World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1214
Time also with enough time? Don't you go back to have a look?” Su Meiyao saw that Shen Xiang was refining the Heaven Level pill aspect to have a feature, but actually does not know how Shen Xiang must serve the purpose. Has dragon brat to stare at Fire God Palace's Palace Master, so long as this Palace Master has not gotten rid, does not need me to be worried.” Shen Xiang has put out a section of tree root, this refines one of the beginning of the universe fruit main herbs, the tree root of beginning of the universe fruit tree. Su Meiyao sighed one, she knows that immerses when alchemy crazy crazy, other matters are very difficult to disturb him, before she also had this experience, anything will be indifferent. Fire God Palace also has another Immortal King, you should know this, be not staring only at this Palace Master.” Su Meiyao reminded him saying that she does not think Shen Xiang delayed the big matter, although the Shen Xiang's strength and Immortal King differed very in a big way, but also only then Shen Xiang can have the means to cope with that Immortal King. Shen Xiang has pondered, Immortal King that hides is actually one greatly troublesome. That Immortal King acts presumptuously, before that Immortal King because acts willfully, will therefore have this fate, this Palace Master does not think Immortal King that hides also destroys completely like, Fire God Palace's expert are also few, to that Palace Master is not the good matter.” Although he said that but makes Long Xueyi go to and in the city the Subduing Dragon Sect's person contacts, receives the Chenwu Mainland latest news through this, Subduing Dragon Sect is responsible for collecting the information is Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran is handling, distributes various Emperor Heaven places, leaves leeway the cipher of contact. After these matters process, alchemy that Shen Xiang can feel at ease, he must a bit faster refine Heaven Level pill to come, to cross the Nirvana eight tribulations, simultaneously recruits a group of secret retainer with these Heaven Level pill again. Su Meiyao said: This beginning of the universe tree root is more difficult than to make many that beginning of the universe fruit, although this tree root is not firm like that beginning of the universe fruit, but the interior is very complex, I refined Primordial Dan in the past time, most reasons of failure are unable to control the complex change of this tree root.” In Shen Xiang looks to begin the beginning of the universe tree root, can the temperature of clear feeling this section of tree root carry on the change, the while cold is sometimes hot, moreover each time when the change temperature is not fixed, is very sometimes hot, the transpiration the air, is similar to the charcoal is common, but sometimes actually warm comfortable. Places in the water, cold time can become the solid ice a trough hydrogel, hottest time can bake the water, this strange characteristics are rare in spirit herb. This beginning of the universe tree root truly is mysterious spirit herb, takes turn now cold now hot, is representing one cloudy one positive, I have Yin and Yang Divine Veins, can perhaps grasp the change of beginning of the universe tree root.”

Shen Xiang launches the control, making that section of tree root smooth on the control, afterward put the produce fire flame like before, burnt down this section of tree root. Before he also like this burnt that beginning of the universe fruit, does not know that he was making anything, this tree root was not delicious, therefore Long Xueyi has not thought to love dearly, but does not understand significance that Shen Xiang did this. Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao have asked Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang does not have the explanation to understand that knows to them, but said after being successful, they will understand. Treated that beginning of the universe fruit to be the same with before, Shen Xiang sat there is motionless, has stared in the hand was burning down the beginning of the universe tree root, such sat is several days. Must continue a longer time compared with the beforehand beginning of the universe fruit, this beginning of the universe tree root also had some changes, is the paint black, but actually turned into the snow white now, although by flame incinerator, but actually sends out snow shower white light glow. The Shen Xiang complexion is tranquil, but in eyes actually reveals excitedly, probably he has completed a matter successfully. little rascal, old lady looked for that Fire God Palace's Palace Master, they now outside seal large formation, before are, seal your place.” Long Xueyi suddenly gives Shen Xiang sound transmission, because this is very urgent matter: „The strength of old lady is not weak, moreover looks like she can treat as an equal with that Palace Master, should be Immortal King that hides.” A Shen Xiang brow wrinkle, sees only his palm that to be burnt down to result in the blanch slightly tree root suddenly to explode dodges, afterward vanish from sight, but he does not have any color of losing, because he grasped God Refining Technique that” oneself founded initially. Can listen secretly their talks?” Shen Xiang asked that Immortal King of that hideaway appeared, for him was a good matter, because this can monitor this Immortal King trend. Ok, I pass to you.” Long Xueyi said that her patrolling technique be wiser than Shen Xiang, can swim quickly is more secret, she also transmits in the appearance of that old lady the Shen Xiang's mind.

Immortal King that Fire God Palace hides is a female, although looks like the last years of life, soon oil completely lamp dry appearance, but the strength is very strong, Shen Xiang patrols there, can induce to that threatening pressure clearly, what making him quite surprised is, this old woman uses spiritual strength probably. For was not discovered that Shen Xiang does not dare to patrol to approach, he cannot compare Long Xueyi in the Divine Dao aspect, but Long Xueyi can do very secret. „The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, what do you mean? Your unexpectedly suspected that I have killed your Junior Brother? That brat has gone bad my good deed, but also being insufficient makes old man fight butcher him.” That Palace Master sound exceedingly indignant, the whole face becomes flushed. Shen Xiang understands immediately that young Immortal King is Junior Brother of this old woman. unexpectedly is the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, she is also living!” Su Meiyao surprisedly said, she and Bai Youyou can hear the dialog that Long Xueyi turns around. That Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is also very angry: Except for you, who I cannot find out to have that strength to ruin the entire Saint flame mountain, formation plate that but that Saint flame mountain Heavenly Fire Great Emperor refines, where only then you know that formation plate weakness.” Do not forget in this piece of Emperor Heaven, expert of hideaway are many! You investigate the clear words, before can know that brat, was poisoned, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison , because he creates obstacles for that Ghost Killer King, after Ghost Killer King has the conflict, that Ghost Killer King fight in which both sides perish, poisonous a big piece of person, your subordinate should have to you notifies.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade that full is the wrinkle twitches shamelessly, coldly said: Therefore you will have an opportunity, destroys formation plate, lets the earth core volcanic eruption, has ruined the entire Saint flame mountain, now dies not verifies, you said that anything holds true, in brief this matter you are certainly responsible, clear(ly) knew him to be poisoned, you here were also defending this seal.” You do not want to attack Chenwu Mainland to be able, but you must transmit Centaur in your hand to me, this matter I do.” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade suddenly has put out a fiery red token, image that even if transmits through Long Xueyi, thinks very dazzlingly. Good, you attack Chenwu Mainland freely, since you want to bring death, I do not block you, do not think Chenwu Mainland that simply.” That Palace Master drinks one coldly, then walks into a small house , to continue to protect that seal large formation.

That Monarch Qiong beautiful jade walked, and has taken away a large quantities of strength very strong person from Profound Ice City, this is Centaur that Palace Master can transfer, is in Fire God Palace part of very strong strength. Where did they go?” Shen Xiang instantly leaves, with person who that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade takes away, now that Palace Master is not worth monitoring, is he curious what thing of that Palace Master in having scruples on Chenwu Mainland? unexpectedly became does not dare to attack Chenwu Mainland. Went to a Devil Territory place, it seems like that this old lady has hidden in Devil Territory, walks, I told you them to transmit to the Devil Territory any city.” Long Xueyi said that also asked: Sister Meiyao, do you know that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade?” Usually words not many Bai Youyou said: She did not know, but I knew that was expert in the past day Devil Territory, the nickname called Fire Lotus Enchantress, in the past in Devil World was a beauty, the pursuer are also innumerable, but her Master was very strong Heavenly Demon, with our Master Heartless Devil Venerable was the similarly fierce character, but went to that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace not to have finally.” Has not thought that she does have Junior Brother? In the past heard that she and her Junior Brother on good, is that by the fellow who you killed? Really good, hee hee......” Su Meiyao suddenly giggle smiles, smiles very happily: Does not know that had anything, making her such old, in the past she highly cared about her appearance, because heard that your Sister Youyou is more attractive than her, has chased down her several hundred years, finally also affects on me, at that time had been taught by our apprentice sisters maliciously, finally stirred up we two Master acting battles, great war.” Shen Xiang has not thought that among them also had such matter, cannot help but sighed: Really is seductress.”