World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1215
Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: If we appear before her now, can definitely attack unbearably her, does not know how she has joined Fire God Palace, Fire God Palace unexpectedly also receives the day Devil Territory person.” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said: She is a bored fellow, her talent is good, but to obtain the Heavenly Devil World number one beauty title, the great war four directions, do not know that has killed many women, after provoking us, undying heart, stares at my elder sister, finally was been poisonous by my elder sister disfigures one's face, afterward she had used many thoughts by her appearance restoration, if not for these broken matters, but concentrates on above the practice, now she cannot so.” The Shen Xiang secret exclamation, that Bai Ziqian unexpectedly is so vicious, others kill people everywhere to be arranged by own cheek before some, but actually ruins others cheeks, this hatred should unable to melt, he thinks the woman sometimes compared with man savage many, is much more bored. little rascal, you killed her young boyfriend now, if makes Heaven World these beautiful woman be known by she has chased down, definitely will feel grateful dies your.” Su Meiyao chuckle said. This, when the time comes I certainly very much warmly will accept their thanks, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Shen Xiang arrived at Devil Territory one to be quite old, but actually very big city, this city was located in the Devil Territory center, Shen Xiang did not know here influence distribution, but that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade will have the person to come here, explained that here had Fire God Palace's strength. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that the Fire God Palace's overall strength, unexpectedly can seep Devil Territory, he suspected that Demon Territory also has Fire God Palace's to divide the palace. devil cultivator in Devil Territory is also humanity, the city that therefore here urban these Evil Demon have not established cannot withstand, although was worn-out, but makes people think very comfortable, the path is very neat spaciously , some quite luxurious hotels and inn. Shen Xiang moves in an inn, chooses that garden, moreover must have the underground martial arts room, this can let him below alchemy, simultaneously makes Long Xueyi monitor that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, listens secretly that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade as far as possible the words, knew when they attack the Chenwu Mainland's plan and attack strength. Primordial Dan main material only then two types, had been tested by Shen Xiang, now finally arrived at the true refinement time. Can be good really? I want not to think clearly, doesn't need Refining Simulation Technique to succeed to refine Primordial Dan? Various changes of high level herbs, are very difficult to predict that only then Multiple Refining Simulation Technique can solve this difficult problem, therefore I very much admired to create the Refining Simulation Technique person at that time.” Su Meiyao said.

Sister Meiyao, when I refined you to know, I thought , after your strength restored, can learn my this secret method.” Shen Xiang has the self-confidence to own God Refining Technique, he has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, but only loses into the furnace to burn down massive auxiliary herbs, main herbs has not actually put. Burns down these auxiliary herbs to be very simple, several sub- can fire herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi it. After having solved auxiliary herbs, Shen Xiang puts out the beginning of the universe fruit, placed palm burning down like before, but this burning down time, with beforehand different, this time he has used a more intense flame, moreover released energy shield to wrap the part of palm, preventing inside strength to erupt. Let Su Meiyao think what is somewhat inconceivable, when burnt down spirit herb in the past, the spirit herb association releases very intense light glow, some spirit herb will release the five colors riotous glare, before Shen Xiang with palm burning down time, the flame is weak, will not shine is also normal. But now the flame is so intense, spirit herb does not have a response! Shen Xiang already used very strong Divine Power, according to the law of Heaven Refining Technique inside ample capacity, making Divine Power be similar to the tide general wave of football field shells in herbs spirit, although cannot see, but can actually feel the Shen Xiang this time spirit consumption. Before he also such did, for is makes spirit herb inside spirit not make the revolt, this can build up herbs thoroughly, but this was not relaxed, before he had not arrived at the final success twice, but was feasible, because he has made spirit herb be smelted gradually. With raging fire burning down, making beginning of the universe fruit very unstable, responded very fiercely, violent swaying in the Shen Xiang's palm, will seem probably momentarily will explode, but Shen Xiang also felt a very strong pressure at this time. Has not thought spirit that these cannot see, when by the flame incinerator, will be strengthened that the time, even if my Divine Power is so formidable, can resist tenaciously that for a long time, if not the [say / way] of cultivate Spirit, perhaps is hard to utilize God Refining Technique. No wonder initially Heaven Refining Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique put together.” The Shen Xiang heart said that continues to attack in that herbs the stubborn medicine to work with Divine Power. After this situation has continued three multi- double-hour, suddenly bang, that beginning of the universe fruit explodes, dodges piece of golden light, golden mist is winding around the Shen Xiang's palm.

Su Meiyao sees this, helpless sigh: Honestly with Refining Simulation Technique, is not the flower are many some time, I and Senior Sister and others!” Does not use!” Shen Xiang suddenly has smiled, he has blown the one breath, his palm above golden mist shunt, sees only small pile golden powder and golden light fog in his palm. This......” Su Meiyao has shocked, although only then dot powder, but this explained that Shen Xiang has succeeded, so long as then the guarantee did not have a moment ago the situation of that explosion, can obtain more powder! The golden powder is beginning of the universe fruit refined into herbal powder, Qi mist is these herbal Spirit Qi! When traditional alchemy, these working procedures are completed in alchemy, but Shen Xiang does not depend upon alchemic furnace now, alone completes in exterior directly. Su Meiyao as a alchemy master, quick understood the Shen Xiang's mentality, knows Shen Xiang in some secret method with Heaven Refining Technique, burns refined into herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi herbs outside first in this way, then loses into alchemic furnace, the complete thing will fuse, concise to become pill. so that's how it is, this Heaven Refining Technique is really uncommon, no wonder White Tiger makes you utilize discretely.” Su Meiyao said after a sigh, her suddenly thought that Shen Xiang could finish an apprenticeship, because in Pill Dao this aspect, Shen Xiang took a unusual road, she was unable to direct Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang this time achievement, from some perspective, has exceeded her. Flame is the difficult problem, my present flame is so fierce, in most alchemy masters should be the outstanding person, but is so strenuous, request of this building up law to the flame is high, to Divine Power is also so.” Shen Xiang puts in that a handful herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi pill furnace, for preservation. Divine Power can promote, you just crossed the Nirvana seven tribulations now! As for the flame, must promote is very possibly difficult, but you crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, after the emergence becomes an immortal, should be able to attempt to stimulate that flame strength of your within the body hideaway, should be able to make your Fire Spirit to bring it up a level.” Su Meiyao said. The flame potential of Shen Xiang within the body backlog are getting more and more, beforehand day fire seed, afterward also had Earth Core Spirit Crystal, if he needs, can stimulate flame strength of these hideaways completely, making him breed stronger Fire Spirit to come, but he worried that his fleshly body cannot withstand that formidable Fire Spirit, this is his intuition tells him, is a warning of danger(ous). At this time Shen Xiang's breaks through, is not only makes him refine Heaven Level pill to be so simple, but makes him open [say / way] of the out of the ordinary alchemy, possibly beforehand Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has not handled such matter.

Shen Xiang has put out the beginning of the universe fruit, the beginning of the universe fruit exploded the majority, remaining dot were insufficient, can only increase again in this way, he knows that just started not to be impossible to be so smooth, but took a stride for him, majority of spirit herb that but wasted made him feel the heart pain. „It looks like resembles the beginning of the universe tree root to be quite easy to build up, but the beginning of the universe tree root in our alchemy Master Yanli, is much more stubborn than the beginning of the universe fruit, in your hands is different.” Su Meiyao said. Because I have Yin and Yang Divine Veins, therefore did not fear that cold and hot of beginning of the universe tree root changes alternately, I can feel ahead of time that change, to complete to guard.” Shen Xiang said: „It can be said that the beginning of the universe tree root and I am a little intimate, therefore my previous time can carry on behind.” Previous Shen Xiang had been disturbed by Long Xueyi, therefore has not arrived the last step, but he actually very affirmed that finally will certainly succeed. ===== Today came back late, can only two chapters, please excuse me.