World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1212

So long as refines Heaven Level pill, was Dan King, listened to have a very fierce positive result, but Shen Xiang knows that this Dan King lost on Heaven World does not have anything at the worst, because compared with these Immortal King, radically was dregs, same can be patted by the opposite party. Only if can become Dan Immortal, will have the small space on Heaven World, but faced Immortal King is too weak, if can become that Pill Saint, can show disdain for entire Heaven World, even can be able on these strong influence strength side by side with these Heaven World! Heaven Level pill, but just started!” Shen Xiang remembers alchemy great strength together, is choked up with emotions, after calming down, then starts to refine Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, pill who this is a building up strength strong body, but regarding Shen Xiang present Heavenly Saint Body, does not have the big use, can help him drive out the weariness of body at most. Now he in Profound Ice City, but hides very secret, here he can let Long Xueyi better surveillance that Fire God Palace's Palace Master, so long as this Palace Master has any slightest sign of trouble, he must know immediately. Three months, Shen Xiang refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan and Five Elements Profound Dan on the society, but he does not have to refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan Primordial Dan now immediately. Because at his present alchemy level, refines Primordial Dan also by far insufficiently, Earth Level High-Grade and Heaven Level low-grade looks like, although only then a rank, but between is actually a giant minute of scenery lead(er), is hard to surmount. For example now he refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan now, only needs Refining Simulation Technique 10-layer to complete with ease, but must refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, is needs 100 heavily, even is higher. „If I refines Heaven Level low-grade Primordial Dan, must carry on 100 two 10-layer probably, several months can refine a furnace.” Su Meiyao said.

Before this is also , Su Meiyao said that Shen Xiang is unable to surmount to the Heaven Level pill's reason in a short time, because of this huge disparity, requires very long time to reduce, requires the massive time to promote Refining Simulation Technique. Shen Xiang used several means to refine Primordial Dan, was hard to complete, because his Refining Simulation Technique level was insufficient, is unable to forecast the nature change of herbs, moreover change that herbs in burning down, had too many, was hard to make up according to the experience of failure, therefore then needed heavy Refining Simulation Technique to forecast many possible changes, thus derived a correct change way. Thinks that must control hundred multiple Refining Simulation Technique, moreover knows in advance the mistake when refining simulation, corrects promptly, from correcting since that moment carries on refining simulation, Shen Xiang's starts to hurt, but when congealing pill, that correct mistake and refining simulation frequent adjustment, can make his headache want to crack. My flame has sufficed absolutely, although does not have Li Baojun that Heavenly Fire.” Shen Xiang thinks that own flame was enough, he does not have Heavenly Fire, but Universe Fire Spirit is not a vegetarian, he had has refined Heaven Level pill most foundation the condition. Refining Simulation Technique requires very long time to grasp, otherwise these Immortal King will not be old, otherwise Dan Immortal and Pill Saint will not be rare, you can grasp Earth Level High-Grade Dan in such short time, this was not easy, is considered as on the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths these years alchemy talent.” Su Meiyao is comforting Shen Xiang, she is also a alchemy master, understood Pill Dao, she for these years, walks step by step. „According to you that I do take 2,000-3,000 years to refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan?” Shen Xiang is pinching the fist: pill who you and Sister Youyou need but Sacred Level pill, I must refine, can a longer time, you and Sister Youyou how can be so long?” You can think us, we were very happy! The time was long a point, but you were my hope, we have been full of confidence with you, the time long point was long!” The Bai Youyou's sound becomes gentle, this encouragement has given Shen Xiang very big strength. „It is not good, I want to be quicker make you from see this day newly, from sets foot on this lands newly, from stands erect newly in the summit of expert, I can have now this achievement , because has run into you, can make you be delivered from oppression, is goal that I have come.”

Thinks that these two females must stay long time in Hidden Jade Ring, the Shen Xiang's heart on the inexplicable pulling out pain, if not as a last resort, no one will stay in that virtual space, all day with some Hua Hua carelessly together, that is the how lonely matter, who doesn't think proud You in broad between Heaven and Earth? Regarding their these two once expert, this is a very brutal matter, looked like the bird breaks the wing, the fish was unable in the water general. Su Meiyao Youyou said: Other means that this has not been the Pill Dao rule. Initially we hope pinned , on you, we have prepared such, we can wait, moreover you have come not to disappoint us.” Shen Xiang at this time that intense mood, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can sincere feeling, but this matter cannot be anxious, needs a footprint footprint to step, needs the innumerable times to build. Wanting is the rule, initially was formulates by the person, the rule was used to break, I thought that my this walked, broke many rules, has established my rule!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, recalls all sorts of experiences, in the heart suddenly wells up a pride. Heaven Refining Technique, making me experience you truly fierce place!” In the Shen Xiang mind reappears in many Heaven Refining Technique abstruse methods, his hunger and thirst carefully look at this abstruse alchemy method, thinks of every means to understand, because this Heaven Refining Technique is a book from heaven, inside character he understands, but after adding up to one, becomes very abstruse.

Sees Shen Xiang to become so earnest, the manner is so firm, Su Meiyao is pleased, Bai Youyou sighed the person slightly, do they want to be delivered from oppression? Shen Xiang sits there understands Heaven Refining Technique, beforehand Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique and Earth Swallowing Technique are quite easy, moreover there is an illustration of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, however behind many did not have, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens cannot understand some abstruse methods. His condition passed for several months, at this time was also the outside thinks he by seal ten years, for serveral days, he had not returned to Subduing Dragon Sect, has not gone to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, caused Xue Xianxian and Li Baojun they is extremely worried about him, thinks that he has been missing, but at this time was Fire God Palace is also most likely to attack the Chenwu Mainland's time. actually is this, finally has ravelled, can give a try this method is good!” Has sat sets up motionless Shen Xiang, suddenly winked the eye, on the face full is excited. What method?” Long Xueyi hastily asked that for serveral days she has shouted Shen Xiang many times, but Shen Xiang has not answered her, obviously he studied that Heaven Refining Technique is how earnest. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Perhaps God Refining Technique, this can make me henceforth say goodbye to the Refining Simulation Technique alchemy method!”