World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1213

That that Shen Xiang said at this time God Refining Technique lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou is very curious, they know that this is Shen Xiang looks from Heaven Refining Technique, has given many cares. This is God Refining Technique what kind of? In Heaven Refining Technique?” Long Xueyi hastily pursues asks. I have a fuzzy concept, this is I acts according to some Heaven Refining Technique inside methods to create! In Heaven Refining Technique did not have Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, does not have Earth Swallowing Technique, that is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens through sensing Heaven Refining Technique, but found, therefore I can be very easy to grasp! But then, I need completely to depend upon itself to study this book from heaven, oneself found the alchemy method, now I understand finally why White Tiger had said why this Heaven Refining Technique be fiercer than Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang is excited grips tightly the fist, can see that he has discovered very astonishing thing from that Heaven Refining Technique. Why do you understand?” The Long Xueyi heart is itchy, she inquired about the Shen Xiang's issue, has not gotten the definite answer. I thought that Heaven Refining Technique is a genuine book from heaven, inside has various secrets, the principle of nature Great Dao revolution...... So long as can understand this book, can completely understand the world! Heaven Refining Technique cannot fall Heaven Refining, cannot build up all, but comes out Heaven Refining!” Shen Xiang also thought words that one spoke extremely indulge in fantasy, but he truly saw many fuzzy things from Heaven Refining Technique, making him feel that this Heaven Refining Technique is less simple. Then you must be careful, perhaps Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is because saw through this Heaven Refining Technique the thing that should not see, meets die!” Su Meiyao hastily urged Shen Xiang, she worried that Shen Xiang brings in that day calamity now. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is formidable , can only cherish hatred under that day calamity!

I know!” Shen Xiang put out one fully is the black fruit of golden streak, this black fruit was the beginning of the universe fruit, the above golden streak in glittering, glittering can induce that vigorous energy to inside each time containing. These spirit fruit breed for many years to congeal after the world, crystallization that it can be said that some spirit tree practice have, is containing unusual strength, after the way refinement of alchemy, can make these strength more formidable , to promote strength to have very big help to humanity. Shen Xiang's palm suddenly has emitted the flame, this directly is burning down this beginning of the universe fruit in the palm, refines Primordial Dan main herbs is not only the beginning of the universe fruit, other two very stubborn spirit herb. „Are you doing?” Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang like this to burn down the beginning of the universe fruit, somewhat loves dearly, because burns down the excessive words, this beginning of the universe fruit will explode, inside strength will dissipate fast in the world. I in alchemy!” Shen Xiang eyes glittering the flame, is gazing in the hand that by Universe Fire is wrapping the beginning of the universe fruit, responded to Long Xueyi lightly. I have not seen with hand alchemy, your this will waste the words of this beginning of the universe fruit, eats well to me.” Long Xueyi honk the mouth was saying, although she in Hidden Jade Ring, but does not represent her to overeat, although she is greedy, but actually very much listens to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's words, they do not allow her to eat randomly, she randomly will not eat. Shen Xiang said: My God Refining Technique, infects this fruit through my formidable Divine Power, making this spirit fruit inside spirit totally submit under my Divine Power!” Before refined was mad Divine Pill time, these herbs were I am friendly, moreover that herbs was quite docile, can therefore establish the relation with my Divine Soul! But most spirit herb are to the human hurried hostility, is hard to alleviate this hostility , can only in this way!”

Before the Shen Xiang refinement was mad Divine Pill, some conception in this aspect, later alchemy time, carried on the soul exchange with herbs inside spirit, entered the herbs interior, cremated from the interior, the starting point was friendly, but afterward he had tried many spirit herb, cannot succeed. After he studies that Heaven Refining Technique, has explained in some quite obscure sentence, knows that many spirit herb inherent are humanity is the natural enemies, was created is such. The myriad things all have mystical powers, but the spirit between myriad things is actually fills hostilely, in society will therefore have the brilliant varied myriad things, many unusual plant animals, many unusual ore formations, if these spirits are not hostile, is very easy accommodating together, finally only then a thing exists! But in the spirit hostile situation, for by opposite party devour, was not defeated, will carry on the self- evolution, will therefore have the division of strong and weak, will evolve also many types things...... My God Refining Technique also some another explanations, are this herbs in my hands, I am its god, I make him submit he to submit!” The stubbornness of herbs, is each alchemy master very headache, will smelt herbs, the crucial moment makes the mistake slightly, herbs will ruin! Let many herbs fusions, makes the mistake slightly, explode pill furnace, this will be herbs extremely will be stubborn, will be herbs is revolting. Sounds so to be how mysterious?” Long Xueyi has been staring at that beginning of the universe fruit, that is the Heaven Level low-grade fruit . Moreover the flavor is very good, she has eaten some, but finished eating each time, does not have any effect to her, therefore Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not make her eat. Shen Xiang like this burns to build up this beginning of the universe fruit three days with the palm three nights, he may not only be is burning down, meanwhile concentrates the spirit, with his formidable Divine Power, burns to build up this spirit fruit inside spirit in an unusual shape, to this beginning of the universe fruit body and mind carries on to burn to build up. Finally, beginning of the universe fruit moved, looks like very firm fruit, glittering a bright, the fruit is dispersing slowly, looks like probably gradually turns into some powder.

Also at this time, Shen Xiang felt suddenly a head slightly pain, originally somewhat excited he, this moment complexion blanch, but the beginning of the universe fruit that on palm that burnt down also turned into golden light to vanish. I made a false counter-accusation, although has not succeeded, but showed that my this method is feasible, I can refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan to come quickly.” The face of Shen Xiang that blanch is excited slightly blushes. His method, Su Meiyao did not understand, because she does not have to study that Heaven Refining Technique, she is unable to understand that unusual idea of Shen Xiang this time, but she actually very supports Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang times break the rule, formulates own rule, this matter she has witnessed. Has wasted, the flavor of this beginning of the universe fruit is very what a pity good, the flavor that this letting person forgets to return many spirit fruit do not have, the sweet acid, bites very tastily.” Long Xueyi sighed lightly. Also is your Longzui can bite this feeling, the average person bites to be hard to nip together Pi to come the tooth.” Shen Xiang said.