World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1245
This Fiendgod Cult casualty is serious, Shen Xiang can see to be burnt the burned black corpse to be blown randomly by that intermittent air wave above flies in all directions, some burned black corpses were also torn the fragment, these are the Fiendgod Cult believers, person who has Divine Soul, like this died, making Shen Xiang cannot help but regret. Fire God Palace, is really you do! You steal our wonder stones, now also launches the ruinous attack to us, our Fiendgod Cult will remember your.” That founder angrily said, facing the attack of Fire God Palace's that Divine Dao expert, this vice- founder unexpectedly was suppressed. Flame Divine Ability of Fire God Palace's that middle age use is truly fierce, making Shen Xiang envy secretly. Your Fiendgod Cult is not the good thing, unexpectedly to send Protector to grasp makes our two Immortal Monarch, now that two Immortal Monarch life source Zhu has disrupted, you think that we can not know?” The Fire God Palace's middle age sneers, the palm wields, the fierce flame turns into to cover entirely the spirit pattern great seal to press, connects the bombardment that Fiendgod Cult vice- founder. Fire God Palace two Immortal Monarch were made unexpectedly, in the Shen Xiang heart is chuckling to oneself. Snort, our haven't Protector come back? That two Protector are Immortal King, except for your Fire God Palace's two Immortal King, who can retain them?” That founder said that could see this time pressure is very big. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that Fiendgod Cult is inferior to Fire God Palace, Protector of two Immortal King ranks sends, unexpectedly was detained by Fire God Palace, perhaps died, therefore this Fiendgod Cult will plan a bit faster to migrate, who knows that Fire God Palace such quickly had found their lair, but also has hit. That is also your Protector carries off our Immortal Monarch, cuts to kill them, otherwise our Immortal King cannot fight! Regarding your Fiendgod Cult, we did not have the hostility, even also wants to cooperate with you, who knows that your hand unexpectedly extended to here came, that do not blame us.” Fire God Palace's middle age suddenly explodes drinks, in nighttime sky suddenly presents a big piece of fire to say. Is the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm!” Before Shen Xiang, has asked for advice fierce of this Cloudy Fire Spirit palm. Is your Fire God Palace steals our wonder stones first......”

That founder exclaimed desperately, an ultra-large palm of flame condense, was similar to the universe presses generally. The hot wave of bang, erupts, entire bewitches mountain range total flooding, bewitches around a mountain range big mountain scene forest unable to escape by luck. Who is?” The guy closes the eye, felt that in following sea of fire also has living person. This fellow is really fierce, can release in the flame that to feel that from oneself existence of life, troubled!” Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly in sea of fire, this time he was experienced to Fire God Palace this Immortal King under strong existed, was only a move of Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, has burnt big broad lands, many mountains were fired the dust. After all that is Immortal Monarch, in Heaven World is also on the 1st very strong character, and cultivates Divine Dao. In Fiendgod Cult formidable fellow, basically was destroyed completely, what remaining is only some small small shrimp, can neglect directly, but who hides in sea of fire inside person is? Speed unexpectedly is so quick, cannot overtake including me.” Guy murmured: Getting down time, Master had said to me this new emperor day has been hiding many expert, really so, can also run in my flame domain quickly, perhaps is only Immortal King! He has not gotten rid to me, it seems like does not want to fight with me!” Who is? Demon Empress and Evil Snake King are healing from a wound, possibly is not they, in Devil Territory the most formidable fiendish person was the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, except for Palace Master that old man, in Human Territory did not have other Immortal King.” Shen Xiang planned after and other middle-aged and Fiendgod Cult vice- founder great war was seriously injured, tidies up again his, who knows that others are formidable, that Fiendgod Cult vice- founder before him was also several sub- on the resting dish. When Long Xueyi can hear that middle-aged low mumble words that spoke, she told Shen Xiang this.

Since knows that in Human Territory does not have Immortal King, but why don't they attack Chenwu Mainland? Words that this Immortal Monarch takes the lead, Chenwu Mainland on danger(ous).” This is Shen Xiang most is worried now. Perhaps Chenwu Mainland hides the fellow who is making them be afraid, they worried that directs that fellow, Chenwu Mainland had the strange matter.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang left sea of fire, uses the strength of Law of Space, in addition Earth Shrinking Step, utilizes peak both, has the Teleportation Formation recent place to rush toward distance here. This Fiendgod Cult is really stupid, sending out that many Fiendgod Cult people to search for the suspicious person, the place that exposed oneself hid, walked to destroy completely by that middle age.” Long Xueyi said. This regarding us is not the misdemeanor, must feel grateful Fire God Palace to help us actually destroy completely that formidable Fiendgod Cult, I think that Heaven World's Fiendgod Cult definitely knows, certainly pinches above.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Fire God Palace back Fire Emperor, the Fiendgod Cult back has Tian Nu, is very formidable fellows, perhaps these two influences can be one of the next Heaven World strongest influences. Bewitches the mountain range the super fire to fire the flat land there overnight, this matter has caused a stir in the entire new emperor day, nobody knows that only thinks that is a disaster. Shen Xiang arrived at Icewind Valley, knows him to come back, Pan Yunlan sees him immediately, but at this time is bewitches the mountain range by five days of fire burning down, there flame has not been put out. Pan Yunlan knows certainly that bewitches the mountain range matter, because she knows that Fiendgod Cult hides in bewitching the mountain range, but before Shen Xiang, had said that must go to destroy completely Fiendgod Cult, therefore she watches there news frequently, has not thought that Fiendgod Cult was destroyed completely, now is being burnt down by that fire.

„Is that you do?” Sees Shen Xiang, Pan Yunlan on surprised asking. „It is not...... Is a Fire God Palace fierce fellow, the fellow several sub- killed the Fiendgod Cult vice- founder.” The Shen Xiang's expression is very serious, because that fellow is a very big threat. Naturally, that is indirectly is also killed by him, because he has stolen that wonder stone, lets the Fiendgod Cult suspicion is Fire God Palace does, therefore immediately sends out two Immortal King to seize two Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch, tortures them, finally had not asked that anything comes, but that two Immortal Monarch are is not a vegetarian, was killed in the revolt. Finally, that Fire God Palace and Fiendgod Cult in secret conflict, is the strongest these fellows is fighting, Shen Xiang does not know how these Immortal King do not cause to rule strength that Immortal King restrains, but carries on great war, but also has killed Immortal King. Shen Xiang told this Pan Yunlan the conflict of Fire God Palace and Fiendgod Cult, after all Pan Yunlan for many years has assisted Icewind Valley and Fiendgod Cult being in power person, had certain experience to this matter.