World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1219
Shen Xiang has not thought that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade unexpectedly will say the young boyfriend who own that died made a mistake, if that was true, this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is one in order to reach the goal, the person of resorting to all means that imagines him is more formidabe. Regarding peaceful exchange that the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said that Shen Xiang they are regarded as this talk nonsense, so long as this matter will not be the idiots does not believe that he knows this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is bringing troop Demon and Devil World now will come to here is harbors evil intentions, will prepare to knock his one with this way evidently maliciously. On after the letter of challenge that loses, pills that must hand over may be many, enough shook the Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion foundation, therefore Shen Xiang they were discrete, actually they were self-confident to their alchemy technique, think that certainly will win, was the untrustworthy opposite party, was worried that the opposite party will act shamelessly. You, so long as can make us believe that you will not act shamelessly that's alright, we are only worried about this, the pills exchange truly need, this can step up our alchemy levels, but before your Fire God Palace , the matter that handles, making us be hard to trust you.” Li Baojun also loudly said, after the people hear, thinks that this is reasonable. The discerning people can see, this so-called exchange is not the ordinary exchange, words that loses, but must pay very serious price, was worried that the opposite party will act shamelessly, but does not accept a challenge, is a very sane procedure. That side Fire God Palace did not have the sound, they made that big sound, almost called entire Pill City inside person, for the strong loud voice potential, making Subduing Dragon City inside person come out to accept a challenge, people but who they bring now in behind discuss spiritedly, was expresses some opinions of suspicion to the Fire God Palace prestige. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has considered a moment later, the decision that makes makes Shen Xiang they be surprised, her unexpectedly proposed that must make a contract, it seems like she truly needs massive pills, moreover they have to themselves are very confident, thinks that they can win. They need that many pills, to attack Chenwu Mainland?” Shen Xiang said that but Li Baojun exited to decide the contract with the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade. Has the possibility, so long as has won, this is the matter of killing two birds with one stone \; first, to weaken our Subduing Dragon Sect's pills strength, two are to let them obtains massive pills! They know that our Subduing Dragon Sect's foundation is very thick, previous time they attack the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's time, the strength that we show, has made them be vigilant! If they start the general attack to Chenwu Mainland time, our here provides massive pills, will create very big hindrance to them.” Duan Chong said.

Shen Xiang nodded, thought that Duan Chong analyzes is reasonable, but he thinks that their this competition lost, will not vacillate to their pills foundations absolutely, so long as he clenches teeth, closes up month of one year or so, can duplicate massive herbs to come, at this time Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion inside alchemy master are also many, quick can refine a number of pills. Li Baojun came back, he said with a smile: „The old lady does not know anything that hits pays attention, signed the contract with me, if repudiated a debt or causes the destruction to Subduing Dragon City these days, she must meet with a disaster.” Shen Xiang determined after that contract is effective, hits the open city gate gate, making that troop person come , the Fire God Palace's alchemy showdown will immediately also start. „Did rule reach an agreement?” The Shen Xiang comparison cares about this, if to their situation disadvantageous rule, will make them quite strenuous. This rule is they decides, I think to both sides am quite fair! Both sides that attended the alchemy competition send out them respectively, so long as which side can win continuously two, even if the final victor. As for refining any pill, all parties called separately in turn! First is by them shouted that refines any pill, then second is shouted by us. Decide on the victory and defeat through the pills quality, quantity and refinement time.” Li Baojun said. Shen Xiang knits the brows to think that said: If they shouted refine pill, we didn't have these pill's herbs? This Fire God Palace came from Heaven World, what if refines Immortal Dan, we did lose?” Has the highest limit, cannot shout Immortal Dan, as for herbs, if lacks, can from opposite party there purchase, the opposite party shout that builds up any pill, definitely does not lack this pill's herbs, but we are also.” Li Baojun said: These I gave regards.” First what shouted was they?” Some Shen Xiang doubts: Since there is a highest limit, then there is a lowest limit?”

Refines the low level pill's words, Shen Xiang is most adept, works on to increase the quality, quantity and time, he must win without doubt, if high level pill, he has not affirmed. Has, the lowest limit is Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, if Dean you cannot refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, can handle by me completely, the rule has not limited a person to carry on continuously.” Li Baojun said. Duan Chong asked: If from the beginning is 1 win 1 defeat this, then can also continue?” The Li Baojun nod said: Right , to continue, till having a side continual victory twice, if not do well, this will be the endurance competion, if will refine many furnaces, after Heaven Level pill will almost build up, will change Earth Level pill, till having result.” We must win from the beginning two, wins them by the overwhelming stance, looked after them, how to be rampant.” Shen Xiang suddenly smiled. Dean, do you also want to go to battle? Do you refine the Heaven Level pill's level to be what kind of?” Li Baojun is very curious, because of according to the common sense, Shen Xiang must refine Heaven Level pill, needs to grasp hundred multiple Refining Simulation Technique, that does not depend upon a talent head to achieve, requires very long time to be able the little accumulation, even if his monstruous talent Master Li Tianjun initially surmounted this gully also to use long time. Shen Xiang said with a smile mystically: Will not tow your hind leg that's it, are you untrustworthy my level?”

Li Baojun and Duan Chong look at each other, the facial expression on face is very strange, although Duan Chong is not the person of alchemy, but he also calculates the understanding to alchemy this aspect, the Shen Xiang present age, must refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan can be said as the absolutely impossible matter, because that abnormal Refining Simulation Technique needs to grasp 120 multiple, requires a lot of time to accumulate. But does Shen Xiang live now multi- youngster? Must arrive at that rank, is really makes people very difficult to believe that moreover never has the person to grasp Multiple Refining Simulation Technique with such short time. Prepares the place, the opposite party, since delivers pills to us, we must receive.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, afterward changed an appearance. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade reconstructs Pill City, now brings a troop person to come, wants to extinguish the Subduing Dragon City power and prestige, could see that they are self-confident at this time, can probably let defeat Subduing Dragon City to be the same easily, if they have won, then to Subduing Dragon City truly is a very big attack.