World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1244
Shen Xiang has eaten up 78 grains of Primordial Dan, has practiced some days, strengthened some True Qi, but also is only little, if he wants to arrive to bring in the degrees of Nirvana eight tribulations also to require some time. Left that cave, Shen Xiang returned to bewitch the mountain range nearby these devil cultivator agglomerations, inquired, this Devil Province has not had any big matter, but the Fiendgod Cult disciple appeared more and more. They send for searching high and low, has the person who the means discover to steal that wonder stone?” Shen Xiang sees many Fiendgod Cult people to fit out devil cultivator to rove here, understood at a glance that they are seeking for anything. Has the possibility, perhaps this Fiendgod Cult some fierce Divine Ability, they continually that type of strange stone has, not having anything not to be impossible, therefore you must be careful, once perhaps they nearby you, can discover you.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang thinks own the same day does very secret, even if there is Immortal King, will not discover him, but he kept Heart Eye. Night, in a stretch of open land has several lives to have the fire of high-piled firewood, encircles together, these people are the Fiendgod Cult believer, Shen Xiang uses the patrolling technique quietly with them. Daytime, they when that devil cultivator agglomeration are strolling in all directions, has not spoken a few words, but they actually start to speak now. Several days later we must migrate to Devil Territory! Has not thought that vice- teaches mainly to give up this Chenwu Mainland, here has the Dragon Vein place, that Fire God Palace has prepared to attack brutally, regardless of the price is much big, they must take here, but our Fiendgod Cult strength is not weaker than that Fire God Palace, in Chenwu Mainland's, why can leave? Gives that Fire God Palace this once in a thousand years opportunity?” A believer said discontentedly that the seat Fiendgod Cult loyal believer, he naturally hopes own Fiendgod Cult becomes very formidable. This is the above idea, how can we know?” Another believer has drunk one bowl of blood, this bowl of blood after mix carefully, can make them increase the life, is this Fiendgod Cult continues the life that method. I thought that is because our Fiendgod Cult Fiendgod pond robbed reason, the fiercer fellows are aiming at our Fiendgod Cult, therefore the vice- founder thought that first withdraws! This Chenwu Mainland's other influences were also very strong, our believers seeped, cannot weaken the opposite party strength, erupted the great war words, our Fiendgod Cult will have very big damage, but Fire God Palace will definitely go to enter, has tidied up us and Chenwu Mainland with hands down, this foolish matter we were not dry!”

Enemy, Fire God Palace does not know our existences, moreover we have the inside connection in Fire God Palace, waits for later Fire God Palace to attack Chenwu Mainland, mutually wounded time, our Fiendgod Cult gets rid again, that is more relaxed.” Shen Xiang also like this thinks that this Fiendgod Cult wants to profit from another's strife, if not know existence of this Fiendgod Cult, truly very easy shady, even if they repel Fire God Palace , is very when the time comes difficult to stop this Fiendgod Cult. Fortunately, Fire God Palace and Fiendgod Cult have not collaborated, if collaborates, that is most fearful. Here, the Fiendgod Cult vice- founder is biggest, but the founder that Tian Nu on Heaven World, is founds the Fiendgod Cult fellow, in Shen Xiang medicine cauldron is suppressing that youngster, is the son of here vice- founder. Although you are only small of Fiendgod Cult, but you guessed that truly is the plan of Fiendgod Cult.” suddenly broadcasts together the sound, lets Shen Xiang and that several Fiendgod Cult people feels to be startled, has the person in this, Shen Xiang unexpectedly had not discovered. What person?” A believer shouted, has put out weapon immediately. Just asked in that believer, that pile of flame that these believers live become greatly, afterward turns into a middle-aged person, unexpectedly therefore in the flame, Shen Xiang sees this method, immediately associates to Divine Ability on. Is Divine Ability!” Long Xueyi said: In Fire God Palace really also has to practice Divine Dao expert, this fellow is very fearful.”

You......” that several believers naturally can see this are Divine Ability, moreover they see that middle age to put on taking care of fiery red, knows that from Fire God Palace's, their Fiendgod Cult exposed, they underestimated Fire God Palace. Has been a pity, if you do not have the Fiendgod brand mark, I can forgive your undying, making you join my Fire God Palace, becomes our Fire God Palace's slave, but......” That middle-aged eyes glittering has a flame, waves, sees only several hot person suddenly to appear, penetrates that several body of Fiendgod Cult people, fires the ashes them. This fellow, is very strong!” The Shen Xiang heart said that after that middle age kills these Fiendgod Cult people, the flame that the body turns into the strip shape, flies airborne, toward bewitching the mountain range flies. Knows that what strength this fellow is? They must cope with Fiendgod Cult evidently, this is the big good deed!” Shen Xiang immediately careful toward bewitching mountain range rushes. Long Xueyi has thought that said: Divine Dao cultivation base should be you almost, cultivated Divine sea, entered Perfection Realm, but True Qi cultivation base was Immortal Monarch late stage.” White Tiger has said that only then Immortal King fight, regularly will be restrained, but if Immortal Monarch, that does not have what issue. „Does this fellow on such attack Fiendgod Cult? Immortal King that if in provoking anger hides, very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks very danger(ous), if such Immortal Monarch also attacks the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's words, that is also very relaxed can go well. Why haven't they sent out this expert to cope with Chenwu Mainland's each influence?” Shen Xiang knows expert that in Fire God Palace hides are many, if makes several Human Immortal late stage expert to come a sneak attack, Chenwu Mainland definitely will have very big loss.

„It is not clear, but they have to worry that's it!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang arrived has bewitched the mountain range deep place, inside forest was burnt down the larger part, moreover erupts fallout that an intermittent fight erupted, caused to bewitch the mountain range to shake one after another. great war is intense, the flame soars to the heavens, shakes greatly unceasingly, fallout that the fight erupts, resounds intermittent strong winds, bringing the raging fire to sweep across entire to bewitch the mountain range, making here turn into piece of sea of fire. Is this Fiendgod Cult knows that Fire God Palace must start to them, plans to migrate? It seems like we cannot underestimate Fire God Palace, this Fire God Palace is very fierce.” Shen Xiang welcomed the intense air wave that fight was erupting, approached the great war place little, who he wants to have a look is with Fire God Palace's that Divine Dao expert great war. Really is that brat father, didn't Fiendgod Cult have expert? Let this vice- founder personally fight!” Shen Xiang lies , was fired on the burning hot incomparable mountain, looks at distant place that two such as the light general continuous bump form, the speed of that two person is quick, moreover is separated by he to be very far, but he same can see clearly.