World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1222
Two alchemy master very fierce Master that now competed with, especially Master of Fire God Palace that alchemy master is fierce, is now Fire God Palace's chief Dan Immortal on Heaven World, this alchemy master can obtain high rank pill furnace, obviously his alchemy level is very high. Li Baojun is the alchemy master who the people know very well, his Master Li Tianjun has lost to that Bixia Dan Immortal, now can he win Bixia Dan Immortal apprentice, is Master saves face? Now, they simultaneously enter concentrate pill's latter stage, the strength is evenly matched, the people anticipated to the result at this time. Two pill furnace are shaking, sways, intermittent heat releases, forms heat, ascends in the upper air, making the people who on the scene watches feel very sultrily. They perhaps simultaneously will congeal evidently pill, if when the time comes wants to win, can only look at the quality and quantity.” Su Meiyao said: This Transcend Dan at most is pill one grain, is very difficult to refine two grains, nine dead transcend colored quantities insufficiently refine two grains radically, but this is not absolute, perhaps has to refine two grains of people to come, but I have not heard.” Nine dead transcend flowers little had, causing this pill to be very scarce, many alchemy masters can refine, when is the itself level far exceeds can refine Heaven Level low-grade fortunately can refine a furnace, simply does not have too many opportunities to taste trial system more than one furnace grains. At this time the Li Baojun complexion is very tranquil, that fire Qi that the flame that but he releases, sends out, makes people think that he was roaring, his Master lost to opposite party Master, but now he cannot defeat. Shen Xiang can feel his determination now. The people look at these two alchemy masters with rapt attention, the scene is very peaceful, because the result must come out quickly. After two brave intense heat pill furnace first is violent swaying, then immediately stops, two alchemy masters both have opened afterward the eye, unexpectedly is the same time completes, this is not the coincidence, but is this high level alchemy master sends the peak level, when refines Transcend Dan, this is they quickest time. Snort!”

Fire God Palace that alchemy master is unsatisfied to this result some, although has not decided the victory and loss, but the unexpectedly of opposite party in the time can be impartial with him, explained that has with his similar level, this makes him somewhat be hard to accept, because he comes Zitian, unexpectedly compared with this type in the Lower Realm locally born alchemy master. Your time is the same with me, but does not mean that can be impartial with me.” Fire God Palace that alchemy master said with a sneer: Thinks that this competition can compare the draw with me, you have made a mistake, the transcend quality is very difficult to control, but this exactly is my strong point.” The Fire God Palace's alchemy master thinks that the Li Baojun refinement the Transcend Dan quality is inferior his. Li Baojun lightly smiled: I have not certainly thought can compare the draw with you, perhaps you will lose are uncertain.” Opens pill furnace!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is very curious to the result, but she has very big confidence to oneself here alchemy master, he thinks that this Li Baojun will lose absolutely, after all their Fire God Palace's alchemy master has strong Fire Spirit, moreover grows up in Heaven World since childhood, has rich alchemy resources to be possible for the consumption to practice. First what opens pill furnace is that side Fire God Palace, a grain sends out faint yellow pill pellet by that alchemy Master Peng in palm high raising, making the people see here Transcend Dan. Is the excellent quality!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said with a smile. This is natural, I for a long time did not have refinement too low quality pill very much.” That alchemy master said proudly, because he sees many expert to fix the eyes on Transcend Dan of his palm, on the face is color of the worship. A day a night, can refine grain of quality excellent Transcend Dan, this level is truly high, because in the hearsay, some alchemy masters refine Transcend Dan to need for a long time . Moreover the quality could not obtain to guarantee that does not do well also meets explode pill furnace.

The Li Baojun nod said: Is the excellent quality right, but did not mean that you can win?” He turned on the pill furnace cover, expression took out pill pellet from inside tranquilly, sent out one to call out in alarm in an upper air people immediately, because they can see in pill furnace to send out two groups of yellow light glow from airborne one, even if in the daytime, appeared dazzling. unexpectedly is two grains, after people heart shocks, immediately being startled sound discussed! Fire God Palace that side person sees Transcend Dan that in the Li Baojun hand two grains just drew a charge, was shocked, the facial expression is full of the shock, not to believe and envy, Transcend Dan is very difficult to refine two grains, but actually some people achieve now. You lost!” Li Baojun indifferently said, after saying, his palm beat own pill furnace, the people have been startled. Can be patted rotten pill furnace by a palm, definitely is not the good thing, Li Baojun from beginning to end unexpectedly to use such low rank pill furnace in alchemy, after refining furnace Transcend Dan, this pill furnace has almost reimbursed, will be patted by his gently palm rottenly. pill furnace that Fire God Palace uses is a top grade immortal furnace, but actually compares others broken pill furnace, before so was arrogant, now is hit horrible to look at with broken pill furnace by others. Two grains of quality excellent Transcend Dan, can say that wins the opposite party, moreover what uses is the similar time, from this can see that the Li Baojun strength must surpass opposite party many. Bixia Dan Immortal apprentice is mediocre, but also thinks fiercely.” Shen Xiang in said with a sneer, nobody knows his status at the same time, therefore he does not have any scruples, although that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is Immortal King, but has not actually seen through him. You......” that old man coldly snorted, receives pill furnace, turns head to arrive at the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade.

Although lost, but the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade actually very much can calm down, the matter that anything has not lost, will resemble them never to lose is the same. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade walked, was saying to Li Baojun: I think your Subduing Dragon Sect also only then your can with we high below, does not know whether you can continue to support?” Was only a pity that our Dean lived by your seal.” Duan Chong shakes the head sighs: For all that but does not represent our Subduing Dragon Sect to have Elder Li to be able alchemy.” Fire God Palace has avoided the seal Shen Xiang's matter, after all the seal others' Dean, came to others' domain to wreck the event again is not the honored matter. Then is I comes to compete with you, whom can you send out to come?” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade cynical has smiled one, has swept Shen Xiang they. unexpectedly that Fire God Palace goes to battle with can be this old lady, does not seem like the alchemy master! Shen Xiang also thinks very surprised, this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is devil cultivator, understood that alchemy devil cultivator may be many. She truly meets alchemy, in the past her alchemy technique was very good, but is only restricted below Immortal Dan, at that time she in Heaven Level pill this domain, was famous in Heaven World, her flame is good, she also has the so high status in Fire God Palace, perhaps the alchemy level also improved.” Su Meiyao said.