World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1223
Match unexpectedly is the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, this is strength very strong Immortal King, here the people of many a little strength could feel that the strength of this old lady is very strong. Follows that crowd of Demon and Devil that the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade comes, knew that this Immortal King is also a alchemy master, in the heart is very excited, because they thought that they do not have a more wrong person, moreover their Demon and Devil lacks pills, now has flattered Fire God Palace, can make them promote the strength to be quicker. „Does anyone of you come?” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade thinks Subduing Dragon Sect throughout, only then a Li Baojun person is supporting the gathering place. Li Baojun has overcome with great difficulty, if next defeated, has fallen short, needs from start newly, won two to win continuously. Li Baojun looked at Shen Xiang one, nodded to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang walked, said: I come!” Subduing Dragon Sect sends to meet head-on the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade unexpectedly is looks like very young person, scolded Bixia Dan Immortal that a moment ago, can know that on Heaven World some remote secrets, think also came from Heaven World, but this person of obscure, making people think that he and Monarch Qiong beautiful jade are not a rank. You?” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade from sized up Shen Xiang newly, the expression disdained very much, aura that because on Shen Xiang lent, saw likely is not the Immortal rank. Subduing Dragon Sect sends to compete with the alchemy person with her, unexpectedly is one has not completed including Nirvana, this makes in her heart not be feeling well, she thinks that good and bad is also alchemy Master Caihang of Li Baojun this rank. Shen Xiang smiled: What's wrong? Did I violate regularly?” Naturally is not, your Subduing Dragon Sect nobody? unexpectedly sends you to come out with me to compare!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is Immortal King, therefore she looked that the person look at the strength, the opposite party Immortal is not, in any event will not be paid attention to by her.

Can defeat your that's alright! Naturally, if our Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, also same is I goes to battle, because must defeat your Fire God Palace on alchemy, does not need Dean to get rid.” That smiling face on Shen Xiang face, lets in the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade heart annoyed, she thinks very much yelled old lady is Immortal King, because her present unexpectedly was being so looked down upon, she thinks that is the opposite party does not know her accurate strength, this makes her feel very aggrievedly. The person here, the person of clearest Monarch Qiong beautiful jade strength is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang intentionally stimulates her. I also think that you will send out any fierce fellow, actually is an ignorant fellow.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade disdain looked at Shen Xiang one, was saying to Li Baojun that she thought that only then Li Baojun and she competes with, makes in her heart more comfortable, because she disdains to despise with this obscure individual at present, thought that is an insult. Shen Xiang said: „Don't you want to compare with me?” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said: Ratio compare, but is very at heart uncomfortable, because of your this fellow competition, for me is a humiliation matter.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: actually is this, but if you have lost to me, whether that could commit suicide?” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade suddenly laughs, because this is she has listened to the most joke of pleasant to hear: brat, your in my eyes insect is not, my able to move unhindered Heaven World's time, your ancestor's ancestor had not been born! alchemy technique of old lady in Heaven World, although is not considered as top, but famous Dan Immortal saw me, must give precedence out of courtesy three points to me, your does unexpectedly want to win me?” The people heard this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade saying that in heart the strength of secret surprised this old lady. During the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade laughs, that formidable aura releases, making the people feel that not small pressure, thought that this old lady must kill them lifts the matter between hands.

But Shen Xiang is very calm, on face is still hanging that light smiling face: It seems like I do not win you not to be good today, you should better be mentally prepared, otherwise loses to my this including the person who the insects are inferior, will be laughed dead. You did not have the past appearance now, why also has Dan Immortal to give precedence out of courtesy three points to you? It seems like you have the skill.” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the complexion of that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade sinks immediately, she has not thought that this person of unexpectedly knows her matter. Who your is Master?” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade cold voice asked. Said scares to death you.” Shen Xiang laughs. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is lost in thought immediately, before she regarded the bullshit that Shen Xiang said that but Shen Xiang this she has actually taken seriously, she in thinking, to be saying the name to come to be able on Heaven World the alchemy master who she frightened, this alchemy master had, but such as extremely rare. On refinement Primordial Dan, this pill's herbs you have? If no, I can sell to you.” Shen Xiang said. Naturally has!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade does not think that Heaven World above alchemy will have this apprentice supremely, she thinks that behind Shen Xiang has one to know the people of some Heaven World above matters, but absolutely is not the fierce fellow, but blustered, ha-ha she. Li Baojun in carefully looks at the same time, because this is Shen Xiang refines Heaven Level pill, he may probably have a look with own eyes, how Shen Xiang refines, Shen Xiang this age can refine Primordial Dan, does not conform to the common sense very much, only if Shen Xiang has fierce time formation, can one year turns into the millenniums formation, but that is impossible, that formation is supernatural existence, has, is not the short time can complete, moreover needs the massive energy supplements. pill furnace of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade use is the pure white, seems like similar to White Jade carves, outside pattern is very fine, making Shen Xiang unable to bear looks at two much, obviously this alchemic furnace is also very good pill furnace.

Sister Meiyao, do you know this pill furnace?” Shen Xiang asked that in some Heaven World well-known alchemy masters, pill furnace that uses was very famous. „The snow Feng Bao furnace, how this can pill furnace in her hands?” Su Meiyao image that passes on after Long Xueyi sees, said with amazement. „Isn't this that wind and snow old man pill furnace?” Bai Youyou also feels surprised: Wind and snow did old man die? Otherwise this pill furnace will not fall into the hands of other people.” Who wind and snow is old man?” Shen Xiang one listens to know that this People has the background. Dan Immortal, half treadons into the Pill Saint rank, because his alchemy time, will summon wind and snow, therefore such called in Heaven World his, afterward his news were getting fewer and fewer, the hearsay said his life essence completely.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang carefully looked at that white pill furnace, truly above the discovery carves Phoenix, but is actually not that obvious, was covered by some patterns. It seems like this snow Feng Bao furnace was not in the past that so long as in the past that entered the fire, can hear phoenix cry, was very mysterious, moreover on pill furnace will also emit a cool breeze, when congealing pill, because of the pill furnace reason, all around becomes very cold, was very mysterious pill furnace, now should shatter.” Su Meiyao also said. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade processes the herbs speed to be quick, three a few tricks have been completed, moreover started alchemy, but Shen Xiang actually still looks at her pill furnace now, this competition, the time is also important, but Shen Xiang is actually looking at others' pill furnace now.