World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1218

Starts to Subduing Dragon City? The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn selects: Is that old lady gets rid?” Um, the old lady said that Subduing Dragon City is an eyesore very much, but she does not dare to enter Evil Dragon Burial Ground, there defense she also feared.” Long Xueyi said. His mother, Immortal King attacks Subduing Dragon City, does not know to be able to withstand, I must a bit faster go back to be good.” Shen Xiang suddenly is worried for Subduing Dragon City. Does not need to be worried that she said makes Subduing Dragon City, had not said that must destroy completely.” Long Xueyi said. That is not good, that is my city, do not think that I in cannot make them act unreasonably, who dares to step on my gathering place, I step on his face.” In the Shen Xiang heart a anger, leaves this city immediately, hurries back to Subduing Dragon City. Previous Fire God Palace and these influences want to attack Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, but actually received very big blockade, Subduing Dragon Sect is strength, although Shen Xiang by the seal, but in bystander opinion, this Subduing Dragon Sect still secretly was being expanded, the overall strength is very intrepid, moreover inside disciple is fierce, uses martial skill is very fierce, magic treasure and weapon are also the advanced goods. Knows that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade must go to Subduing Dragon City to cause trouble, Shen Xiang goes back to wait for her to have the person there immediately to come, so long as this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade does not get rid, he thought that must counter-attack people should not be the issue maliciously. In a City Lord's Mansion hall, Li Baojun just and Duan Chong was discussing some tactics of attack, Shen Xiang very clash clashes, in a big way frightened them one to jump. Dean, what matter is anxious this you? Can Fire God Palace start the general attack?” Li Baojun hastily asked that since knew that Ghost Killer King used Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, after being infiltrated the volcano, in his heart has been worried, was not worried that Shen Xiang will die, but was worried about Shen Xiang by the seal.

Only then a few knows personally Shen Xiang is the Ghost Killer King status, knew when Shen Xiang uses Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, although in their hearts surprised, but actually secretly smiles, Shen Xiang has this fierce Primordial Strange Poison, without doubt is a very big safeguard. But at this time the entire Saint flame mountain was ruined together with that Immortal King, so long as knows person who initially Shen Xiang mixed in the Saint flame mountain, suspected that this is Shen Xiang makes, Shen Xiang has killed Fire God Palace's Immortal King, this their some cannot believe. Was similar, but does not attack Chenwu Mainland, but plans our to pick a quarrel!” Shen Xiang face earnestly said: „An old lady of Immortal King rank, must lead one crowd of monster Devil Territory fellow to come here to cause trouble, you find the way to deal quickly.” What? Immortal King leads to cause trouble, how do we resist?” Duan Chong startled sound track: Quickly carries on the entire city garrison accusation condition, his mother, these will Immortal King make the matter of this falling in price? If passes to Heaven World to go, guarantees is laughed dead.” At present has not known how they must cope with our Subduing Dragon City, but they can cause trouble that are certain! Right, Pill City had been controlled by Fire God Palace, perhaps they come for that Pill City.” Shen Xiang said. Right, Pill City can resurge, this is Fire God Palace supports in the back, but there is our Subduing Dragon City here, Pill City also such.” The Li Baojun nod said. When Li Baojun and Duan Chong ordered to carry on the entire city biggest defense, suddenly transmits Pill City to challenge the Subduing Dragon City news, this was the letter of challenge that a person sent. This challenge, is the alchemy challenge!

Dean, do you facilitate to act now?” Li Baojun said that he knows Shen Xiang most was good at dealing with this type to challenge. Elder Li, I can certainly go to battle, hide status that's alright, the pills rank that but I can refine is not high, you should be able to refine Immortal Dan!” Shen Xiang feels the chin to ponder: „Does that old lady come Subduing Dragon City to cause trouble with this way? In Fire God Palace has many fellows is also the alchemy skilled person, can perhaps a little pressure!” Right, Fire God Palace inside fellow majority have fierce Fire Spirit.” Li Baojun nods: Was inferior how we do refuse to challenge? If this is they give under us the snare? The conduct of this group of fellows we are very clear, when the time comes acts shamelessly anything, we do not have the means.” Duan Chong opened the letter of challenge, knits the brows: Needs two alchemy masters to carry on the competion, moreover they hope that can compete in Subduing Dragon City, as for losing a side, needs to give opposite party following pills as well as the quantity......” Shen Xiang said: Cannot make them enter a city, that's alright outside city! What influence is the opposite party Pill City or?” Is the challenge that Fire God Palace sends in! I thought that they should lack pills, therefore wants quickly to obtain massive pills through such way, at present Emperor Heaven, our Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion pills is famous.” Li Baojun said. It seems like Fire God Palace had has attacked Chenwu Mainland's to be determined, moreover wants to select pills before from our lane, this scheme hits really resoundingly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not know that this Fire God Palace can mean what he says, they have Immortal King, we win the words that they repudiated a debt, to owe very much?” Pays no attention to them , to continue to carry on the entire city to defend, the close city gate and Teleportation Formation, can only transmit, cannot transmit, this Fire God Palace possibly restless good intention, if they do not have that Immortal King, we did not fear actually.” Li Baojun had considered, after soliciting the opinion of Shen Xiang and Duan Chong, decision that makes.

Outside the city, came very many people, stands words that looks in the city wall, sea of people, probably entire Pill City people arrived at outside Subduing Dragon City. Subduing Dragon Sect did not have Shen Xiang, became so weak? A unexpectedly small alchemy exchange competition does not dare following.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade pulled throat shouted, the expression has been filling taunting. I truly do not dare to compare, if only the pure exchange competition, we did not certainly fear, but you are Fire God Palace, Fire God Palace eats the person not to spit the bone, we fear regardless of the victory and loss, was swallowed including bone not to remain by you.” Li Baojun answered immediately. Simply put, in other words Fire God Palace's is unreliable, making people relieved. The Fire God Palace's conduct was so suspected, people understood, because Fire God Palace once and Demon and Devil joined up, has attacked Chenwu Mainland, this was in Human Territory many person very hatred points. Has brought a number of formidable Demon and Devil, does not know that this old lady must do.” Long Xueyi said that others do not recognize these concealment aura Demon and Devil, but she actually recognizes. Is only a peaceful exchange, our Fire God Palace will not make other bad matters to come, before Fire God Palace met such, because of the mistakes of other our Fire God Palace hierarchs, that person died now, I will make Fire God Palace change actually such.” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade loudly said, lets her behind as well as the entire Subduing Dragon City people hears.