World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1243
After Fiendgod Cult was stolen such important thing, causing the entire Fiendgod Cult high level to be angry, immediately called the believers in various Emperor Heaven places to come back, gathered in completely bewitching the mountain range, started to search some suspicious people, although they know that this possibly will not have any result, but they were actually at wit's end, stole the thing to steal their heads to come, they cannot anything not do. devil cultivator agglomeration of near Shen Xiang in bewitching mountain range, meets the Fiendgod Cult disciple who several batch come to here to search, he patrols track these believers quietly, from their mouth knew that Fiendgod Cult many expert gather is bewitching the mountain range. All came back, it seems like situation is not wonderful!” In the Shen Xiang heart is worrying secretly, if Fiendgod Cult attacks the Chenwu Mainland's words while this, this can give a Fire God Palace very good opportunity. Waits to look again, if this group of fellows a short time will not have any big movement, let alone captures Chenwu Mainland is not their Fiendgod Cult must do, they specially hunt and kill some talent characters, moreover they should not with the Fire God Palace cooperation.” Su Meiyao said. The Shen Xiang nod said: Then I first melt that stone now, gives you and Sister Youyou uses, first made you breed Divine Soul to say again that you start to practice Divine Dao now.” He hides in mountain forest that few people go, puts out that white stone, with the flame incinerator, he also thinks is very difficult to melt, but has not thought that unexpectedly so will be easy, probably is the same in the burning down ice piece . Moreover the liquid and ordinary water after melting are different, without the fluctuation of any energy, if not he personally sees, he is unable to distinguish these liquids and water has anything to distinguish. In Hidden Jade Ring has the bathing pool, after the Shen Xiang melting, loads in these liquids a storage jade bottle, puts in Hidden Jade Ring, making two females use in inside, has Long Xueyi to look in side, he was not worried. Takes several days several nights of time, person who when the time comes you have Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. little rascal, was really a pity that you cannot personally see them to soak in the bathing pool, giggle......” Long Xueyi smiles tenderly. Was said by Long Xueyi, Shen Xiang the recollections in close succession, after the heart have criticized several this little pervy dragon immediately, then puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace.

Shen Xiang in a cave, alchemy while waits for two females to breed Divine Soul to succeed. What he refines is Primordial Dan, now Primordial Dan herbs is not many, this is Heaven Level herbs, uses Soul Creation Fluid also to need to be many, cannot duplicate like the former such fast batch, therefore he refines Primordial Dan to slow down some speeds, he can also also practice. He one time eats up two grains of Primordial Dan, builds up inside strength, can obtain massive True Qi, goes to the condense eighth Heaven Dan pill embryo, if he can have strength of Nirvana eight tribulations now, he dares to go to Fiendgod Cult to go all out. Many cultivation technique that he uses, is needs massive True Qi to support, only then the laws of these fierce attacking killing can coordinate his formidable fleshly body, displays formidable strength to come, can strike to kill cultivation base to be higher than expert him, if no enough True Qi, he can only use several, copes with 1-2 Fiendgod Cult expert to be good, but was encircled by a troop kills is very difficult. Eighth Heaven Dan is easier said than done, you can refine Primordial Dan, trains hard earnestly, at least must also take several years to be good, in a short time do not think.” Long Xueyi said that she is clearest to the situation in Shen Xiang within the body, if the normal mode practice, perhaps is very relaxed can bring in the arrival of Nirvana Eighth Tribulation, but Shen Xiang currently this degree has Heaven Dan, he needs condense five eighth Heaven Dan, this needs massive True Qi. Shen Xiang refined furnace Primordial Dan to stop, after he ate up several grains of Primordial Dan, the hand grasped Enlightenment Stone, let Enlightenment Stone that unusual strength, directing that formidable energy to go to condense eighth Heaven Dan. To him has thought that this Realm, needs to be able building up the energy is used to promote cultivation base after the comprehension, if he does not have Enlightenment Stone, he definitely needs to comprehend with more time, but at this time after using Enlightenment Stone, he will immerse to practice quickly, is unable alchemy while cultivates, if before, perhaps also good. In the Hidden Jade Ring two beautiful women also soak in a bathing pool, builds up mysterious liquid that wonder stone obtains slowly breeds Divine Soul to come in their Sea of Consciousness, this type of Saint Devil pool of water is truly mysterious, Long Xueyi lies is looking at the same time that has thought with hardship, wants to understand way that this type is pregnant the soul, but cannot think through, only if she can know this wonder stone the accurate origin.

Three days pass by, Long Xueyi suddenly was startled to shout one: little rascal, awakes quickly!” During is practicing Shen Xiang, hears Long Xueyi this anxious yelling, receives the merit forcefully, asked: What matter?” „Are these water entering in their bodies? Has this matter?” Long Xueyi said. No!” Shen Xiang had recalled one that youngster and old man memory, not this matter, after immersion, succeeds to breed Divine Soul, these water also, but did not have the energy. But...... This pool of water, by their body absorptions, quick must all flow in their bodies fast, what's all this about?” Long Xueyi said anxiously: I shouted they several, they have not responded, their Sea of Consciousness have sealed up probably, soaks these Fiendgod pools of water to have this situation?” Cannot!” The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, burning with impatience, but actually anything did not do. Absorbed, they in the deep sleep, their vitalities were very probably exuberant, the soul was also very formidable, does not have no danger(ous) matter, but could not awaken them.” Long Xueyi said: I help them wear the clothes first, gets so far as the bed to come up them! What can determine, they do not have no danger(ous), why did not know the deep sleep.” Is all right well, perhaps several days later they will wake, possibly is they soul is extremely formidable, Divine Soul that nurturing comes out also will be very perhaps strong, will therefore have such matter.” Shen Xiang said. Other aspects have not been the issues, making Shen Xiang feel relieved, him continued alchemy afterward, waited for that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou woke up.

However, in the past several days, these two stunning beauty still deep sleep. Although has not waked, in their Sea of Consciousness has bred Divine Soul, moreover is expanding gradually, was good to feel strange, looked like they need a period of time to wake, you did not need too to be worried.” Long Xueyi said. This time is very essential time, if Shen Xiang diverts attention for this reason is not good. Um, if they have situation, immediately told me.” Shen Xiang said. Knew, you do not need to be worried my, I can look after itself, I not carelessly the thing that will steal food this inside to plant.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Original Shen Xiang was not worried that listened to her such saying, he knows that inside these were kept thinking about very long fruit and flowers to meet with a disaster by her.