer, this Immortal King complexion changes, Profound Cold Ancient Domain that ice palace ruined matter he also knows, moreover at that time Ice Emperor also suddenly resurrect, participated in the fight, but was massacred finally actually, took the person of black hammer to cut to kill by one. „Is Ice Emperor you kills?” This Immortal King full sweat drops. Right, you can die like Ice Emperor in my hands, you should also feel for this reason proud.” A Shen Xiang hammer has hit, condense his Heavenly Saint Body and Dragon Force strength, hits the space soon the avalanche, pounds to fall from this Immortal King top of the head maliciously. The hammer pounds the instance that falls, restraining by force that releases tears into shreds this Immortal King fleshly body, meanwhile spout very intense Universe Fire, fires the flying ash that piece of bloody thing. Two, this Fire God Palace is really fierce, Immortal King that sends has three, does not know how many Immortal King they do have in Heaven World?” Shen Xiang looked at divine hammer in hand, sighed one gently. The Saint flame mountain ruins, expert that inside Immortal King Immortal Monarch, as well as the alliance sends died completely, this news has spread quickly over entire Emperor Heaven, making many people feel happy.