World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1236
Shen Xiang thought indistinctly Icewind Valley several outstanding disciples are missing, has big relationship with this Elder Pan, but this Elder Pan cares about Leng Youlan actually, when she spoke, first asked is the Leng Youlan present situation. Relax, I will not kill your, the ungrateful matter I cannot do.” Elder Pan returns to the chair: „If no you, I was die, you gave my thing a moment ago, even if went not to make to Heaven World to obtain! You clearly know that my matter, why can also such help me?” I had said before, you later will know.” Shen Xiang said. You did not confess to me, I did not feel relieved that said that important matter to you.” Elder Pan said. Shen Xiang also sat, said with a smile: Why wasn't said by you first? I do not feel relieved you! Although I have eaten Longevity Fruit to you, but does not represent me completely to trust you!” Elder Pan hears Longevity Fruit fiercely these three characters, the heart jumps, she has thought is some compares high level, can increase life essence spirit fruit, but has not thought that unexpectedly is Longevity Fruit this Immortal Fruit. I called Pan Yunlan, was a Fiendgod Cult believer.” This Elder Pan words, making the Shen Xiang big feeling surprised. Before he came the Icewind Valley's time, Xue Xianxian to urge him to pay attention to Fiendgod Cult, at that time he also thought bewildered, but has complied with one, but has not thought that was really related with Fiendgod Cult, he thought that Xue Xianxian did not speak thoughtlessly to urge his. The Fiendgod Cult founder is one cultivates Divine Dao and Devil Path great accomplishment fellow, says Tian Nu, kills the natural talent remarkable person specially, but Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan are this kind of person, but has the Fiendgod Cult believer in their side! Shen Xiang killing intent inflates immediately, that side Devil Emperor dagger appeared in his hands! Really, you know Fiendgod Cult! During the new emperor day, knows that the Fiendgod Cult person are not many!” This Pan Yunlan is also very surprised to the Shen Xiang's response, but actually pretends very tranquilly.

Before Dongfang Jing and her father ran into the Fiendgod Cult believer on Sacred Dan World, Dongfang Lingyun died at that time. „Are the Icewind Valley missing that several outstanding disciples, concerned with you?” Shen Xiang cold voice asked. Pan Yunlan has not answered immediately, but is said with a sneer: You think that you can kill me? You should want to ask when I join Fiendgod Cult!” You think that I couldn't kill you?” Shen Xiang is also said with a sneer. I can tell you, now during new emperor day, these Immortal King ranks cannot get rid, therefore my present strength, here is very strong, you think that I had not crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, that made a mistake.” Pan Yunlan that maturity graceful bearing full is proud look. She truly has not killed the Shen Xiang's meaning, now Shen Xiang also thought that at present this woman is much more complex. Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Then you think that what strength I am? The arrogant woman, I dares to revive you, I have to restrain your strength.” Pan Yunlan eyes suddenly glittering has purple light, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart secret surprised, hastily revolution strength, prepares for action. Pan Yunlan that pair of beautiful eyes purple glow suddenly vanishes, her unexpectedly giggle charming smile gets up: little brat, no rush! Has not thought that your unexpectedly is young little rascal, you crossed the Nirvana seven tribulations, I said right. I do not understand that you do win the trust of Youlan? Can however she entrust you to handle this big matter, moreover you pour also somewhat the skill, young, Longevity Fruit, moreover this calm does not tally with your age.” Those who make Pan Yunlan accidental is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly is very calm, not, because was seen through the strength to be surprised by her.

Pan Yunlan that words, making Shen Xiang feel relieved much, he also somewhat was a moment ago worried about to be seen through by this woman completely, but also saw his True Qi strength. Pan Yunlan complexion suddenly cold, seriously said: Young people, I know that you are worried about Youlan, but I can guarantee that I will not make to be unfair to her matter to come, I have been protecting her and Xue Xianxian! As for the Fiendgod Cult matter, good that you little know, that several disciple missing matters, stop!” Before Xue Xianxian has reminded Shen Xiang, making him pay attention to Fiendgod Cult, he thought that Xue Xianxian knew anything. Xue Xianxian and do Leng Youlan also know you and Fiendgod Cult matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Xianxian knows, although she looks likely is dust refined Fairy, but she a muscle like Youlan, she in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, does not know about here matter quite many, before she had sent for investigating in secret, but also was caught a Fiendgod Cult believer by her. But she had not asked that from that believer mouth anything comes.” On the Pan Yunlan face reveals expression that admires: The matter that she handles stems from my anticipation, time she looks like me to ask Fiendgod Cult, at that time I said do not know, but was certainly seen by her anything comes.” You go back, in brief this matter is not Fire God Palace does.” Pan Yunlan said. Shen Xiang has not walked, stands there, he has traced the dagger gently, a character character, earnestly said: I must guarantee completely Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's security, they such trust you, your actually such danger(ous)! I either massacre you, either clarifies your matter, otherwise I will not walk! Do not compel me to come hardly!” The Pan Yunlan complexion is very indifferent, gained ground slightly, said: That has killed me, my life is you give! You can bring back you to grant my life, but you actually cannot compel the matter that I said me unable saying that kills me!” Pan Yunlan does not have the heart of revolt, can see from her look that dies is not anything for her. Shen Xiang stands there has not moved, he can affirm, oneself can very relaxed walks to cut the head of Pan Yunlan, but that will definitely not know the Fiendgod Cult matter, will not know that several outstanding disciple missing reasons.

Walks, disguises to kill her!” Long Xueyi suddenly said: I felt that has a fellow to hide in the nearby of this hall, carefully is looking here situation, if you disguise to want fight, can perhaps direct that fellow!” Shen Xiang has thought quickly something, Fiendgod Cult is a huge and mysterious influence, now proliferated to the new emperor day, not only definitely a person, but is one crowd. Good, in any case you already were a deceased person.” Shen Xiang Slaughter Qi suddenly explodes to well up, this murderous aura makes Pan Yunlan have a big shock, she has not thought that such young people, unexpectedly has this scary Slaughter Qi, this need how long can condense come out? From this Slaughter Qi, Shen Xiang killing intent is firm, Pan Yunlan also thinks one died, although she has the strength revolt, but she actually still sits there raises head, jade neck to Shen Xiang. Raises the hand in Shen Xiang, when must with the dagger delimits to the Pan Yunlan nape of the neck, rear suddenly has an intense aura to surge, the person in that hideaway appeared.