World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1217
Shen Xiang understands that now refinement true Heaven Level pill, with refining that super pill's difference is big, this Heaven Level pill when concentrates pill, when that tyrannical vigor refine these super pill him is much more formidabe. These super pill extrude together through many herbs, thousand ten thousand refine like this, effect that can arrive at Heaven Level pill, when refinement the time needed are much . Moreover the concrete effect surely does not have Heaven Level pill to be good, but that type can say that refines is not big, so long as can consume the time. But now when refines Heaven Level pill in the true sense, what need is the massive energy and experiences, does not have the experience like Shen Xiang now, when dealing to congeal pill in that the infinite change, is strenuous. In alchemic furnace that group of cyclones, although and other low level pill's big equally, the energy that but inside contains is actually these low level pill's non- several folds, at this time must extrude together it, concentrates the solid, the resistance energy of erupts is intense. Shen Xiang has released massive Divine Power to go to surrounding that group of cyclones, but these spirit herb build up herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi that becomes, inside is also participating in the massive spirits, these spirits inherent have strong revolt strength, at this time fuses together, becomes more stubborn. Shen Xiang only thought that at this time own Divine Soul is similar to stands near the seacoast, one after another was whipped by strong rough sea waves, the impact, must disperse probably was the same, this is he in the alchemy master, faced with from the unprecedented sense of crisis, does not do well, his Divine Soul will possibly cause heavy losses. In my alchemic furnace, must listen my, I control all!” Shen Xiang complexion sank, Divine sea inside suddenly glittering has intermittent golden lightning, such as the sea turns Divine Power that wells up generally, turns into Golden Dragon, flies to leap up from Divine sea on, hits two parts that group of cyclones. „Becoming to me!” Shen Xiang releases Dragon Transformation Divine Power, pours into Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, sees only that two groups of cyclones to be surrounded by several silk thread general Little Dragon, these Dragon Transformation Divine Power, are reducing gradually, extrudes that two groups of tyrannical cyclones, must press two grains of pill pellet it. strength that in process of extrusion, the quality unceasing promotion of cyclone, erupts also fearful, if Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace turns at this time transparently, that ray can puncture the eyes of blind average person absolutely.

alchemic furnace stabilizes gradually, Shen Xiang is tying tight the nerve also gradually relaxes, passes in a minute, his took a deep breath, at this time he, although is very weary, but on the face actually full is joyful, because he succeeded! My God Refining Technique succeeded!” The one who makes Shen Xiang happy is this, this God Refining Technique is he acts according to builds up the Dan God method that Heaven Refining Technique found, at this time can succeed, he later does not need to use Refining Simulation Technique this type complex method that moreover is hard to grasp, this is he on the road of own Pill Dao great breakthrough, the significance is extraordinary. Opens Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, two grains send out radiant golden light pill pellet float, enters in a Shen Xiang's jade box, although had wasted many beginning of the universe fruits before, but he, when pill, still maintained his attitude, has many pill as far as possible. This little rascal...... unexpectedly has succeeded, does not use 100 multiple Refining Simulation Technique, can refine two grains of Primordial Dan well, the quality such high......” Su Meiyao to look at Shen Xiang to give her jade box, that inside Jing Jing (quietly) is lying down two grains of Primordial Dan. Shen Xiang this breakthrough, has subverted her , the understanding before completely to Pill Dao, making her suddenly be hard to accept, but has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang took an own path, has no longer needed her to direct anything in the alchemy aspect, moreover she cannot direct anything, at most and prompts to the suggestion according to own experience. Shen Xiang puts out several grains of pills to eat up, closes the eye to rest, he said gently: „To sleep really well, but now is not good, many matters.” little rascal, you are really happy, does not need to use that type damn Refining Simulation Technique, can refine high level pill to come, but back then study died I.” Su Meiyao mumbled was saying, in the past when her alchemy all sorts of difficult, found it unbearable to recall. Sister Meiyao, I later can teach your! This God Refining Technique has not improved, I believe, will be easier to grasp.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I have said that I must use the shortest time, making you restore the strength.”

„Do you such give up us to leave you?” Su Meiyao was spitting lightly: Is you thought that has been short of us, is more convenient you to be a womanizer?” A Shen Xiang face is suffering from injustice: Does not have......” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Makes Sister Meiyao restore the strength is because can receive her, right, little rascal.” little pervy dragon, I very much want to receive you now.” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: „The thing that in your Dragon Clan brain thinks is really that dirty.” Is staring at that old lady, when I restore, how I must plan to cope with her well in secret.” Long Xueyi tender sound track: Knows...... This old lady is meeting this crowd of person accumulations here, but from their talks, they do not plan on a large scale to capture Chenwu Mainland from the beginning.” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental, asks: How do Oh? that they want to do?” Long Xueyi said: They planned that looks for the Chenwu Mainland's major influences Big Shot to discuss on a grand scale, because they had determined that there has Dragon Vein, they want to make the Chenwu Mainland's influence resign part to them. Also, lets their these monster Devil Territory, as well as Human Territory other strong presences can establish their entrance on Chenwu Mainland, has own lands.”

Fart! The idiots will promise their this group of bastards, their this group of fellows have not settled the good intention from the beginning, enters Chenwu Mainland, gives them again part of Dragon Vein, to be equal to letting them is formidable? The procedure that this planting and cultivation tiger creates disaster, the pig will not do.” Shen Xiang angrily said: If Chenwu Mainland does not comply, their again storm is right.” They plan this, if discussed with, they can have their land in Chenwu Mainland, after they were formidable, annexed on Chenwu Mainland again the actually strong presence, but took Fire God Palace as main strength, dominated the entire new emperor day again, wrested away all resources, incorporated other these big or medium influences.” Long Xueyi said: They when the time comes can seize Dragon Vein for peace reason, persuaded Emperor Heaven all people, exerted pressure to Chenwu Mainland.” Shen Xiang restored, he asked: When do these people plan to move?” Has not known, but they will go to actually King Continent's that Pill City first, under that Pill City passes through them to save vigorously, had to change for the better gradually, there present is quite lively, moreover is Fire God Palace governs.” Long Xueyi said: They go to the Pill City also goal, because there approaches Subduing Dragon City, they must start to Subduing Dragon City probably.”