World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1235

After new emperor day rebirth, many continent merge together, each continent's climate also had very big change, that region that Icewind Valley was is one is cold, year to year by the place that the snow and ice cover, but now is not this, only then mountain scene [lineage/vein] incorruptible were also being covered, this is because under Icewind Valley site, has unusual ice cold strength, can make here also retain ice cold Spirit Qi. Shen Xiang first time arrives at Icewind Valley, the mountain valley that at this time this cold wind howls is very stern, to coordinate that plan before Shen Xiang, Leng Youlan also makes a Icewind Valley's elder play dead, because of so, making the Icewind Valley's disciple at this time very vigilant, even if Shen Xiang has jade token that Leng Youlan gives, cannot very relaxed going, but also needs to wait for inside elder to come out. Regarding this Shen Xiang also very patient waiting, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan feign death, makes Divine Weapon Sect and Icewind Valley these two sect's disciples diligently, sect regarding them, is their second family, they obtained the guidance here, can step by step adolescence be powerful martial artist, can have longer life essence, making their lives more meaningful, Dean was killed, making them very angry. Comes out to greet Shen Xiang's is a hair gray middle-aged woman, her hair not like Leng Youlan inborn white, because life essence has soon exhausted, she vigorously maintains her appearance. This elder is the Icewind Valley rank very high, even if Liu Meng'er here, must respect to her in the past extremely, although she inborn not very high practice condition, but she by own ability, has arrived this step, only almost can transcend. Elder Pan, does that several missing disciple in Icewind Valley, what secret know?” Shen Xiang follows in this Elder Pan, was welcoming the chaotic strong winds, entered in the mountain valley, moved toward inside one piece by the construction that the white snow covered. In Icewind Valley, like having a hamlet, Elder Pan brings Shen Xiang to walk, many people in abundance salute to Elder Pan. Elder Pan has not replied the Shen Xiang's words, she closes one's eyes slightly, bringing Shen Xiang to move toward the cave of deep place slowly. This Elder Pan young time certainly is a beautiful woman, at this time appearance also still character and style ten thousand types of her middle age, but has actually been short of many life Qi/angry, this will be life essence recently very obvious condition, a she weary appearance, to person a very weak feeling, but Shen Xiang actually knows that her was throwing over in the white beast skin body, but also has a very strong explosive force.

„Is Youlan this girl now good?” Elder Pan asked in a soft voice, the sound was worn out. She crosses very well...... Elder Pan, you this condition should not work hard now that many matters, gives other people to do.” Shen Xiang sighed gently, before she listened to Liu Meng'er to say this Elder Pan matter, was Icewind Valley has paid. This important matter, I must manage personally. In any case no matter what, my result is the same!” Elder Pan sits , is spreading on the thick beast skin chair, lazy closes right up against one generation, a walking tractor the cheek gang, the eye is ajar, has probably not awaked to be the same evidently, but Shen Xiang was actually worried that she momentarily met the eye to shut on the past. Do not tell Youlan the situation of my present!” Elder Pan also said one. Elder Pan, you this situation does not calculate too terrible now, so long as can win some time, making you break through, crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, you can transcend Immortal World, your road very be long.” Shen Xiang sees Pan Chang old eyes god to pass the gray light, in the heart cannot help but is sighing. „My aptitude mediocre person, lived was so long, was very satisfied! In the past many aptitude compared with me, compared with the person of my talent, but already died.” Elder Pan said: Said the proper business, Youlan can send you to come, should be the absolute trust your.” Long Xueyi knits the brows: This woman affirmed that has encountered any matter, becomes this, from the vitality of her body, she should not like this barely alive, she definitely suction some life essence.” In Shen Xiang heart surprised, life essence unexpectedly can also suction, he said: Elder Pan you this appearance, cannot discuss the proper business with me now, moreover is unable to protect Icewind Valley!”

Shen Xiang's expression suddenly becomes is somewhat severe, afterward put out Longevity Fruit to walk, this Longevity Fruit did not use alchemy, can have very good effect, must increase life essence not to have what issue for this Elder Pan. What is this?” Elder Pan said that at this time she at present already a fuzziness. This Elder Pan can be said as with Liu Meng'er also has the Leng Youlan quite intimate person, Shen Xiang can save her now, naturally is saved. Ate up that's alright, my time was very tight, I must a bit faster solve here matter.” Shen Xiang has handed over Longevity Fruit. Elder Pan lifts the hand to receive, moves Longevity Fruit the time slowly, her eye, vitality suddenly glows, that dusky pupil has shone. Eats up quickly, I know that you had many matters to with me say!” Shen Xiang urged. Elder Pan has absorbed some Longevity Fruit inside life elementary forces slightly, had several points of strength by oneself, afterward bites the fruit pulp in gulps, wolfing down...... About half double-hour, Elder Pan eats up that Longevity Fruit, builds up that life elementary force, the hair grow darks gradually, became younger, performed to reveal the graceful bearing.

Really is a good thing, making my as if rebirth same, what fruit is this? What background are you? unexpectedly has this divine object, the Youlan side do you have this fierce character? Can I not know? Meng'er is she who I think her to grow up, I quite knew about her person.” This Elder Pan is full of vigor at this time, whole face blushes, before or the appearance of middle age, but actually turned into about 30 graceful bearing females now, the body is passing a cold and proud aura, attractive, but actually aloofs, this and Liu Meng'er looks like very much. Thanked you to give me very much this type of thing, it seems like, only then went all out, can report back your benevolence.” Elder Pan Youyou sighed. Shen Xiang indifferently said: Later you will have the opportunity to know that whose I am! Now you say first that you before that condition reason? Does not seem like the nature, but is likely artificial, what cultivation technique also or are you are practicing to create?” The Elder Pan body trembles, originally gentle look, suddenly cold several points, this makes Shen Xiang be vigilant immediately that he spoke thoughtlessly, but has not thought that unexpectedly was said by him, this Elder Pan unexpectedly moved killing intent to him. Youlan really sent an extraordinary character!” Elder Pan stands up, arrives around Shen Xiang, like this is staring at Shen Xiang that pair of profound pupil, wants to see anything. Truly speaking, I do not believe that you will carry Youlan to make are unfair to her matter to come.” Shen Xiang said: But you definitely carry her to make must not exposed to the light the matter, Elder Pan, you own to come clean.”