World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1230

How do you obtain?” White Tiger asked. Is a long story......” Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed to tell White Tiger the Primal Chaos Mountain matter, because he had not explained this matter at that time. At that time in Sacred Dan World Primal Chaos Mountain, that inside matter, but Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering important matter , had drawn on Dragon Emperor at that time, but also died small Holy Dragon, now White Tiger recalls that Holy Dragon Crown Prince was Shen Xiang does, moreover framed by planting stolen goods in others. Recalled that this matter, Shen Xiang vanished at that time during that time, afterward appeared. Your this little rascal, was really acts unreasonably! However I am something cannot think through, but initially some people witnessed that Taiyuan Dean to kill people.” White Tiger said that he can see from the Shen Xiang's facial expression, that Holy Dragon Crown Prince is he does, although Shen Xiang had not related in detail. Person who witnesses, is my inside connection.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, then related in detail when the matter that the Primal Chaos Mountain hidden treasure box had. Shen Xiang has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, he knows that White Tiger definitely has seen this thing , after he takes, White Tiger is excited immediately, moreover on the face full is the recollection. Has not thought that this thing fell into your hand, you should take this thing to hit the person all day! Does not know that is known by Mr. Divine Craftsman, can be mad spits blood?” White Tiger said with a smile, according to the Shen Xiang's disposition, he can guess correctly that Shen Xiang has killed many people with this hammer. Has a look at this map quickly, this should be the Dan Emperor thing, three valuable boxes, now on Dan Emperor most inferior.” Shen Xiang said. White Tiger launches the map to look, but looked all of a sudden, the complexion changed, becomes very serious.

In Fifth of Nine Emperors, Dan Emperor is an emperor, it is said is also in nine emperors the strength strongest fellow, moreover this fellow also person acts two status, Dan Emperor and pill revere are he, this was also I afterward knows.” White Tiger said. A person can occupy Fifth of Nine Emperors inside two reputations, this person is truly fierce, making Shen Xiang think that alchemy is promising. Then this map is useful?” What Shen Xiang most cares is this, if White Tiger knows what this map refers to is where, he will definitely go, because that is the thing that alchemy can keep greatly. Does not know, but this is Dan Emperor draws up personally, this above has the design that he can draw up, on north that in chaos thing, only then he can draw being correct rhyme so, therefore definitely stems from his hand. Makes concrete him to bury anything, that has a look to know.” White Tiger said. Where?” Where if knows is, perhaps Shen Xiang already went: „Is this in Emperor Heaven?” „It is not, should on Heaven World, you later arrive at Heaven World, can inquire these geographic names, quick can find that place, but there danger(ous) that's it, before you go very much, must prepare sufficient, must have the enough formidable strength to be good, otherwise is very easy to ruin there.” Very obviously, White Tiger knows where there is one, but has not stated clearly, he knows no matter what, Shen Xiang definitely will have a look, he understands Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang receives the map, somewhat disappointed not in Emperor Heaven, otherwise he can go to find out now. These Immortal King you do not need to be worried that they plan in the back at most, or directs their people on practice, they will not get rid, if they dare to use Immortal King strength, I will also induce obtain, I will exit to prevent them immediately, I do not want to be given the elimination by that mysterious Power of Law.” White Tiger said.

Shen Xiang feels relieved now, left White Tiger Mysterious Realm relieved, even if his exposed their status, these Immortal King perhaps do not dare to his fight, this also to be now that Fire God Palace Palace Master has defended again in that seal nearby reason, because misses this opportunity, second time he cannot use oneself that formidable strength, otherwise he will be destroyed completely. Left White Tiger Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang looks at outside Lan Tian, although was very peaceful in this wilderness, but has actually been short of one point of peace, moreover looked like the trim day is covering invisible haze, was breeding any Heaven-shaking important matter to be the same. Shen Xiang rushes toward nearby city, has Teleportation Formation there, can make him a bit faster arrive at Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, but actually sees a troop person on the road, these person of majority are the mortal is in the majority, the body is bringing something, is walking listlessly slowly. In these several hundred people, more than hundred are the children, in dozens individuals has muddy True Qi martial artist, but the strength is ordinary, most is also only the Peak Realm peak. Understood at a glance that this group of people become a fugitive to come here from other places, although Chenwu Mainland has encountered other influence attacks, but is only the boundary is also quite chaotic, in the Chenwu Mainland's interior is very safe is very stable, flees from calamity to run away to come to here not to be strange. Shen Xiang walks, inquired that a guy, what this guy is here strength is also strongest, loose cultivator. This you, where do you from come? That side what happened?” Shen Xiang asked that since this matter had been bumped into by him, he has no alternative but to manage, he suspected that this was the Demon and Devil invasion initiates. He obtains the majority of inheritance of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, useful Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this matter he cannot sit by and do nothing. Is that side that mountain scene, Demon and Devil attacks our city, we are only one batch can live.” The guy sighed that then looked at that group of refugees.

Shen Xiang looks direction that guy aims , the direct shuttle space in the past, vanished instantaneously without a trace, this makes that guy startle immediately greatly, but he also knows that this certainly is expert, moreover must extinguish kills Demon and Devil. He has passed quickly through big mountain scene, saw that city, but that city has not existed, only then stretch of ruins, he patrols, had not found the live person in inside, does not have Demon and Devil there, but has strong Devil Qi, should be devil cultivator that Devil Territory comes. Population are not quite many, only then 20-30 this, but if the strength is very strong, destroys completely a city is only the easy matter.” Long Xueyi said: I seek for their trails now.” Shen Xiang arrives at the city that this was burnt down to smash, cannot help but angrily said: This should not have the influence the city that protects in the back, will otherwise not encounter this ruinous attack. Devil Territory inside devil cultivator was really too wild, Human Territory currently had many rich resources regions to be wrested away by them, they do not need to this type the city that did not have what value started.” These devil cultivator are not ordinary devil cultivator, is these fellows?” Bai Youyou said that although she is devil cultivator, but the self- binding force is very strong, will not make such matter to come absolutely, moreover disdains in doing.