World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1227
Shen Xiang has been far away from Subduing Dragon City, goes to a very far away place, in deeply under has dug a giant stone chamber, then takes that Suppressing Deity Tablet. He obtains this Suppressing Deity Tablet, did not have carefully to study, this Suppressing Deity Tablet is very fierce, moreover is one restrains the magic treasure formation sharp weapon, strong formation plate of previous that purple mysterious saint mountain and Mt. Huoyan was ruined by this Suppressing Deity Tablet. In this Suppressing Deity Tablet definitely has any fierce thing, so long as after having absorbed the massive energies, can release very strong ice cold strength, can freeze all.” Shen Xiang said. This is the affirmation, initially this Suppressing Deity Tablet must be used to blow Ice Heaven, making that Ice Heaven stabler, can year to year release the ice cold strength to come, but has not thought that will fall Emperor Heaven beside Nine Heavens.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has put out the Ice Dragon Sword sheath, this scabbard turns on the key of that valuable box, now his two treasure boxes have not opened, but Ice Dragon Sword sheath inside energy has actually been hard to supplement, therefore he wants to try with this Suppressing Deity Tablet, cannot in a short time, full floaded operation the energy of Ice Dragon Sword sheath. Three valuable boxes that obtains from Primal Chaos Mountain, he opened, inside has Divine Craftsman's Hammer, but remaining two definitely have the good thing, therefore has been keeping thinking, he planned the energy that uses in Profound Ice to withdraw to fill, but is invalid. Shen Xiang places on the hand Suppressing Deity Tablet, starts to inject own energy toward inside, the Suppressing Deity Tablet peak really releases very strong severely cold strength, making this deeply following stone chamber four walls tie completely incorruptible. That greatly strengthened ice cold strength releases after the Suppressing Deity Tablet peak, his hastily revolution Engulfing Devil Art, will absorb, afterward courses in that ice cold strength the Ice Dragon Sword sheath in hand. Had the sound!” Shen Xiang immediately one happy, the Ice Dragon Sword sheath in hand sends out weak light glow, was winding around by the light white cold fog, he has not thought that unexpectedly has succeeded . Moreover the speed of supplementing is also fast.

The speed of supplement is quick, but the Shen Xiang's consumption is also quick, is only shortly, True Qi of his within the body drained 70-80%. He has luckily supplemented massively True Qi pills, eats up these pills, sits in meditation to control one's breathing to restore, then continues to supplement the Ice Dragon Sword sheath. „This speed, I can open that two valuable boxes quickly, what thing does inside have? Should not compare that Divine Craftsman's Hammer difference to be too many?” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking excitedly, that Divine Craftsman's Hammer in his eyes is very fierce thing, he thought that two valuable box inside treasure should not compare Divine Craftsman's Hammer to be fierce. Three days pass by, in the Ice Dragon Sword sheath that unusual ice cold strength regained the fullest condition, he puts out a valuable box immediately, is in the excited mood, inserts that key hole the Ice Dragon Sword sheath, is revolving carefully the Ice Dragon Sword sheath, simultaneously he also induces to Ice Dragon Sword sheath inside strength is draining rapidly. After a kā chā sound, in Ice Dragon Sword sheath all strength did not have completely, but that valuable box also opened, Shen Xiang fills lifts the cover, sees only inside to have a paper of turning yellow. unexpectedly is a paper, but Shen Xiang has not felt disappointed, if inside records any fierce divine art, then this paper is very precious. This paper is very big, is flat and smooth to have a big round table like that moreover the circular, Shen Xiang carefully looks at this paper above thing, unexpectedly is a map, the geographic name that above indicates his did not know. Where is this?” Shen Xiang feels the chin, looks at these geographic names.

This valuable box is many years ago some, this map definitely was very ancient, perhaps inside these geographic names already changed, moreover on the map is drawing the terrain will have very big change, must find to conform to the place of this map really not to be easy. Should not be only a broken map?” Long Xueyi said very disappointedly that she has hoped is so long, unexpectedly is only a broken map. After Shen Xiang turns to the back, only sees a design, this design is the circular, the wash bowl is so big, but inside is drawing these patterns, actually think that the chicken feet digs carelessly, does not know that these patterns have any significance, moreover that is not spirit pattern. Well, this design also looks familiar, making me think!” Su Meiyao suddenly said. After Shen Xiang waited for a while, by the scream of Su Meiyao suddenly frightening, her startled shouted: I remembered this design to have any background, this was the past Dan Emperor unique symbol.” What? Who is Dan Emperor?” Shen Xiang sees Su Meiyao to be so surprised, thought that Dan Emperor affirmed has the background greatly. Does not know that I only know that is a alchemy very fierce fellow, has surmounted existence of Pill Saint, therefore is called Dan Emperor, but that is only Legend, at that time my Master had mentioned this Dan Emperor matter with me, moreover this design is the thing that he can draw, that I see is very small, but this is very big, therefore I suddenly have not thought.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang looks at that ghost magic figure general design, the ponder said: This is Dan Emperor also in Nine Emperors and Ten Kings one? Does not know that the strength of this fellow is what kind of? This map is he is perhaps related, does if wanted have a look?”

Although Fire God Palace will not attack Chenwu Mainland in a short time, but Shen Xiang was worried that treasures hunt according to this map, when the time comes does not come back, that troubled. First opened remaining valuable boxes said again, hoped is not the pit father's thing, at that time that Ice Dragon had said these valuable box inside things were not quite good.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang receives that map, if he must go, but must inquire these geographic names, must need good a period of time to find. He continues to use that Suppressing Deity Tablet to make the Ice Dragon Sword sheath restore that strength. Quick, three days on the past, that Ice Dragon Sword sheath inside energy have fulled floaded operation once more, finally can open the last valuable box, because the thing of previous that valuable box is not good, therefore Shen Xiang this time not previous time such excited, but the remaining valuable boxes cannot start out the thing, he not too disappointed, because before him, obtained Divine Craftsman's Hammer, that on by his very satisfaction. „In last, actually had a look to have anything.” The Shen Xiang revolving scabbard, releases completely scabbard inside strength, what this time lets his accident is, the cover suddenly ball of that valuable box opens, sees only inside spout red light, afterward a blood red dagger from that valuable box float, the Shen Xiang of peak of dagger to approaching, the fierce burr comes. Kaibao box unexpectedly has started out such a weapon for criminal, light that Devil Qi, made Shen Xiang feel that was uncomfortable, this dagger was sending out dazzlingly, but the blood of evil looking light flew to shoot, Shen Xiang moved aside radically without enough time, by the position of this dagger stabbing chest, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor immediately appeared, blocks this to seize the life struck.