World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1229
White Tiger has considered, thought good that do not know, he saw something from the Shen Xiang eye. You look for me, to not show off you have killed Ice Emperor?” How White Tiger has not closely examined Shen Xiang to kill potential Ice Emperor again. Shen Xiang looked at that pond, worked on a grass to lose, looks that was rippling wave, asked: What fish in your this pond has? You are really idle the egg to hurt.” Fish definitely has!” White Tiger smiled: You had the matter to say directly, do not beat around the bush.” Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, said: Now Fire God Palace has two fierce Immortal King, if they must attack Chenwu Mainland, I am very difficult to stop them, moreover can stop them in that new emperor day also nobody.” This is also Shen Xiang comes to here to look for a White Tiger in which reason. „If before, perhaps I must get rid, now you do not need to be worried.” After Shen Xiang hears this saying, had doubts, before he thought that these Immortal King are having scruples anything, therefore does not dare to get rid to attack Chenwu Mainland personally, otherwise that is only 1-2 days of matters, will not make their Fire God Palace lose that many people. White Tiger said: During this new emperor day, has bred the new principle, that is very mysterious strength, this principle will change with new emperor day adolescence, this Power of Law, to let rebirth Emperor Heaven can obtain quite fair environment adolescence born, does not make this newborn Emperor Heaven encounter the destruction of formidable strength.” in other words this will Power of Law cope with these Immortal King? If these Immortal King get rid, will be eliminated by this Power of Law?” In the Shen Xiang heart is liking secretly, Power of Law is mystical, is maintains a world revolution formidable strength, does not know that is existence in what way, but has own thought.

White Tiger shakes the head saying: Does not eliminate that Immortal King, but is World Extermination! If Power of Law induces to this newborn and frail Emperor Heaven by formidable the strength threat, that strength will destroy all lives in this world, then from the new breeding life, this can make this world not split once more.” Shen Xiang hears these words, pours the took a deep breath cold air, he did not worry that now these Immortal King got rid to threaten Chenwu Mainland, but threatens this entire Emperor Heaven, this was the how terrifying matter. If stems from others mouth, Shen Xiang will possibly think that this saying is very mysterious, but this was White Tiger said that he has to believe. Sees the Shen Xiang's complexion, White Tiger to say with a smile: You do not need to worry that but actually they get rid to perish together with you, I will not make them ruin this world, why this will be I will also exist in the reason of this world.” Four beasts only then White Tiger also here, Shen Xiang only think that he is because was killed by a more formidable fellow, the rebirth, but looking back now, he still in this Emperor Heaven, perhaps also has other matters. You here, protect the new emperor day?” Shen Xiang asked. This protects the new emperor day actually, I do not have that qualifications, does not have that strength, if I can protect, Emperor Heaven will not burst in the past! I am only a bad luck egg, stayed here by various method forces, but being responsible for enables the new emperor day adolescence. After waiting for new emperor day maturity, that was not I can control, when the time comes strength of principle did not have the big restraint, the formidable fellow will be getting more and more.” The White Tiger forced smile said. Regarding the new emperor day matter, that is the future, but also! Knows that these Immortal King will not meddle, Shen Xiang felt at ease. Great Elder, the Nine Emperors and Ten Kings matter, how many did you know in the past?” Shen Xiang asked.

Nine Emperors and Ten Kings? Is this view of spreading?” White Tiger suddenly frowned: Nine Emperors and Ten Kings I have heard uselessly, but Fifth of Nine Emperors I actually know that nine emperors in the fellow who nine domains proclaim oneself emperor, five are five strengths is very strong, has not proclaimed oneself emperor and obtained expert that many people respect, their strength is similar.” The view of Nine Emperors and Ten Kings was Shen Xiang hear of Lu Qinlian and Duan Chong said that but arrived at White Tiger here, had very big difference. White Tiger continues saying: „The record above writing that possibly spreads is extremely ancient, will be mistaken as Nine Emperors and Ten Kings, although some Nine Heavens and Ten Earths said that placing on a par how but will call the fellow of king to be able with proclaiming oneself emperor?” Shen Xiang nodded, asks: Then in nine emperors has Dan Emperor and Devil Emperor?” Properly speaking, this matter you are very difficult to know that is right? For these years, even if on Heaven World some old undying are impossible to know that this matter, how do you know?” White Tiger is curious. Why can these matters be been dust-laden? Even if spreads not to have anything at the worst.” Can see from the response of White Tiger that Dan Emperor and Devil Emperor exist. Because......” White Tiger sighed one, has not said that making in the Shen Xiang heart criticize several. You asked that Devil Emperor and Dan Emperor matter does do? Do you have their news? The past nine emperors, can determine completely died only then Ice Emperor, by your this brat killing.” White Tiger said with a smile. Shen Xiang has put out that map, as well as that dagger.

After White Tiger sees the dagger, hastily puts down the fishing pole in hand, moreover his Slaughter Qi also releases, as if by that mysterious dagger attracting is the same. Really is the Devil Emperor thing!” White Tiger took a deep breath, suddenly recalled that some past events, cannot help but sigh with emotion again and again. „It looks like should be Devil Emperor uses for many years to make this ordinary dagger turn into this, but Devil Emperor this character, with uses this dagger frequently...... Somewhat could not convince.” Shen Xiang said. Hehe, Devil Emperor is a very cloudy fellow, was called to assassinate Great Emperor, he is a very ordinary mortal, afterward because of the chance coincidence, became an assassin, afterward adolescence got up again step by step, cultivates Devil Path, became expert in devil cultivator, in devil cultivator domain Emperor to seal|confer, but when this dagger was he initially for the assassin thing that used!” White Tiger takes up that dagger, has held appreciatively, then gives back to Shen Xiang. In the sky floats big white clouds, has blocked from fiercely positive, making the pond and a nearby lawn coolness, White Tiger takes up that look like has the map of year very much , to continue saying: Properly speaking, this dagger should be Devil Emperor the thing of close , is on him a very precious thing, was year to year used Devil Qi nurturing by him, said that is Divine Weapon is not overrated, but why can flow comes out? Did he die?” This is Shen Xiang makes from these valuable boxes, but these valuable boxes are actually these ancient influence ancestors hide in Primal Chaos Mountain leave the descendant thing, Divine Craftsman's Hammer and this dagger, can be said as very fierce things.