World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1240
Then can do? That old fellow is my above, my Fiendgod brand mark is he gives under me, in other words, after taking him, I did not need to be worried about Fiendgod Cult again! But the premise is, Fiendgod Cult will not suspect that old man falls into our hands.” Although Pan Yunlan was one lived very long old undying, but she did not have an opinion on this matter at this time. Goes to Fiendgod Cult, does not give to smash their lair, can we later feel at ease transcend? It is estimated that this Fiendgod Cult is when the Emperor Heaven space was not very stable comes.” Shen Xiang said. Pan Yunlan does not want to provoke Fiendgod Cult, although Fiendgod Cult does not have massive expert like Fire God Palace, but if wants to destroy Fiendgod Cult completely, is very difficult to achieve depending on her and Shen Xiang, although she has experienced Shen Xiang's to be fearful, as well as that Devil Path Divine Level Transforming Bone Devil Palm, but their strength are limited, copes with 1-2 Fiendgod Cult, but a troop is not good. Or......” Pan Yunlan also planned that Icewind Valley asked many several elders to go together, but the Shen Xiang actually suddenly shuttle space, speedily rushed in a direction. You return to Icewind Valley.” The Shen Xiang's sound passes to near the ear of Pan Yunlan, lets Pan Yunlan, but sighed. Where you have not known Fiendgod Cult, good and bad also makes me tell you to go again.” Some Pan Yunlan doubts, where Shen Xiang does not know Fiendgod Cult, but actually moves so rapidly, resembles him to know to be the same. Shen Xiang does not know where that gathers at the Emperor Heaven Fiendgod Cult disciple, but some of his actually means know, after he has been far away from the northern ice pole, has put that old man. Young Master?” That old man was perplexed to lose into that medicine cauldron by Shen Xiang a moment ago, now has not seen that youngster, moreover here has also been far away from the northern ice pole place.

Has not died, you will also see his.” Shen Xiang said to Long Xueyi at once: Lends me your Divine Power, I must search for some useful memories from the mind of this fellow, I worried that and other he will revolt.” Long Xueyi said: Does not have the issue!” Felt Divine Power that Long Xueyi transports, Shen Xiang displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse to this old man immediately, moreover exhausts all Divine Power to display, this can instantaneous paralysis opposite party Divine Soul, let cope to lose all consciousness, but can also prevent the opposite party is some protects spirit pattern in Sea of Consciousness. That old man called out pitifully then to faint, Shen Xiang was very relaxed entered in his mind, was searching for the massive memories, kept in the useful part own mind. After making this old man, Shen Xiang puts that youngster, after that youngster by the Shen Xiang crazy fan several palms of the hand, fainted deadly in the past, Shen Xiang used Grasping Soul Devil Curse for him immediately, searched for in him the important memory. This Fiendgod Cult does unexpectedly in Chenwu Mainland, they hide in that place does do?” Shen Xiang puts in that old man and youngster medicine cauldron. Where do they hide?” Long Xueyi asked. „Before Chenwu Mainland, doesn't have Devil Province? Is place that devil path sects is, Fiendgod Cult there very danger(ous) Danger Zone.”

Chenwu Mainland above devil path sects is thinking very rampant, but afterward expanded along with Extreme Martial Sect this influence, became very temperate, little came out to cause trouble. However these devil path sects will appear on Chenwu Mainland, does not have the detailed record, how is very difficult to talk clearly these devil path sects to appear, although the view has many types. I already should be vigilant these devil path sects.” Shen Xiang pinches tightly the fist: Fiendgod Cult and these devil path sects Big Shot have the contact!” These devil path sects in Chenwu Mainland's, if erupts into the war from the interior, in addition outside Fire God Palace attacks, the consequence is dreadful. These were devil path sects incorporated by that Fiendgod Cult?” Bai Youyou said: „If that was true, must destroy completely these devil path sects completely is good, if otherwise they and Fire God Palace unite in secret, the consequence will be serious.” I go now, when necessary, can only let Li Baojun and Duan Chong comes!” Shen Xiang the thing that knows from that youngster and old man memory are not many, although they are not common in Fiendgod Cult inside status, the thing that but knows is also one-sided. Knows they practice Divine Soul? Fiendgod Cult each believer should have Divine Soul, but breeding Divine Soul is difficult, how do they achieve?” Long Xueyi asked that regarding humanity, can breed Divine Soul to come, compared with ascending to heaven also difficultly. But is this compared with Divine Soul that ascending to heaven can also obtain, that Fiendgod Cult actually causes comes, at this time Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao want to know that they also want to practice Divine Dao, because that can obtain stronger strength additionally. I only know that they have a Fiendgod pond, pours into for three days in inside three nights, can breed Divine Dao Infant Soul to come, Pan Yunlan in the past was also this! Divine Soul that however this method breeds, consumes life essence, after breeding Divine Dao Infant Soul, at least must be short the millenniums life essence, then cultivates their Divine Dao cultivation technique, will reduce steadily life essence.” „A their way can increase own life, that is cruel, needs to sacrifice many people, sacrificed a person, can make them increase ten days of lives.”

Shen Xiang rushes to a nearby city, he must go to Devil Province now. „The life essence aspect regarding us is not the issue, we have Longevity Fruit, can use that method to try, perhaps we now can breed Divine Soul to come.” Su Meiyao at present one bright, although she before was moves a side female expert, after when she restored the strength, she was more formidable than definitely many, after let alone they were injured, delayed many year of matters, in the past their personal enemy, so long as were also living, these years definitely had the promotion. But the practice Divine Dao words, can make them more formidable, moreover that is also many strength on Heaven World arrives at the matter that the peak expert starts to ponder over. In that Fiendgod pond energy is limited, can only define that certain population, but here Fiendgod Cult for many years helped many people breed Divine Soul, now the energy of that Fiendgod pond are not many, but should suffice you to breed Divine Soul, I quickly make now the pool of water of that Fiendgod pond.” Of unknown origin of Fiendgod pond, knew from that two memory of person that is from Heaven World, in other words, definitely has in Heaven World above Fiendgod Cult. Longevity Fruit this rare Immortal Fruit, Fiendgod Cult surely does not have, but the way that their types practice Divine Dao is to actually consume the life, if uses to Shen Xiang, does not need to use them to continue the life the method. This Fiendgod Cult is using the pretence of enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven, is actually doing the dishonorable matter, any nonsense Tian Nu, I looked that founds the Fiendgod Cult person partner is also one wants to dominate the fellow in world.” Shen Xiang arrived at Devil Province, here is quite bleak, Spirit Qi is also quite thin, in Chenwu Mainland, Spirit Qi of each place is almost same, but only this Devil Province is very thin, this is not accidental.