World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1238
Quick must fight with the Fiendgod Cult person, but he did not know about the Fiendgod Cult person that before that by the fellow who he killed, died quickly, he has not obtained many useful thing, only now he knows was the Fiendgod Cult believers cultivates Divine Dao, had Divine Soul. Pan Yunlan stayed more than double-hour after inside, opens Stone Gate in stone chamber to walk, at this time her the facial expression is very good. Was all right!” Shen Xiang waited not to be impatient outside, because he had many matters to inquire Pan Yunlan, about Fiendgod Cult. Was good to be many, had any matter you to ask that my anything can tell you now!” Pan Yunlan nodded, bringing Shen Xiang to walk into a refined small hall. You said a moment ago the Fiendgod Cult fellow must come, what strength are they? Very strong?” Many that Shen Xiang wants to ask, but saw Pan Yunlan to be so anxious a moment ago these Fiendgod Cult the believers, he thought that first understood Fiendgod Cult something, quite make and other begin more convenient. Is Immortal late stage, but Divine Soul is very strong, is not good to cope, they have cultivate the person who the demon has, uses devil art and these Divine Ability coordinates, is fierce.” Pan Yunlan knows at this time Shen Xiang is also cultivate Spirit, moreover is very strong, but not clear Shen Xiang's Divine Soul arrived at any rank, otherwise cannot help her remove that Fiendgod brand mark. If only this, Shen Xiang was not worried very much that his Devil Subduing martial arts can cope with devil cultivator, but in the Divine Dao aspect, he thought that nobody can compete with Long Xueyi, is really not when the time comes good, makes Long Xueyi go into action again. Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat anticipated that now these Fiendgod Cult expert come, because he already wants also to be cultivates Divine Dao expert to fight with some, this is a rare opportunity.

That how many Icewind Valley's outstanding disciples? They how missing?” Shen Xiang asked that this was he comes here goal, to clarify this matter, before he suspected that was Fire God Palace does, was worried that Fire God Palace's strength seeped, matter that this was to them. Pan Yunlan said: Is I sends for killing in secret!” What?” Shen Xiang frowned, has thought of anything: „Have these Icewind Valley's disciples joined Fiendgod Cult?” Right.” Pan Yunlan put out one like is the ice long sword, above was passing the dense cold air, she was cleaning carefully. I, although joins Fiendgod Cult, but I will not make the matter that is unfair to that two girls to come absolutely, but other disciples perhaps! You know reason that Fiendgod Cult has, but now Fiendgod Cult seeps here, the goal is Xianxian and Youlan, but before that several fellows are actually Youlan and Xianxian, most trusts, is obtains them to approve, from now on might also replace the Icewind Valley Dean person.” Pan Yunlan is cold the face saying: Reason that I join Fiendgod Cult, that is forced, at that time they used that several disciples to coerce me, moreover they have also promised me, cannot be too many to my limit, moreover they can not start to Xianxian and Youlan! At that time I have not known that several little rascal are Fiendgod Cult is in cahoots, I thought at that time own life essence soon exhausted, can save the next several outstanding disciples with my life, already value.” This makes Shen Xiang somewhat accidental but actually, that the outstanding disciple of several dying, unexpectedly early joined Fiendgod Cult compared with Pan Yunlan. But Pan Yunlan also makes Shen Xiang acclaim to Icewind Valley's loyally secretly.

They join voluntarily, because they could not resist the enticement of Fiendgod Cult! I am the plan joined Fiendgod Cult first, saves that several disciples, waits for the opportunity to arrive, perishes together with the Fiendgod Cult fellow, but afterward I know that disciple is also Fiendgod Cult, I send for assassinating them, Fiendgod Cult does not know that is I does! Because is words that I get rid of personally, quite in betraying Fiendgod Cult, that Fiendgod brand mark will make that I live to might as well die, but sends for assassinating the words that to be actually all right.” This when matter? Your Divine Soul should practice a period of time, otherwise is impossible to achieve this rank.” Shen Xiang asked. Nine years, at that time you just by seal shortly, but that several disciples are killed in the near future, because I perceived that they prepared to move.” Pan Yunlan feels grateful to Shen Xiang at this time, if not Shen Xiang suddenly appears arrived here, now what to do she does not know to, because she died, Fiendgod Cult will start to Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan. But was now different, she is experiences to the Shen Xiang's skill, moreover understands Shen Xiang, although is young, but actually and in the hearsay is equally fierce, even must be immeasurably deep than the hearsay, for example cultivates the Divine Dao matter. The Shen Xiang's complexion becomes very ice-cold, murderous aura of whole face, Fiendgod Cult must under the killer to Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, that be he very intimate person, he cannot forgive this Fiendgod Cult. Matter that you kill that several disciples, I help you keep secret temporarily! Naturally, even if to Youlan and words of Xianxian explanation, they will not blame your. However I thought that such matter, needs you to go with them to talk clearly face to face, now first said eradication of Fiendgod Cult again that they in this new emperor day is a major disaster.” Eradicates here Fiendgod Cult?” Pan Yunlan looks surprisedly: This is impossible, Fiendgod Cult was too formidable, can repel expert that they catch up with now to be good, if must eradicate Fiendgod Cult completely, we must pay very big price, but Fire God Palace eyes covetously to us, we cannot consume.”

So long as opposite party does not have expert of Immortal King rank to get rid, Shen Xiang has the confidence to move Fiendgod Cult, in his opinion, Fiendgod Cult is not Fire God Palace such can win over the formidable influence to join likely, Fiendgod Cult doing single-handedly, the person but who wins over several few person influences quietly, uses the trick of the interior disintegrating. Fiendgod Cult thinks one hide in the hidden place, works is covertly, will not be discovered by the formidable influence, will not be attacked, moreover their Fiendgod Cult believers practice Fiendgod two, understood that uses some Divine Ability, this enhanced individual strength of combat, therefore Fiendgod Cult now in Emperor Heaven not extremely in huge, does not need, that will only be destroyed, because Fiendgod Cult kills the talent specially, basically each influence some the characters of talent, they must be dark. Came!” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Really is the Divine Soul very formidable fellow, but compared with you and I, was weaker, but their Devil Path cultivation base is very strong, they early should be some devil cultivator, afterward cultivated Divine Dao again, their Devil Path strength cannot neglect.”