World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1216

In this case, the Shen Xiang's appearance looks like very relaxed, but this is he as far as possible is been also calm by oneself alchemy, that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade must attack Chenwu Mainland, does he will not worry? Now has Long Xueyi to stare at this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, he can feel at ease refines Heaven Level pill. This time, the beginning of the universe fruit exploded, but kept half herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi, that time wanted more than before. It seems like the flame is my present bottleneck, Divine Power also has slightly has insufficient.” Shen Xiang was sighing lightly, put out the beginning of the universe fruit to continue to build up. Possibly my flame has sufficed, perhaps is I did not understand how to go to the ingenious utilization, oneself touch the stone to cross river, is really very difficult!” Shen Xiang looks at palm that flaming roaring flame, secretly said in heart. Long Xueyi said: Your Divine Power is not weak, although does not know how you utilize this way to need to consume, but always felt that you not Divine Power with the place, or have not displayed Divine Power strength completely, before this situation you, often meets, you also need to strengthen the Divine Power utilization.” Shen Xiang nodded, he also thinks is this, he asked: What sound does the old lady have?” Big sound does not have, small sound are many, because she possibly gets down from Heavenly Devil World, she mixes now in Devil Territory opens, many Devil Territory influence Big Shot give her the face, will stop temporarily at the Human Territory war, receives all strength. Moreover she must contact Demon Territory these expert probably.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang frowned, this is not the good matter, this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade can draw through own prestige to many influences and Fire God Palace unites, moreover these time that time will be more formidable than before.

Good news is, this old lady did not plan one get rid to attack Chenwu Mainland, it seems like their these Immortal King have any scruples, does not dare to get rid.” Long Xueyi said: This was I hears her saying that she said that she will direct in the back, will not participate in any fight.” If these Immortal King can get rid, they did not need to convene that many Centaur, they were because what reason can't get rid? Properly speaking in Emperor Heaven, the words that White Tiger does not come, is hard some people able to defeat them! Their Fire God Palace is three Immortal King, did not say that they can dominate entire Emperor Heaven, but can take Chenwu Mainland certainly is not the issue?” Shen Xiang is unreadable, these three Immortal King very much want to take Chenwu Mainland's, so long as they get rid, that is very relaxed matter, but they such have not actually done, instead makes many Fire God Palace's disciples bring death. Does not know, but this is the good matter, at least we do not need to worry that facing the fellow of this rank, you extinguished that luck to kill one again, you are clear, young sweetheart who you can kill that old lady, is the luck.” Long Xueyi urged Shen Xiang seriously, she must make Shen Xiang understand that he now absolutely is not the Immortal King match, lets he left silly look for Immortal King duel, that was a behavior of bringing death. I am clear, but one day, these Immortal King will certainly be stepped on the under foot!” The Shen Xiang forehead concentrates, said low and deep that afterward continues to refine that beginning of the universe fruit with God Refining Technique. So long as can build up some herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi from this beginning of the universe fruit again, beginning of the universe fruit part has succeeded, but the following beginning of the universe tree root is not difficult, because that belongs to Yin-Yang attribute, has a mysterious compatible feeling with him. a period of time passed, Shen Xiang that burnt raging fire palm suddenly to send out weak golden light, the beginning of the universe fruit had some cracks, but this was the omen that must explode, whenever at this time, at the beginning of the universe fruit always spout very very strange spiritual strength, can direct hit his Divine Soul, these time also be so, he felt that Divine Soul was shivering slightly, afterward he strengthened the flame, let Divine Power and flame fusion, burnt down beginning of the universe fruit inside monster to work.

This after is Heaven Level spirit herb, although duplicates through Soul Creation Fluid, but internal strength of implication is not weak, these Heaven Level spirit herb had been bred over ten thousand years by world Spirit Qi, the interior contains between Heaven and Earth unique unusual strength, if concentrates strength to make a false counter-accusation, strength is very fearful. It seems like this time not completely successful, where had problems?” In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, transmitted along with one of the it bang, his palm was winding around by one group of golden mist, his closed eyes was recalling before , when that several failures matter that had. „It is not able to suppress beginning of the universe fruit inside medicine to work, causing the medicine to control some strength of beginning of the universe fruit to counter-attack spirit, making beginning of the universe fruit inside strength tyrannical variable, is hard to suppress, only if can destroy completely these medicines to work, or suppresses the medicine to work completely.” He puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to preserve this half herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi, the part of this beginning of the universe fruit, the score three times refine, waste the larger part, at this time is fusing in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, forms the intact part of beginning of the universe fruit, moreover is more. Then is beginning of the universe tree root, this beginning of the universe tree root can say that carries on very smoothly, in building up in that process, has that marvelous feeling, can make him quite build up to turn into the white powder that beginning of the universe tree root with ease, herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder has not drained a little. Reason that he thinks like this, has very big reason with his Yin and Yang Divine Veins, but is not each herbs is Yin-Yang attribute, therefore he cannot exist by luck at heart, he later must continue to catch up, improves God Refining Technique. The custom does not waste any herbs to come alchemy him, when refines the beginning of the universe fruit, makes the larger part waste, making in his heart have the lump that is hard to drive out, so long as thinks , must this, he is depressed.

Built up to melt all herbs, refined into herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, this has completed a major part before alchemy, remaining all fused together, generally speaking, this rear was difficultly most essential, but regarding Shen Xiang, built up herbs that stage is most difficult, in comparison, behind congealed pill's stage to be easier. In Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, various types build up separately alone herbs wants condense together, Shen Xiang to pour into the flame finally, under the heating, inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder as if obtains the fining to be ordinary, sends out intermittent dazzling light glow, is extruded also together by Divine Power that Shen Xiang releases, slowly gathers one group, forms a cyclone, revolves in alchemic furnace slowly, inhales completely all herbal Spirit Qi. „The old lady must have in a big way acts, late at night, does she want to do?” Long Xueyi hurriedly said, because she sees in a giant manor in city, the troop people gather together, after her judgment, can see this group of people are expert in Devil Territory and Demon Territory. Shen Xiang has not asked that because on rapid setting pill, he cannot divert attention now, so long as builds up this grain of Heaven Level low-grade Primordial Dan, he took a stride.