World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1242
Shen Xiang thought that now during the new emperor day two have the influence of very big threat is Fire God Palace and this Fiendgod Cult, Fire God Palace fortunately, at least that in the hidden place, moreover outside Chenwu Mainland. But this Fiendgod Cult liquor was different, hides very much deeply, moreover in Chenwu Mainland's, their hands also extended in Icewind Valley, if not for Icewind Valley had Pan Yunlan this loyal and devoted elder, perhaps Icewind Valley already fell to the enemy. This Mo Clan unexpectedly treadons two ships, simultaneously and Fire God Palace alliance, comes and this Fiendgod Cult now contacts.” In the Shen Xiang heart sneered, followed. Demon Patriarch, our Fiendgod pond only sufficed two people to use, the request that you set was your Mo Clan five people, perhaps this we could not achieve!” A Fiendgod Cult elder said. That Mo Clan person, unexpectedly is Patriarch, moreover he hires oneself this Fiendgod Cult. In that youngster memory had said in that Fiendgod pond undercapacity, happen to also suffices two people to use, Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao can breed Divine Soul, so long as I take.” Shen Xiang somewhat excitedly said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also the similar moods, they long ago want to practice Divine Soul to come, but does not have the method, does not know how should do, finally can only give up, but currently they finally have the opportunity, although they lost cultivation base, but cultivates Divine Dao, they have in any case here greatly the time, Long Xueyi this is repairing the Divine Dao aspect attainments very high dragon. Said that can only breed Divine Soul for our Mo Clan two people?” That demon Patriarch knits the brows saying that he thought this somewhat owes. The Fiendgod Cult elder shook the head, said: Your Mo Clan, only then a quota, another to Big Shot of other influences.”

So long as wins over to Big Shot of influence, can win over to an entire influence, therefore another quota of this that Fiendgod pond, must certainly achieve the maximum benefit, otherwise Fiendgod Cult owed. If your Mo Clan is not willing, that.” That Fiendgod Cult elder probably not rare this Mo Clan such. That demon Patriarch wants certainly to practice Divine Dao, the [say / way] of Fiendgod, thinks to think very fierce, he does not want to miss this once in a thousand years opportunity, although will be under the control of others temporarily, but he from the long-term perspective, he thought that this is cost-effective, if only then his quota, in Mo Clan other elders will not comply, now he quite therefore takes entire Mo Clan to sell to Fiendgod Cult. In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, because that Fiendgod Cult elder has not told this demon Patriarch to have the matter about life essence, if that demon Patriarch once breeds Divine Dao Infant Soul to come, will step a road of no return surely, definitely to prolong own life will be deeper and deeper. This Fiendgod Cult arrived at Emperor Heaven to have some years, but has actually wasted in many Fiendgod ponds pools of water, they helped many devil cultivator train Divine Soul to come, but these devil cultivator were killed, but they won over to Big Shot of several influences, this has not been considered as that the waste are too many. Now only then two quotas, Fiendgod Cult definitely will treasure, will therefore not waste like before. Shen Xiang does not give a thought to these people's talks at this time, because they walk now on the road in that Fiendgod pond, Shen Xiang absorbs that youngster memory, where knows this Fiendgod pond. There should return nobody, if I can mix, the remaining these pools of water were my.” Shen Xiang flies to be higher, although he turns into the winged insect, but here Fiendgod Cult disciple has Divine Soul, Divine Sense is formidable, he worried that will be discovered.

Knows how these Fiendgod pools of water are born?” Su Meiyao asked. Through melting an unusual stone, obtains some white liquids, that is the pool of water of Fiendgod pond, I thought that so long as got so far as that pack ice that's alright. Now they have not started fight, according to that brat mind inside memory, must melt that unusual stone not to be easy, requires some time.” Shen Xiang goes to the place that Fiendgod pond was, this is a great mountain, that Fiendgod pond in mountain side, here, although formation, but compares to Fire God Palace that underground palace actually missed, he crossed that formation very much with ease, guarded cave entrance that to enter inside from a nobody. Because this bewitches the mountain range is place of bad risk, if comes in this to bewitch the mountain range, does not touch carefully forbids, quick will have the Fiendgod Cult disciple to attack, suction that person of soul, gradually, here nobody has come, therefore this Fiendgod Cult does not pay attention instead to defend, moreover they think that their formation is quite fierce, even if some people of storms, requires some time to break through, when the time comes their expert already rushed. Shen Xiang entered mountain side, arrives at the middle golden pool, this pool is not too big, can three people also soak, can send out the stone material construction of golden light with one type in the darkness, but on this pool also float a person of high square shape white stone, so long as burns down this stone, this stone will melt, turns can breed the Divine Soul liquid! What stone is this? Does unexpectedly have that heaven defying ability? This type of thing was really too fearful, does not know that Fiendgod Cult Boss did get so far as? Does he have?” Long Xueyi wants to know very much, because this does not have in her inheritance memory. Fiendgod Cult Boss in Heaven World, fellow, if wins over expert with this way, Fiendgod Cult of that this fellow will be certainly more formidable.” Shen Xiang thinks is afraid, because that Tian Nu can waste to one group of people casually here, on him definitely also has many this type of things. If his heavy Heavenly Devil World starts, then not long, Heavenly Devil World will be ruled.” Bai Youyou also felt that Tian Nu is fearful, grasps this type of fierce thing, from now on definitely will be a Shen Xiang's big powerful enemy.

Shen Xiang broke one to imprison that stone formation, at that time, this great mountain shook, the move that made was not small. Was my!” In Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, puts in that stone Hidden Jade Ring, then flies fast. Originally the Fiendgod Cult elder who walks leisurely outside, at this time the whole face is surprised, grazes toward that cave entrance. Took away they such important thing, it seems like later this Fiendgod Cult was not good to cope, first waited and saw a period of time to say outside again!” Shen Xiang induced from well up in all directions to several formidable aura, that is Fiendgod Cult expert. Shen Xiang was far away from this to bewitch the mountain range, waited for the news in a distance here recent devil cultivator agglomeration, but he thought that here possibly will not obtain any news, because that Fiendgod Cult was secret.