World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1220
Although Shen Xiang already knew existence of this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, but first time personally sees her, passes to his image to be much older than Long Xueyi, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not dare to release at this time Divine Sense, in order to avoid being known by this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade. The place of competition on Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion that spacious flat land, here usually is makes some low level alchemy masters sell from a stand low level pills, sometimes also will be used to hold this competition, the surroundings can stand many people, in order to lets the situation that the people see the competition, allowing their float in the air to watch, has not been prohibited. The alchemy master who Fire God Palace sends is old man, this is they decides to refine any pill. What I must refine is nine dead Transcend Dan, can you have herbs?” That old man inquired Li Baojun, Li Baojun was Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master . Moreover the alchemy level was extremely high, was known in Emperor Heaven. When Li Baojun knits the brows, Shen Xiang said: We have!” Shen Xiang already obtained Transcend Nine Deaths Flower, he also made several to come out, but he did not plan to use Transcend Dan by his transcend, he thought that if did not cross Nirvana Tribulation, to oneself was a loss, since quickly his Nirvana, Nirvana Tribulation that although met was abnormal, but he can deal with comes, crossed Nirvana Tribulation for him is disciplining, had the matter of advantage to oneself. However other people like him, did not cross Nirvana Tribulation to mean that to many people the end of life, since the Emperor Heaven rebirth, after each world fuses, there are many high level pill medicines, making here person overall strength promote much, crossed the Nirvana Tribulation time stratagem which ensures success also to increase, but if there is Transcend Dan, many person expert wanted. Shen Xiang put out two black florets to give Li Baojun, this made him immediately bring to Fire God Palace that side expert attention, that side Fire God Palace had guessed correctly that might is he carries on the second competition, they have not thought that in Subduing Dragon City crouching tiger, hidden dragon, unexpectedly had to put out nine dead transcend colored people. Elder Li, have you refined Transcend Dan?” Shen Xiang gives Li Baojun sound transmission in secret, nine dead transcend flowers are very rare, but Transcend Dan little has appeared, Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat is worried about Li Baojun. Has not refined, but you do not need to be worried that I have the confidence to build up am better than the opposite party!” Li Baojun received nine dead transcend flowers, moreover storage pouch, that is Shen Xiang gives him auxiliary herbs, these auxiliary herbs are high grade, after Soul Creation Fluid nurturing.

Fire God Palace that old man expression is tranquil, in the foreheads is passing a self-confidence, resembled to win steadily was the same, he has put out jasper pill furnace, after seeing his pill furnace, Su Meiyao shouted one lowly: Immortal Bi Baolu!” Is very fierce?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, in the past I want to obtain this pill furnace very much, but my Master helped me look for a long time had not found very much, unexpectedly fell into the Fire God Palace's hand, no wonder! This is top grade immortal tool.” Su Meiyao said. Then I find the way to take, gives to you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not use, so long as you helped me retrieve my actually pill furnace that's alright, although at that time my Master has not helped me find this immortal Bi Baolu, but I afterward actually made one to be very good, was only a pity that initially was robbed.” Su Meiyao said with a sigh. Is Shen Xiang, when under the cliff meets this to outstandingly beautiful Immortal Devil Goddess, their two were snatched a none remaining, the whole body is dug up cleanly, that called miserable. Immortal Bi Baolu, has not thought that the lifetime can see this pill furnace, it is said was past Bixia Dan Immortal pill furnace.” Li Baojun is also the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, but he spoke fiercest pill furnace has been Shen Xiang's Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, that applauding thing, but the Shen Xiang present level was unable to show that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace might. Right, Bixia Dan Immortal is my Fire God Palace's chief Dan Immortal, this pill furnace is she grants to me.” That old man said. The people hear, in the heart calls out in alarm, they have not listened to that anything Bixia Dan Immortal, but actually knows that is Dan Immortal, can refine the Immortal Dan fellow, is Heaven World Fire God Palace's chief Dan Immortal, this fiercely, moreover pill furnace can Li Baojun be so surprised, this makes them feel the awe to the Fire God Palace's strength.

Bixia Dan Immortal this slut, really went to Fire God Palace, calculates that her luck is good, otherwise we will certainly dig up a none remaining her in the past.” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang knows the way that now these women revenge, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou like this had been done by others, their personal enemies should be the females, he has not thought on Heaven World female expert also that many. Who digs up your fellows is?” Shen Xiang asked. Do not ask.” Su Meiyao has avoided this issue. Fire God Palace's that old man sees the people to look at his immortal Bi Baolu with the burning look, the sense of pride in heart arises spontaneously. In comparison, pill furnace that Li Baojun takes cannot compare the opposite party, from this, Subduing Dragon Sect lost planned, but alchemy ratio was not pill furnace, what compared with was individual, true fierce alchemy master, even if pill furnace were very disappointing, same can build up the maximum level. Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said with a sneer: Li Baojun, should you be the Li Tianjun apprentice?” Right.” Li Baojun should say lightly that in the people heart shocks, although there is a hearsay is this, but had not determined that has not thought of this Li Baojun really that in the past able to move unhindered the Mortal World Dan King apprentice. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade contemptuously smiles: You may know that your Master on Heaven World, competes with the pills time disastrous defeat with Bixia Dan Immortal? Lost all! But that at this time and you compete with, is Bixia Dan Immortal apprentice.”

A moment ago the people still in exclaiming in surprise Li Baojun were the Li Tianjun apprentices, but knew that Li Tianjun went to Heaven World to suffer a crushing defeat, in the heart sighed immediately. Li Baojun has not come under the tremendous influence, is only indifferently said: This to my Master is the good deed, he needs disciplining like this, so long as other people have not died, but can also alchemy, lose why not? Isn't the victory and loss very normal matter? Waits for us do not divide a victory and loss?” During the speeches, Li Baojun has processed big pile of herbs, then closes the eye, invests in herbs pill furnace, the words of that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade have not become to other party anything affected a moment ago, this makes in the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade heart clench teeth secretly, but Li Baojun this strong mood, makes the people admire secretly, secretly despises Fire God Palace's that old lady, clear(ly) knows that must carry on the important competition, but also wants this to attack others. Shen Xiang suddenly said with a smile: Bixia was Dan Immortal that once lost the streaking woman in Heaven World? Hehe, remembers that initially she and others to the gambling, competed alchemy continuously, lost one time to take off clothes, finally lost clothes not to remain, but must walk on a street in big city.” Hears these words, the people start the recollections to get up in close succession, but the Shen Xiang following words, making the people like eating a fly. Everybody do not indulge in flights of fancy, Bixia Dan Immortal was now old, as for is any appearance, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang looks at that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade happily said with a smile.