World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1237

Pan Yunlan also induces to that Dao Qi breath, her complexion sudden change, she shouted one desperately: Do not kill him......” However, the Pan Yunlan words cannot prevent that killing intent firm person, the Shen Xiang's body by a blood red sword penetration body, the blood to be dropped in the ground. Snort, this fellow knows that too, he must die! You are the Fiendgod Cult person, if not for looks in the share of your also a little use, I already got rid to massacre that two little girl, makes their true dies! You listened to me, you walked have transported greatly, but can also go on living, this absolutely was our Fiendgod Cult merit, with this fellow not any relationship.” Person who this suddenly presents, is a guy of whole face beard, wears a white clothing, the appearance is ordinary, he pricking the sword of Shen Xiang dantian pulls out, making Shen Xiang lie in the ground, steps on the broken Shen Xiang's abdomen maliciously, splashes hashed meat. You can be in luck to go on living, do not count on that was so easy dead, you died, was the Fiendgod Cult ghost......” Ghost character just said that dantian suddenly of this guy was pierced from the back, to Pan Yunlan of this guy, seeing a hand to grasp the dagger, penetrates from the abdomen of that guy, then the dagger, Shen Xiang a moment ago has grasped in the hand. However, she looked that personally sees Shen Xiang to be punctured the dantian by a sword, after losing strength, was stepped on the completely squashed dregs by that guy maliciously. You, since said that I make you taste to be the Fiendgod Cult ghost am any taste, walks does not deliver well!” Shen Xiang another palm condense very strong flame strength, was also having Heavenly Saint Body strength to fuse together with formidable Dragon Force, a palm hits to the back of this guy. Slight shaking makes this iceberg shake falls many snows, but the body of that guy also by that palm making into flying ash! „Is the appearance of this fellow much longer? Has not seen to be killed by me, perhaps is I have spoken the fellow.” Shen Xiang has blown these ashes on musician, but body also gradually vanish from sight that the ground his changes. You......” Pan Yunlan weak on that chair: I already should guess correctly that who you are. Really, Fire God Palace that can blow the Immortal King seal unable to surround you!”

Pan Yunlan hear of Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian have mentioned many Shen Xiang's matters, she can say to Shen Xiang is familiar, but has not actually seen, moreover she also knows that Liu Meng'er is unusual to the Shen Xiang's manner, although conceals very well, but she is looks at Liu Meng'er to grow up, could not conceal her. Shen Xiang had many high level herbs matter Xue Xianxian they not saying that the entire new emperor day also put on everywhere is, before Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan have promised her, will help her probably lengthen life essence pills to Shen Xiang, but now Shen Xiang sends personally. This legendary common man, Pan Yunlan was saw today, really lived up to reputation, in Fiendgod Cult the strength good believer, such instantaneously was struck to kill by Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang's cultivation base was Nirvana seven tribulation this. „Do you also practice Divine Dao? You used a moment ago, should be the technique of Divine Dao inside Divine Ability.” Pan Yunlan has sighed deeply, asked. Shen Xiang had not replied that this is his big secret, he asked: Now you can say that you and Fiendgod Cult relationship, if necessary, I must eradicate new emperor day Fiendgod Cult!” I had gotten the Fiendgod Cult energetic brand mark, words that I said that I will die! If you want to know really that I said that died for me, perhaps was an extrication.” Pan Yunlan looks at Shen Xiang with an atheistic eye, she is the sincerity wants dead evidently. Because was controlled by Fiendgod Cult?” Shen Xiang asked. Pan Yunlan nodded: This is not my original intention, something are beyond control I, if continues again, even if nobody kills me, I must commit suicide, will otherwise certainly make to be unfair to that two little girl matter to come.” I can live today, was the Meng'er mother initially gave shelter to me, making me keep Icewind Valley......” Shen Xiang has not waited for her to say the words that puts out a hand according to her head, simultaneously pours into vast Divine Power.

Do not resist, I try to help you make that thing!” Shen Xiang said. Such do not do, if this energetic brand mark, Fiendgod Cult expert will not come immediately.” Pan Yunlan prevents Shen Xiang's Divine Power to enter her Sea of Consciousness with the spirit immediately. They came happen, avoid I look for them at the appointed time!” Shen Xiang frowned: „The words that you resist again, do not blame me not being impolite.” „!” Pan Yunlan sighed one, whole body relaxed. In Shen Xiang really her Sea of Consciousness seeks for an energetic brand mark, but that energetic brand mark in seems like on the 5 or 6-year-old big girl! In Pan Yunlan Sea of Consciousness, had Divine Soul, but also adolescence to young appearance, but that energetic brand mark in her forehead, seems like a very slightly very small palm shade, black-and-white back and forth alternately glittering. „Does dragon brat, have the means to make that thing?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, but is led your Divine Power by me, gives me!” Long Xueyi is also peeping at Pan Yunlan Sea of Consciousness, regarding Divine Soul, she understood. Long Xueyi also releases oneself that greatly strengthened Divine Power, fuses together with Shen Xiang's, wraps Pan Yunlan Sea of Consciousness inside Divine Soul. „......” Pan Yunlan suddenly screamed, but actually tied up with water vine by Shen Xiang.

Bears, so long as boils, you got rid of Fiendgod Cult, the following matter is solved by me!” Shen Xiang has drunk one, making the pain result in the whole body to twitch in the Pan Yunlan body of scream to gush out strength, is resisting the ache. The time is not very long, but more than double-hour have been completed, that energetic brand mark had been separated, had been destroyed by Long Xueyi, Pan Yunlan also already stupor. This Fiendgod Cult really a little way, this Divine Soul should be Fiendgod Cult helps her breed, moreover True Qi of her within the body, is breeding Devil Qi gradually, it seems like not long, she can step into the [say / way] of Fiendgod truly, becomes a true Fiendgod Cult disciple, Fiendgod fuses together, will become very fierce.” Long Xueyi said. It seems like must help her breed the Divine Soul fellow catching that is good, if can obtain this type the method of being pregnant the soul, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Just fainted shortly after Pan Yunlan suddenly to open the eye in the past, held the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill vigorously: „The Fiendgod Cult fellow will certainly catch up, leads into inside that stone chamber me quickly, I can restore quickly there.” Shen Xiang holds Pan Yunlan, walks into that stone chamber, making her lie down on ice cold incomparable stone bed. You exit, I must take off the clothes.” Pan Yunlan was saying, outside clothes taking off, has revealed the attractive fragrant shoulder. Shen Xiang hastily runs, in the heart is criticizing: One age, unexpectedly also wants to have the idea of my this little rascal, thinks that Old Niu does eat the tender grass?”