World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1225
Scene many alchemy masters were discussing Shen Xiang this novel and fierce alchemy technique, because this can not use Refining Simulation Technique. How does he achieve with raging fire builds up the beginning of the universe fruit?” He uses the flame time, is very strong flame, properly speaking burns down the beginning of the universe fruit to be invalid with this way, finally is not explodes, was loose.” „, He also needs to control pill furnace inside these auxiliary herbs and herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder of present inside that beginning of the universe fruit, these two will definitely have the conflict in.” This need very formidable spirit supports! What is essential is he builds up the method of beginning of the universe fruit outside, not only this absolutely the use raging fire burns down that simply, what we see is only the surface.” This is not certainly simple, this is Shen Xiang through the method of sensing in that Heaven Refining Technique founding, builds up herbs when chant that uses came from Heaven Refining Technique. Only then Wu Qianqian knows, because before Shen Xiang, told her to use this method, must have very strong flame and Divine Sense, the formidable flame she thought not to have the issue, because she had the means to promote her Fire Spirit, just under the Divine Sense aspect she needed the hard labor, she also wants before transcend, to refine Heaven Level pill, when the time comes can also mix on Heaven World. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade saw Shen Xiang such quickly to handle a beginning of the universe fruit, pressure suddenly became very greatly, if she has lost to Shen Xiang, she did not have the face to see the person, before also kept on proclaiming the Shen Xiang competition has brought disgrace on her status, said that Shen Xiang the insects was not, therefore she cannot lose. Builds up the beginning of the universe tree root to be very easy regarding Shen Xiang, when builds up, Yin and Yang Divine Veins of his within the body will have a marvelous feeling, can let him and beginning of the universe tree root the medicine has a weak marvelous relation spirit, when he uses the flame to build up this beginning of the universe tree root, will not meet that strong protest, can say that can build up with ease, he needs to do burns down with the flame slowly. A double-hour, in the Shen Xiang hand that section of black beginning of the universe tree root turns into the snow white, then disrupts, turns into one pile of slowly revolving the white powder, outside herbal Spirit Qi also follows to revolve, seems like similar to is sending out the white light glow small vortex! After Shen Xiang building up the beginning of the universe tree root puts in pill furnace, at this time he entered to congeal pill's stage, starts in polymerization pill furnace all!

Three the time of double-hour, arrived at this stage, the people have exuded an intermittent surprised sigh sound, at this time many alchemy masters want to study this alchemy technique, but they know this definitely is others the secret of passing on, do not learn is not definitely easy, only if pay respects to join Subduing Dragon Sect. Fire God Palace this time is lifts the stone to pound own foot, they want to defeat Subduing Dragon Sect maliciously, wins massive pills again, but has not thought that now they lost half. Shen Xiang at this time very careful is carrying on, but now explodes the furnace, he can also from the new refinement, in the rule not limit, so long as the quality, pill quantity and time exceed the opposite party, can win. Concentrates the time that pill requires very not to be long, but this is uses in the Refining Simulation Technique situation, but God Refining Technique that Shen Xiang currently uses actually requires some time. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade had been worried Shen Xiang will build up is quicker than her, but she sees the Shen Xiang two double-hour now, has not congealed the pill success merit, in the heart has felt relieved, she thinks that Shen Xiang is quick, perhaps the quality and pill quantity cannot exceed her. Such long, has not seen Shen Xiang's pill furnace to sway, actually in people very curious pill furnace to have anything, if normally, refines Heaven Level pill concentrates pill time, pill furnace slight sways, through swaying to release pill furnace inside strength. The pill furnace that especially Shen Xiang currently uses, if not sway, momentarily possibly exposed, means the energy that inside floods is unable to divulge. But wanted the explode pill furnace words already to explode, but Shen Xiang had actually insisted was so long! Li Baojun and Wu Qianqian have thought of anything immediately, their very familiar Shen Xiang's alchemy result, the high quality, has pill to be many, the speed is fast, it can be said that perfect. But now Shen Xiang's pill furnace has not swayed, without releasing inside energy, this explained that Shen Xiang is compressing together the energy that these need to release completely, such does to have pill are many!

alchemy time, inside herbal Spirit Qi is most hot tempered, will transfer a wild energy to wreak havoc in pill furnace, especially in alchemy, generally, alchemy Master Men through letting pill furnace sways, releases this strength little and ensure concentrates the pill success merit. Shen Xiang has not done such, to have many pill! Now his some time, but he actually wants to win is thorougher, therefore he uses these time, making him refine furnace perfect Primordial Dan! Time little in the past, suddenly already darkness, but Shen Xiang or same as usual, pill furnace does not have the sound, but is still revolving, people suddenly has had the question to Shen Xiang this novel alchemy technique, before looked like also thinks quickly, but looks like does not have what superiority now, congealed pill unexpectedly to use to be so long. Sees Shen Xiang not to congeal with quick speed the pill success merit, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade and Fire God Palace's person thinks to have victory in the hand immediately, because follows the person who the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade comes, is the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade the trusted friend who brings from Heaven World, knows her alchemy level, especially Heaven Level pill. The sky is about to have shone, Shen Xiang still closes one's eyes, sitting cross-legged of unemotionally place there, pours into the flame toward pill furnace. At this time pill furnace suddenly of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has swayed, making people who waited for painstakingly at present one bright, they and other Shen Xiang, but disappointedly, a sound did not have much, but at present Monarch Qiong beautiful jade unexpectedly pursued, although congealed pill stage to come late, but congealed pill Shen Xiang to be quick finally that's alright. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade starts to disdain to Shen Xiang, because she thought that Shen Xiang that alchemy technique is also mediocre, in the end requires the same time, but looks like quite attractive. The sky has shone completely, in the morning that warm sunlight shines when the competition scene, the people are also hanging a heart at this time, because pill furnace of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade sways more and more wildly, this is concentrates the pill final time releases too many energies, the reason that needs to release, the in other words Monarch Qiong beautiful jade must concentrate quickly the pill success merit. Monarch Qiong beautiful jade that snow white pill furnace after fierce swaying, suddenly stopped, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has opened the eye, on the face full is the joyful color, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not completed at this time, still closes one's eyes.

I also think you fiercely, mediocre!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade opens pill furnace, takes out two grains of golden light radiant Primordial Dan. Saw these two grains of quality high scary Primordial Dan, the people to send out one to call out in alarm intermittently, has pill only to be able grain of Primordial Dan, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade only to use for day a night to refine two grains! Fire God Palace lost!” How he again is fierce, at most is also two grains, but the time was slower than the opposite party!” Just started also to think that he is very fierce, but has not thought that is puts on an act, such!” The people this time rumor of changes Fire God Palace in abundance, wishes one could to invest Fire God Palace to be ordinary immediately, because there has one to be splendid, moreover powerful alchemy master.