World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1221
The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade hears the Shen Xiang's words, one of the whole piece shamelessly brushing was green, pair of old eyes is staring Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang very uncomfortable, but at this time the people can feel the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade the anger. Shen Xiang said a moment ago, is Su Meiyao suddenly tells him. Snort, you know actually much.” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade coldly snorted, stared one with the hatred vision maliciously, looks to their alchemy masters, is Bixia Dan Immortal apprentice, this old man eyebrow corner/horn also in beating, some people are shaking his Master this scandal, making in his heart not be feeling well. Sees the effect to be so obvious, on the Shen Xiang face piles up with the smiling face, such flagrant attack Fire God Palace, making the people worry for him, on the scene has many strength not weak people, they know that Fire God Palace's that old lady is much stronger. Sister Meiyao, had the effect! Right, whose Bixia Dan Immortal is loses to?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Naturally was loses to the elder sister I, hee hee.” The Su Meiyao haughty charming smile gets up: This woman at that time was a beautiful woman, but after that time, she was old, possibly was attacked! Moreover this game rule was she raises, she wants to put in order my, but actually does not know that I so will be fierce. Has not thought that she mixes in Fire God Palace now enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water.” Refines Heaven Level pill to require a lot of time in the ordinary situation, but is now different, the present is competing with . Moreover the rule had said the victory and loss must look at the time, therefore both sides will speed up the time at this time with every effort, cannot slowly in the opposite party, otherwise might lose to behind very much. Li Baojun has the flame that Five Elements Heavenly Fire this letting Shen Xiang envies, explained that Fire Spirit of Li Baojun within the body should be Five Elements Fire Spirit, therefore Shen Xiang is confident to Li Baojun, from starting, Li Baojun is stable, has not presented any improper. When the time comes the opposite party, after the Shen Xiang several words have attacked one next, from the beginning almost makes a mistake, making pill furnace slightly shake, but has stood finally firm, after is only more than two double-hour, on this old man forehead full is the sweat.

Was my words was too heavy, the mind of direct hit this fellow? Then two double-hour, became so, owed he also to propose that refined nine dead Transcend Dan.” The Shen Xiang heart said. Possibly is this old fellow is thinking when Master alchemy loses, streaking scene in city!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Your this does dragon brat, how always think these thing?” Shen Xiang ridicules to say. This old fellow Fire Spirit is good, Fire God Palace, high level Fire Spirit should be many, they can plunder massive Fire Spirit, perhaps they can also fuse Fire Spirit.” Long Xueyi said: unexpectedly is golden Fire Spirit, fire Qi that but sends out from his Fire Spirit, this Fire Spirit is unnatural, has processed after late stage.” Already darkness, but stays here to wait for that the result person are many, not only need look apprentice showdown that two big build up the Dan Ancestor master, but must look at the final result, especially Pill City these influences, if loses, they must from plan to attack the Chenwu Mainland's matter newly. After Fire God Palace and news of Subduing Dragon Sect showdown passes on here, many people catch up to come to see one after another lively, even if night, the person who comes are still many. Shen Xiang suddenly induces to a very weak and familiar aura, he looks up, looks to jet black nighttime sky it, at this time above float many people, their in the air overlook, he is locking the attention on Meng face a white clothing female. Qianqian, how did you come?” Shen Xiang hastily gives Wu Qianqian sound transmission, this wear simple white skirt female Wu Qianqian.

Shen Xiang, you are all right well, Saint Flame Sect had that big matter, we are worried about you very much.” Wu Qianqian hears Shen Xiang's sound transmission, immediately follows to keep Divine sense response in her mind, that delightful voice is very excited. What matter can I have? I have been very good, you do not need to be worried my.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Right Qianqian, now pill who what rank you can refine?” Earth Level High-Grade, after perhaps me, wanted to break through for a long time, oh......” Wu Qianqian sighed lightly that this was each alchemy master in a short time the gully that was hard to cross: You also!” Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiled, but the Wu Qianqian innermost feelings are very surprised, she thought that Shen Xiang stepped over that ridge. This is impossible!” The Wu Qianqian's sound fills inconceivable, exclaims: What method have you used?” Later again told you, I found the time to teach you, but this to the request of flame and Divine Sense was very high, if you can promote the flame and Divine Sense, I thought that you used my this method, compared with your Refining Simulation Technique quickly, the premise is reverse side that two that you must promote me to say very much diligently.” Shen Xiang said. Um, I will be quicker crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, when the time comes you must teach me.” Wu Qianqian is very pleasantly surprised, regarding miracle that Shen Xiang creates, she has witnessed many times, therefore Shen Xiang can make this breakthrough, she accepted quickly. Dawn, they in alchemy, in the person of watching, majority are the strength are not weak at this time, even if several days several nights do not sleep are not in the way, so long as control one's breathing slightly can be been full of vigor by oneself, therefore looked for day a night of competition, they do not think bored, moreover many people take advantage to know some people now, sometimes can also hear one group of people to argue chaotically the knowledge in some alchemy aspects, likely this competition, generally speaking is also alternative meeting.

These nine dead Transcend Dan are Heaven Level low-grade, main herbs is nine dead transcend flowers, that is only a floret, actually needs to toss about is so long!” Shen Xiang said. Do not despise nine dead transcend flowers, this floret can have resistance day strength, naturally is not good to process, if not for Transcend Dan effect, be only 50% success ratios, will not be included Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, builds up the difficulty of that floret, absolutely no longer under Heaven Level middle-grade herbs.” Su Meiyao said: Moreover they now are also quick, I grasped refines Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan the time in the past, does not have them now this level.” Some Shen Xiang suddenly itchy, he wants to try trial to make Transcend Dan with his God Refining Technique very much, he thought that this can discipline he to utilize Divine Power, but flame is the mechanical damage, he refines Primordial Dan time, the flame might has displayed peak, but has a dilutedness. The place of competition, several thousand people gather round, is very noisy, but was peaceful in this time suddenly, because was competing with pill furnace of these two alchemy masters violently swayed, probably must be in the final stage. Can have the result? Then a day a night, can Transcend Dan draw a charge? Worthily is peak showdown, if can see pill furnace inside situation to be good!” A person said with amazement. If Shen Xiang, his alchemy guarantees can make you broaden the outlook, was only a pity that on this day got up by the Fire God Palace seal!” Another person said with a sigh. This Fire God Palace is really sinister, gets up others Dean seals, then runs others domain to act unruly. If they lose to a a group of people without a leader the influence, then definitely will be laughed dead.”