World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1226
Shen Xiang has not refined to complete now, some people have made him give up, because of according to their views, Shen Xiang does not have the stratagem which ensures success! The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade looks at Shen Xiang with a pupil of pair of gloomy and cold, before Shen Xiang , the method that type builds up herbs is very fierce, Monarch Qiong beautiful jade character does not think yes, if she, she cannot place on the palm to build up herbs like Shen Xiang before, must know that these are Heaven Level herbs, does not cope very much easily. But Shen Xiang used very short time to be able it that two main herbs to build up, on this point, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has to admire Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang after the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade builds up a double-hour, has opened the eye finally, seeing his facial expression to be so tranquil, eyes sub- releases the self-confident ray, many people in abundance shake the head. You did not have the opportunity to win, you supported also only to refine two grains of quality excellent Primordial Dan, but others were quicker than you, you lost.” Only if you can refine three grains of Primordial Dan, but that is impossible, Primordial Dan two main herbs such, are also hard condense to leave three grains, even if that supreme Pill Saint is unable to achieve this.” Admits defeat! Your Subduing Dragon Sect did not lose in any case completely, your 1 win 1 defeat, has tied, starts over from the beginning that's it.” In Fire God Palace's that old man heart secretly rejoices, because he also has the opportunity that Li Baojun defeats, at this time he thinks that Fire God Palace lost, then must continue the ratio, can win until their side continuously two, the competition can calculate to end. Shen Xiang aspirated gently, indifferently said: Does not need to compare again, you lost!” He turns on the pill furnace cover, four golden light glow fierce sprays from pill furnace, perpendicular incidence Yun Tian, but also follows a rich medicine to fill the air fragrant. Sees that four Dan light, people are very panic-stricken, especially these old alchemy masters!

Is Dan light...... has not thought of Dan light unexpectedly in this Legend to exist really!” Four grains of Primordial Dan, this is impossible, certainly was I misreads.” Dan light appears, this explained that this pill's quality arrived at the peak, is the Heaven Level pill's peak quality, because it can be said that this grain of pill transcends the mortal world, bred Holy Light, was opening pill furnace that instantaneous, will spray Dan light to come.” That quality is not in very good pill furnace, float four grains were covered is wrapping pill pellet by dim golden light, sees truly is four grains of Primordial Dan time, the people are dumbfounded, the shock in heart is hard to describe with the language. Primordial Dan can refine two grains, has skill extremely, three grains of words, although possible, but the people think that is only then Pill Saint may achieve, but this person, unexpectedly builds up four grains at present, moreover can send out Dan light. Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, has subverted each alchemy teacher's understanding completely to Pill Dao, completely has violated the Pill Dao rule! The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is also surprised slightly opens that withered mouth, on the face is full of the unbelievable color, did not say that is four grains of pill, said that Dan light, definitely has been able to defeat her, even if the opposite party can refine two grains, on the quality on, can make her rout. Has not used Refining Simulation Technique, but actually refines a shocking furnace pill, four grains of Primordial Dan, moreover appears with Dan light, the strength that he shows, making the person think that he is the Pill Saint successor. You lost!” Li Baojun was startled to stare good half sound, slowly said. Gives you!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade throws to Li Baojun storage pouch, inside is loaded with massive pills.

Fire God Palace this time it can be said that defeats horrible to look, is ended the victory by the opposite party by very big disparity, they want to find fault, but has not thought that finally actually lost dingily runs. Shen Xiang to refine this furnace pill, the consumption is huge, he is only and Li Baojun Wu Qianqian greeted, in a hurry returns to the room to rest. little rascal, you are really fierce, how do you achieve?” Even if Su Meiyao, does not know how Shen Xiang achieves this, this level, can contend with these Pill Saint Dan Immortal without doubt, if refines Primordial Dan with these fellow ratios, even if Shen Xiang does not win, will not lose. Su Meiyao has mixed in Heaven World above pills, knows that the Shen Xiang present level has surmounted many Heaven World above Dan Immortal, pill rank that but he can refine now is low, but, can adolescence, probably know that absolutely Shen Xiang is very young. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This Primordial Dan herbs, limit are most is three -and-a-half grains, but before me, when puts in auxiliary herbs, I put, one group of idiots had also laughed at me at that time, I can cause fourth grain of Primordial Dan, is lucky these auxiliary herbs. As for that Dan light, how I am not clear appear.” Su Meiyao said: Wanting is Heaven Level pill above pill, the quality surmounts excellent, achieves the peak quality, will present Dan light!” Sister Meiyao, later I certainly will teach you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Shen Xiang has rested more than double-hour, then goes to outside small hall, Wu Qianqian and Li Baojun here, they in discussing the thing in alchemy aspect, after seeing Shen Xiang comes out full of vigor, they have stood. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I could leave a period of time, but before then, I simple said the principle of my God Refining Technique with you.” Wu Qianqian and Li Baojun nodded, has not asked anything.

Shen Xiang said the God Refining Technique building up method in detail, explained some essential places afterward. After listening, Wu Qianqian and Li Baojun look at Shen Xiang with a strange look, because of the Shen Xiang this alchemy method, was really too alternative, unexpectedly is thinking must go to cope with herbs inside medicine to work directly, was Shen Xiang's Divine Sense, was definitely formidable, because they cannot meet the requirements that Shen Xiang said that their Divine Sense were insufficient. It seems like can only promote to use this God Refining Technique Divine Sense.” Li Baojun somewhat loses, but he also thought that this is very normal, God Refining Technique can substitute numerous and diverse Refining Simulation Technique, needs payouts of other aspects. Wu Qianqian already knows that this request to Divine Sense is very high, therefore she also had the preparation, but later when cultivates Divine Sense is also her practice priority target, this can let she promotes Divine Sense at the same time, but can also grasp this mysterious alchemy technique. Shen Xiang said: „The following these days, Fire God Palace too will not attack Chenwu Mainland's quickly, they just lost these many pills, needs a period of time to make up, if no massive pills support, they do not dare to act unreasonably.” Wu Qianqian leaves first, she also has the matter to arrange in Danxiang Taoyuan, Li Baojun just must bring large quantities of pills, must assign, was busy. That batch of pills are below Earth Level High-Grade, does not have Heaven Level herbs, but quantity actually big, can win, can make Subduing Dragon Sect train more outstanding disciples.