World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1239

Shen Xiang said to Pan Yunlan immediately: They came, your this sees them, I will hide in you behind, will have great war not to affect Icewind Valley outside.” The Pan Yunlan nod said: My this transmitted orders, blocks entire Icewind Valley, opening strongest defensive formation, moreover does not allow any disciple to come out, regardless of outside has anything!” To the present, Pan Yunlan can only choose to believe Shen Xiang, believes that he can solve the matter that this makes her have a headache about. After Pan Yunlan arranges the Icewind Valley's matter, departs Icewind Valley, Shen Xiang hides, follows quietly in her behind: Elder Pan, you practice Divine Soul cultivation technique to have very big harm to you, devour your massive life essence, therefore before you, sees my time, can like that.” This I know that Fiendgod Cult has given me a formula, so long as I do according to these prescriptions, can lengthen life essence, but that method is extremely brutal, I can only allow nature to take its course, has not thought that you one, have solved that many difficult matters!” Pan Yunlan hits in heart to admire Shen Xiang. And other after matters, I give you cultivation technique, cultivates Divine Dao, actually that cultivation technique do not use.” Shen Xiang said. Later this Pan Yunlan definitely meets transcend Heaven World, when the time comes will continue above with Liu Meng'er their together, can them very big help, therefore he definitely will give her the biggest help, moreover this for him is not the difficult matter. In the white snowy area, the cold wind is intermittent, the white snow flutters about, Pan Yunlan falling gently on the snowy area, Ana in the snow is stepping the lotus steps, vital black hair dances in the breeze with the wind, puts on her whole body of green long skirt to give full play to the vitality, making her be full of the deathly stillness in this snowy area, appears especially beautiful. On a rhyme beautiful elegantly beautiful face full is the color of enforcing, she stares at the form that front that two are dropping slowly. The person who Fiendgod Cult sends is two people, an old few, old that young face crane sends, wears the white robe, looks like quite the appearance of person of high skill, but that youngster of his side is good-looking beautiful youngster, the appearance, although is immature, but that pair of look actually gives people a feeling of very danger(ous). They see Pan Yunlan to become so young, the vitality is so exuberant, in the heart is startled, because they know that Pan Yunlan life essence was not many, should not be this appearance.

Pan Yunlan, you exactly what happened, we felt that your Fiendgod brand mark vanished, did you make?” That old man sound said coldly, on the face is also bringing anger, body Devil Qi will be steaming, looks like he will momentarily get rid. Your this woman, but also thinks before you, will not do according to that formula! Has not thought that your young appearance such has the flavor, this young master's woman are many, but now looks like they are some trash, goes back with us, from is stamped with the brand to you newly, serves this young master a period of time while convenient.” On that youngster face full is the smiling face of demon, the eye that pair is full of the evil desire is fiery, as if can Pan Yunlan firing the ashes. Eats up Longevity Fruit later Pan Yunlan, when restores the appearance to young, is the graceful bearing is moving, the character and style ten thousand types, many men do not have the resistivity to this woman. Pan Yunlan shouted to clear the way coldly: Dissolute, your this Evil Devil little rascal, you appeared in my at present, make me feel filthily my eye.” Dissolute, you dare to insult the sons of our vice- founder, slut!” That old man suddenly gets rid, hits maliciously to the jade face of Pan Yunlan. Old Turtle, your hand do not touch dirty the cheek of beautiful woman.” The Shen Xiang broadminded appearance, in the hand is taking that the Devil Emperor dagger, delimits like lightning, powerful Devil Qi that bursts out, covers in the sky, making the person tremble, the wind and cloud changes color. The arm of that old man, shut off by Shen Xiang with the dagger from the place of elbow department, blood Biao Fei, incarnadine snowy area. Your dirty hand gave up any idea of that touches her again, she had been suffered to suffice by you!” The Shen Xiang sound ice-cold fills dreadful anger, the dagger red glow turnover in hand, Devil Qi roars, because a fierce stroke, a hand that old man hits shuts off. You...... This is the day of certainly demon soldier......” that old man panic-stricken [say / way], his both hands were broken, the vitality class releases, his hastily seals up the blood vessel, but a Shen Xiang wild palm, as if in gasifies toward his body in afterward, making his finishing a job place well up the blood crazily.

All these occurred too quickly, Pan Yunlan has not thought that Shen Xiang will brave to be so quick, moreover was relentless in attack, left the stingy to be vigorous, several suddenly, both hands of that old man cutting off. Do not be wild.” That youngster strength is not weak, even also wants to be fiercer than that old man, he drinks one coldly, the fist wields, braves dense black Devil Qi, moreover including bringing unusual strength, seemed using Divine Ability to be ordinary, was having very intense spiritual attack. Sees that to fight with the fists, Shen Xiang shook the fist to welcome the past immediately. You should not be wild!” Shen Xiang's fist condense fleshly body formidable strength, after breaking that rolls black Qi, Suppressing Devil Holy Power immediately spout, purifies terror Devil Qi that this youngster releases directly, finally is bone strength that his True Qi transforms becomes, passes through the entire arm of this youngster, melts completely inside skeleton, as for Divine Dao strength that this youngster releases, Shen Xiang has disregarded directly, strength of that degree cannot shake him. An arm of that youngster did not have the skeleton, immediately has hung, on that handsome face full is the color of startled anger: Transforming Bone Devil Palm strength, your unexpectedly understands Transforming Bone Devil Palm......” Understood that the Transforming Bone Devil Palm person are not many, the person but who knows are many, Shen Xiang displays each time, will always hear the similar words. old fellow, do not want to move him!” Pan Yunlan sees that to break old man of both arms to use Divine Ability to sneak attack Shen Xiang, immediately shouted angrily to puncture a sword, pricked in that old man dantian, the jade palm wielded, holds the shade four to change, whips on that old man, each palm condense the intense cold strength, was infiltrating in the body of that old man.

Elder Pan do not kill him, is keeping his dog's life, I am useful.” Shen Xiang hastily urged one, simultaneously moved sideways long spear that avoided that youngster suddenly to puncture. „Who are you? Understood that Transforming Bone Devil Palm this Devil Path divine art, comes my Fiendgod Cult, treats as the honored guest to supply you surely......” For your father, father is not rare!” Shen Xiang steps, the shuttle space, arrives at that youngster body side, grips tightly the dagger, condense strength, to his waist is being a thorn. „......” That youngster erupts the rending pitiful yell suddenly, is very scary. After the Shen Xiang use dagger pierces the waist of that youngster, a palm also submerges inside, the bang breaks that to gather the full Devil Path strength dantian. I will not massacre your, I keep you to play slowly!” Shen Xiang puts out medicine cauldron, puts these two fellows, suppresses in inside. Pan Yunlan long implored the one breath, very looks at Shen Xiang grateful, she has not thought of Shen Xiang because her was bullied that angrily.