World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1211
Shen Xiang hides in a cave at this time refines Intoxicating Spirit Powder, copes with that young Immortal King, has used his all Intoxicating Spirit Powder, if not this, simply does not have enough toxicity paralysis that Immortal King, Intoxicating Spirit Powder that he uses, but that Immortal King does not have immediately poisonously but actually. A moment ago was really danger(ous), if he were not within the body already had Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, that two strange poison that I used could not cope with him, was really danger(ous)! Later cannot cope with Immortal King with this means that has two strange poison to be insufficient.” Insufficient that Shen Xiang said that refers to cannot leave the opposite party takes down, that Immortal King that if died before is not within the body had Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, will not become that weak, he will use two strange poison, even if can make the opposite party poison very deep, but the opposite party will not die immediately, moreover there is strength to escape, or before reckless counter-attack, that also will compensate to go in including oneself life at the point of death. Right, you are only the luck are good, the Immortal King strength imagines compared with you by far formidable, only then two strange poison kill undying radically they, later meets Immortal Monarch, cannot such come, if makes the undying opposite party, you had bad luck.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang's Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison has used up, he does not know where should go to look, now on him only then Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, but actually could not cope with Immortal King, especially that old Immortal King. God Intoxicating Flower needs Shen Xiang to duplicate personally, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not have Suppressing Devil Golden Body like him, usually he also urged Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, made their few touch these poisonous flowers, their present strengths are too weak, the toxicant words, will have life danger(ous) anytime. After he uses Soul Creation Fluid has duplicated some God Intoxicating Flower, immediately puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, a refined into powder, after he has refined God Intoxicating Flower, the toxicity is more formidable, these poisonous powders are pass through him to reduce the refinement, has used the alchemy technique, strengthened the toxicity.

Shen Xiang went to Profound Ice City, here also Fire God Palace's Immortal King, moreover here is also hiding Fire God Palace's formidable strength, this Profound Ice City is the Fire God Palace construction, he must pay attention to that Immortal King trend at this time, if this Immortal King has anything to move, will then attack the Chenwu Mainland's plan also to continue, this will be he most was also worried that because of present Chenwu Mainland facing two Immortal King, does not have the stratagem which ensures success, only if he can please come out White Tiger. He by nine years of seal, White Tiger had not come to save him, therefore he knows that White Tiger definitely has any reason, at this time he has not gone to look for White Tiger, only if compels to have no other choice. In Profound Ice City that Immortal King unexpectedly is very calm , to continue to protect that seal, Shen Xiang was guessing that in Fire God Palace three Immortal King, takes the different routes, since possibly these three Immortal King have had very big difference, the opinion cannot obtain unified, otherwise Fire God Palace these years, will not be plotted by Shen Xiang times. Ten years of deadline has not arrived, in the past this old fellow had said that so long as the time arrives, will attack Chenwu Mainland, before that year light Immortal King possibly also like this planned, strength that but that young Immortal King leads was eliminated by you, mysterious Immortal King that now only then this Palace Master, as well as that has not made an appearance.” Long Xueyi said. Then now also a little time! I take advantage a bit faster to promote the strength to be good these days, does not know that Xianxian and Youlan present strength is what kind of? When the time comes these two Immortal King attack the Chenwu Mainland's words with joint forces, absolutely is big danger(ous).” Shen Xiang must promote cultivation base now rapidly, can only listen to eat the pills way, before he entered into the Nirvana seven tribulations to be difficult, must enter into Eighth Tribulation, the difficulty could be said as the beforehand more than ten times, even was higher, although he can through withdrawing Profound Ice inside energy, but that way cannot be long-time, moreover that also needed long time, cannot do well will also be defeated.

I need to refine true Heaven Level pill, uses Heaven Level herbs!” This is a road that Shen Xiang can take at present only, so long as he can refine Heaven Level pill, means that he will refine massively, when the time comes is not only he can be promoted, his friend, his person, can profit infinitely, even can also win over many expert to help them protect Chenwu Mainland. Now Earth Level pill helps too to be not big regarding expert of some Nirvana seven tribulation eight tribulations, if must depend upon Earth Level pill therapy is good, but must be used to promote the strength, that needs to be massive . Moreover the time is also very long, if there is a Heaven Level pill to be different, Heaven Level herbs is quite scarce current Emperor Heaven, is rarely seen in Heaven World. You must refine Heaven Level pill to now have the 1st Stage distance, the short time is unlikely hard to arrive, you cannot refine many types on Earth Level High-Grade Dan now.” Su Meiyao said that if Shen Xiang can refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan in this short time, means that Shen Xiang transcend in these years, there is a massive Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan help, the speed of promotion will be definitely terrorist. I can refine Life Returning Pill now skilled, Earth Level High-Grade Dan I grasped well, moreover I have the refinement super pill's rich experience, I thought that my short time can refine Heaven Level low-grade Primordial Dan.” Shen Xiang said. Initially he when Saint Dan City bet pill, won Primordial Dan herbs, he had Soul Creation Fluid, can duplicate massively. Su Meiyao sighed lightly: That gives a try, I also hope you can promote to be quicker in alchemy this aspect, but steps into the Pill Dao time by you, this was too high to your request, although your talent is excellent, but your too reluctant oneself, this after all do not fight steadily to be better.”

Since Shen Xiang on good, she cared to Shen Xiang, if before, she will be quite possibly selfish, for can a bit faster restore by oneself, will force Shen Xiang to accelerate to promote, but is now different, she instead worried that Shen Xiang promotes extremely, after falling some, flaw that is hard to make up. But Shen Xiang is confident to oneself, he is very clear to his foundation, fleshly body was the stylized font, the True Qi aspect condense 35 Heaven Dan, simultaneously minoring in Divine Dao, condense left Divine Soul, entered into Perfection Realm, has powerful spiritual strength, moreover Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that he cultivated was also many formidable divine art first ancestors. Heaven Level pill, I came!” Shen Xiang has put out some Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan and Five Elements Profound Dan, once these two pill were he very high level pill that longs for obtaining, but actually cannot satisfy him now, only if super, fused the together refinement many. Su Meiyao said: These two pill are used to make the springboard to you now, so long as you refine these two pill, the experience will be richer, because these two pill's herbs are very difficult, but you can refine, the distance refines Heaven Level pill to have very far distance.”