World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1231
These devil cultivator Devil Qi somewhat is truly different from the fellow who I am familiar with.” Shen Xiang nodded, in the past he has seen these devil cultivator, even if Mo Clan and Ancient Desolate Devil Sect this type, is extremely temperate, but at this time here Devil Qi, makes people feel somewhat is scared, is bringing very thick hostility. Shen Xiang asked: „Is this type devil cultivator? Really out of the ordinary!” Bai Youyou coldly said: This devil cultivator was called the ominous demon, reason that extremely savage, they like this, on the one hand is the reason of bloodlines inheritance, moreover is cultivation technique causes! Also has many this fellows in Heavenly Devil World, they go crazy, even if will be similar by their cruel killing.” These ominous demons will not gather together generally, now they can the together attack city, should be gathered, if in Devil Territory has the influence that an ominous demon composes, that can only say that was too fearful.” Long Xueyi encountered that crowd of ominous demons whereabouts, hastily told Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang hurries to that direction immediately, he said dignified: If these ominous demons and Fire God Palace join up, or was controlled by Fire God Palace, was troublesome, must solve them, cannot make them appear in Human Territory.” Has the possibility very much, because the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is devil cultivator, she stayed in Heavenly Devil World was so long, grasps fierce devil art, if she used these devil art to win over these ominous demons, making these ominous demons more formidable, Fire God Palace must control this crowd of ominous demons not to be difficult, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade was in itself a fiendish person, has the absolute deterrent force.” The Bai Youyou expression is bringing killing intent: Must this ominous demon influence destruction, making them formidable, attacks the world again the words, the consequence is inconceivable.” Shen Xiang has used the quickest speed, but was slow, he with the direction of Long Xueyi direction, arrived at a city, but this city actually turned into the ruins, inside does not have any life aura, had not found including a corpse. These corpses were certainly not burnt down, moreover here not any death Qi!

Does not know what they use is any devil art, in brief here person disappears, certainly can make them promote the strength.” Bai Youyou was recalling carefully to devil art knows. Besides Engulfing Devil Art, other can the devour person promote strength devil art also to have. Perhaps is not the devour person, but seizes...... Shen Xiang to see outside the city to have many footprints these people, the troop person once was gathered outside, then on bewildered disappearance. If so, then he does take away this group of people to do? Is the coolie to mine crystal stones?” Su Meiyao said. This matter is unlikely, if so, certainly to cause the Human Territory popular anger, was known by many big influences, definitely will be destroyed completely, now Demon and Devil invasion humanity, obtains some crystal stones mineral lode, but will be calls their Demon and Devil to mine, this will be the matter that Human Territory many influences can tolerate.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. Is addicted to Blood Devil to attack, should right! This devil art needs the ordinariest blood, moreover massive is good, has the possibility they to seize one group of people very much, then chooses the good blood seedling, is raising these seedlings again, fixed time draws blood to exercise martial arts.” Bai Youyou's sound suddenly becomes very cold: This devil art is very evil, had been given to forbid by several Devil World's respected families in the past, in Heaven World also to cultivating this kind of person will chase down.” Shen Xiang traced for two days, finally arrived at a quite big city, after arriving, that aura vanished, vanishes in Teleportation Formation, he inquired, then knew that once more than 30 wore the red clothed person to press several thousand people to enter a city, then leaves through Teleportation Formation. This city is the Fire God Palace control city, Shen Xiang thought that the practice bloodthirsty devil art ominous demon influence should be related with Fire God Palace!

Shen Xiang had not inquired where that crowd of ominous demons pressed several thousand mortals to go, to arrive at City Lord's Mansion finally, has taken a status quite high person, used Grasping Soul Devil Curse, knew that this group of people transmit the Devil Territory ominous demon city. But according to his inquiry, this ominous demon city is in Devil Territory is very prosperous very giant city, can compare favorably with the human the big city, does not have all kinds of battles in inside, at is not the ominous demon that in the Bai Youyou mouth said. „Can the ominous demon control that savage disposition?” The Bai Youyou doubts said: Has a look, if this group of people can control ominous, then explained that they have achieved the matter that on Heavenly Devil World that group of fellows could not achieve.” They will be more formidable, they come Human Territory to seek for the blood seedling, for was been perhaps more formidable by own strength, quite lets attack the Chenwu Mainland's time to be easier.” Shen Xiang entered Teleportation Formation, transmits to the ominous demon city! The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is devil cultivator, therefore Devil Territory is almost controlled by Fire God Palace now, Shen Xiang has to acknowledge Fire God Palace's to be fierce, Human Territory has is controlled by Fire God Palace most probably, but Devil Territory can say that fell to the enemy completely, moreover united Demon Territory. But this lets Demon and Devil wilder looting Human Territory, because does not have the obstuctions of Fire God Palace and many strong presences, Demon and Devil can more relaxed invasion Human Territory, be only the region that these middle-and-small influences control is attacked by Demon and Devil now, but the big influence basically submitted a piece of writing Fire God Palace, Demon and Devil listened to Fire God Palace's. The result met with a disaster completely is these middle-and-small influences, because Fire God Palace does not need these influences, moreover treats as to win over the Demon and Devil gift to give to them these influences, to the influence devastation of Demon and Devil.

Also can have with the big influence that Demon and Devil contends with only, but are not many, definitely cannot control Human Territory other places, can only be responsible for the nearby of oneself domain at most, Chenwu Mainland is an example, therefore Chenwu Mainland started to send for going to and Big Shot contacts of these middle-and-small influences now in all directions, making them put down something temporarily, by, gathers in Chenwu Mainland. Arrives at the ominous demon city, Shen Xiang, although already knew here matter, but personally sees, unavoidably is surprised, this city is the same with Human Territory these prosperous big cities, has the clean broad street, the brand-new grand construction, as well as looks like very genial person, in the street also many people call to hawk, if not here is flooding thick Devil Qi, cannot see here is Devil Territory. Walks on the street, Shen Xiang suddenly saw some contact ciphers, the picture in some places, this is Subduing Dragon Sect unique, only then Subduing Dragon Sect these elders the core know, for example Yun Xiaodao they. Some people leave behind the cipher here, explained that here has the Subduing Dragon Sect's person, Shen Xiang from these traces, this was just remained shortly. My Subduing Dragon Sect's person has motion here, what is moves?” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks funny, he is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, but actually does not know the concrete action.