World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1233
This ominous demon city is really the ominous demon agglomeration, is only short in a minute, from all directions clashes one crowd of very fierce ominous demons. That restaurant started formation, for defense, but they open Teleportation Formation also to need a period of time. At this time Yun Xiaodao came out, he grasped the long blade that cold light was sparkling, shot one group of red light rush over that toward the distant place. This ominous demon strength is very strong, does not know that this little rascal Yun can cope.” Long Xueyi said: You almost should get rid!” Yun Xiaodao this time strength is also good, facing a formidable ominous demon, has not dreaded, direct impact on. When, two fierce pointed weapons hit together, the clear sound spreads toward all around with enormous and powerful fallout, under these houses and floor tiles, completely by this fallout raising, volume to four directions. Yun Xiaodao was shaken draws back, in the hand that also left a gap the long blade, the corners of the mouth has bled, at this time Zhu Rong also flew. But on that ominous demon fierce face full is cut-throat, this ominous demon be higher than one time Yun Xiaodao, that in hand is long the blood red broadsword two people, above spout blood red evil looking Qi mist, light from the imposing manner, Yun Xiaodao planned on weak this ominous devil child. In upper air, Yun Xiaodao in that ominous devil child float above, they cope are similar to a dwarf are common . Moreover the opposite party strength also surpasses in him, struck to a moment ago, not having the severe wound to be the skill. The ominous devil child sees to stop own unexpectedly is young brat, immediately is angry, loudly shouted: „Does little rascal, depend on you also to want with me to dispute? My blade can chop you, dies.”

Saw that Yun Xiaodao must be divided the completely squashed dregs, Zhu Rong bellows in the distant place: little rascal Yun......” In that critical instant, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong felt that the desperate instance, Shen Xiang flew to dodge from that tall building! Giant blood blade cuts to fall, chops the time of cutting, that air wave makes the earth crack, but also resounds very wild astral wind to blow to the analogy, shortly takes a head of knife handle Yun Xiaodao to break out, together the shadow shines. Bite! This time sound is clearer, moreover was smaller than before, has not stimulated any fallout! Ominous demon that the ground has many originally cry out, suddenly peaceful, the person who that suddenly presents really makes them surprised, a man of undistinguished appearance, grasped a very ordinary dagger to get down their that ominous demon Boss' great blade on keeping off! dāng dāng dāng! Also is a sound, this is that the great blade by the part that the dagger delimits, falls in the ground, hits above a crushed stone, this fierce hugeness, unexpectedly like this by a broken dagger breaking off, this makes the person think that was own eye misreads. You go back that hotel quickly, takes away the person, here gives me!” Shen Xiang to Zhu Rong and Xiaodao sound transmission, his sends out rogue incomparable Devil Qi dagger suddenly at this time, direct impact Yun Tian. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong are hard to imagine, rescues their unexpectedly is fierce devil cultivator, they know that they are not the match of that ominous devil child, at present more than 1000 mortals must rescue, immediately expressed gratitude, then hastily returns to that hotel. That of Shen Xiang use the dagger, he operates from the valuable box, was Devil Emperor once close important weapon, after Devil Emperor with the Devil Qi nurturing innumerable years, became very fierce weapon.

That ominous demon feels dreadful Devil Qi that in the dagger sends out, has almost worshipped on bended knees, but under that crowd of small ominous demons, cannot withstand this to fill incomparable might intense Devil Qi, completely weak in place, although is only a Devil Emperor remaining prestige, but so is fearful, Shen Xiang has to admire the fellow who these antiquity times can proclaim oneself emperor, but he also thought one were good, has killed Ice Emperor. You......” this huge ominous demon worthily is the ominous devil child, although is afraid, but he is rave one, raises in the hand that half red hugeness, chops fiercely to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang dodged has avoided, arrived at the body side of that ominous devil child, with the dagger to his nape of the neck one stroke, intense Qi Energy was bursting out from that dagger, was bringing strong Devil Qi, went from out of the blue, as if can break out between Heaven and Earth all, formidable incomparable. Bastard.” After that ominous demon feels this incomparable danger(ous), hastily side head, but was slower, the head was truncated the next flake to come, inside crash-bang class something, but this ominous devil child had not actually died. Who are you? You and I do right, quite in offending Fire Lotus Devil King!” That ominous devil child angrily said, response that but he gets, is actually Shen Xiang gives his fatality to strike. Shen Xiang is grasping the dagger, tries to urge to send strength of this dagger, aims at this ominous devil child with the dagger, then fierce clashes forward, the huge body of fist ominous devil child. I know certainly that I to offend her kill your.” Shen Xiang flies to dodge, urges round of Suppressing Devil Holy Power, uses Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal strength secretly, uses the Shocking Heaven Palm bang to this ominous devil child, will write off does not remain the dregs. After cutting kills this ominous devil child, that crowd of small ominous demons immediately are terrified, but Yun Xiaodao they already transmitted, Shen Xiang passes to his chant according to Bai Youyou, releases a black flame, condense leaves black Fireball, pounds to fall, burns down these ominous demons. The black flame spreads to the entire ominous demon city quickly, other devil cultivator know that in the city has expert great war, already sneaked off, although devil cultivator is militant, but is not silly, will not provoke that expert.

After burning down the ominous demon city, Shen Xiang speedily leaves, returns to Chenwu Mainland. At this time that by piece of black flame is burning down the ominous demon city sky over, float several people, one is an old woman, is Monarch Qiong beautiful jade Fire Lotus Devil King. For a long time hasn't spoken this type of flame? The black demon fire, understood fellow who uses this type of flame, in Heavenly Devil World also only then that several, here some unexpectedly also person of meetings.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade lost this batch of ominous demons, lets drop blood that in her heart hates, she knows that is Subduing Dragon Sect does, but she cannot look for Subduing Dragon Sect now. Although she has the strength of fiendish person, but she cannot get rid, even if makes Fire God Palace attack Subduing Dragon Sect, perhaps also does a thankless job, because Subduing Dragon Sect hid deeply, she does not know that inside had many fierce fellow, previous time she went to Subduing Dragon Sect to find fault, jumped alchemy Master to come of alchemy technique decision. ...... Evil Dragon Burial Ground center, Subduing Dragon Sect! Yun Xiaodao just and Zhu Rong, in wolfing down to be sweeping the sumptuous cooked food on tabletop, this time they can complete difficult task the so, they naturally must reward oneself well. Here only then they, but other people have the duty in the body, majority are copes with Demon and Devil, this for them is also an experience.