World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1241

Does not have what nice city in Devil Province, perhaps said that here does not have the concept of city, here gathers in the places of some people, is nearby these devil path sects, in some there fallen constructions, is constructs, in these devil path sects, accumulation devil cultivator here, majority wants to challenge the devil path sects disciple, or hunted and killed some Demon Beast here to sell to some wealthy disciples. actually devil path sects has not destroyed, was annexed, now Devil Province inside devil path sects is some Shen Xiang has not heard, only then knows these devil path sects details in Devil Province inside the person of walk frequently. But Shen Xiang must go to now demon extremely gate sect, because that Fiendgod Cult on Danger Zone of storehouse by this sect. Bewitches the mountain range, it is said that will enter inside person mysterious dying, the body could not find any scar, but in Sea of Consciousness actually air-to-air, had by the trace of spiritual attack, like had checked off the soul, moreover on the face that these died had very serene smiling face dead.” Shen Xiang told Long Xueyi the place of that place danger(ous), Long Xueyi said with a sneer: It seems like was Fiendgod Cult without doubt, they definitely also will strengthen their Divine Soul through the way of devour others soul, this fellow also was really the method in many ways, it seems like founded the Fiendgod Cult fellow is very certainly fierce, from now on can perhaps be the Dragon Emperor match.” Founds the Fiendgod Cult person to say Tian Nu, naturally is one cultivates Divine Dao and Devil Path very strong fellow, but in the Long Xueyi eye, only then expert of Divine Dao peak can contend with her, naturally, this was her boasting time says. That Danger Zone appeared for more than 20 years, it seems like that time Emperor Heaven not stable, they from elsewhere, they now have not really planned to control here devil path sects, but also was evidently quick.” Shen Xiang said. Their Fiendgod pond trains to have Divine Soul devil cultivator much, should their Fiendgod Cult believer be many?” Long Xueyi asked.

„It is not this, their Fiendgod Cult believer are not many, because they are familiar with the go it alone, but majority died a tragic death outside, they practice the Divine Dao way, consumes life essence, they must kill people everywhere, therefore was killed was also very normal. They kill devil cultivator not to have the effect, needs some to be very young, has not practiced talented person line, but these person of majority in big city, therefore many of them in the just gentlemen by these cities will be extinguished kill.” This is also good, this is these fellows brings upon oneself, this time must destroy completely them completely, otherwise has not known that has many to let them lives for ten days to lose the life.” Some Long Xueyi angrily said. Shen Xiang arrived at demon extremely gate nearby devil cultivator agglomeration, is looking around, has a look at here devil cultivator overall strength. „Can you turn into that rampant young master's appearance to mix in that Fiendgod Cult lair?” Long Xueyi asked. No, is very difficult to pretend to be, inside fellow is cultivate Spirit, what that brat father is very stronger, discovered words, I am unlikely hard to escape in that place.” Shen Xiang said that although he has killed strength quite strong person of three in Fiendgod Cult, but does not mean that he can destroy completely that Fiendgod Cult with ease. That good and bad is also an agglomeration of cultivate Spirit, moreover simultaneously cultivates Devil Path, inside these expert fear. My words, are hard to cope with Fiendgod Cult, but I do not need to destroy completely completely, so long as ruined their foundation that's alright, especially that Fiendgod pond, was important regarding them, because that was they multiplies the new blood the essential thing, can let join their believers to obtain Divine Soul newly.”

This was initially Icewind Valley several disciples is also enticed to join the Fiendgod Cult reason, moreover since later, they definitely will get the Fiendgod brand mark, will be controlled by Fiendgod Cult, involuntary. I must refine some destruction frozen pill to be good, when necessary, can deal with a troop person.” Shen Xiang has thought that can only such do first, he is the alchemy master, strengthens own strength with the alchemy way, is method that the alchemy master habitually uses. But others promote their cultivation base, but Shen Xiang actually refines that terrifying destruction frozen pill, one slightly piles the Profound Ice powder, can refine destruction frozen pill who a grain can ruin a giant city. Shen Xiang found a peaceful place, this is a cave of mountain, in this cave this Devil Province is very common, moreover is admitted to also to need some crystal stones. Devil Province formation of devil cultivator use is cheap, Shen Xiang must transform in that cave, is cut off outside noisy sound, this mountain scene [lineage/vein] are the devil cultivator agglomeration, these devil cultivator may not only be Chenwu Mainland locally born devil cultivator, came from Devil Territory, therefore this place is also has big threat place to Chenwu Mainland at this time, after he goes back, must make other strengths vigilantly good. Shen Xiang refinement destruction frozen pill the light vehicle route was ripe, moreover this does not need to use Refining Simulation Technique, only uses Heaven Refining Technique then, he many rank high Profound Ice, can refine in this inside for a long time. He Profound Ice that plunders from Fire God Palace that underground palace, although majority by extremely high, but in has not had treasure together, that is thousands block Profound Ice, unexpectedly does not have together, this makes him feel very depressed.

Three days pass by, Shen Xiang has refined dozens grains, fierce super frozen pill he does not have the time to refine, but has refined some High-Grade archery target destruction frozen pill, if runs into a troop person to besiege him, these frozen pill can help him escape with ease. That old man and youngster that Fiendgod Cult pats had not died, but was detained by Shen Xiang in medicine cauldron, so long as undying, their life element bead will not break, Fiendgod Cult does not know that had two status high people dead, Fiendgod Cult will not be vigilant, Shen Xiang fight will be also more convenient. Shen Xiang arrives to bewitch the mountain range outside, here deathly stillness, in the evening, appears the sinister terror, once for a while blows cold wind, the crow quack the cry, appalling. He looked outside, entered in a dim forest, anything bewitches, he did not fear, because he knows that is the Fiendgod Cult person does, but he turned into a winged insect now, according to these memories that he obtains, flies to hiding of Fiendgod Cult in Emperor Heaven lair. Shen Xiang flies in the forest, quick seeks for in the memory that he plunders that familiar road, but in front of this road, actually several people there slowly is walking. That old man's aura is not Mo Clan?” Long Xueyi said surprisedly that Mo Clan person unexpectedly will appear here!