World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1246

Pan Yunlan knows that Shen Xiang worried at this time Fire God Palace that fierce Immortal Monarch leads a troop person to attack Chenwu Mainland, even if they can block, but will also lose is very serious. She has pondered the moment, said: They do not dare to attack, possibly is being worried about that!” What is worried about?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Your hometown...... Place that you were born, do you still remember? Xianxian and Youlan were also born there, in the past Meng'er because of something, where investigates, then knocks into Xue Xianxian, receiving will be an apprentice.” The Pan Yunlan words, are similar to lightning-like chop to hit together on Shen Xiang's, secular world of that disappearance, his father, his clansman in that secular world, at that time suddenly disappeared, is not small to his attack. Now listened to Pan Yunlan saying that he remembered the place that he was born, that was one is hiding the place of any secret. My hometown how?” Shen Xiang has wanted to know that but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou probably know, his Master Huang Jintian and Gu Dongchen they also know. That is...... Actually regarding us, this actually anything matter, but came from the person in that place regarding you, possibly is not the good matter! However your family member dead that's it, your Master has not been hiding the truth from you, was worried that you know after there matter, will make something out of the ordinary. Regarding Xianxian and Youlan is also so, but was now different, you have grown up, is governs a side influence Big Shot, even if told you also to might as well.” Hears there to have not the good matter, Shen Xiang suddenly grips tightly him not to hope that own father has any danger(ous), that is his family member. There how?” Shen Xiang lowers the head, the facial color is very serious. This matter was our Chenwu Mainland these sect past founders knows that also quite remote sect knows that had Legend about Chenwu Mainland on, it is said here very fierce graves, had the place of this grave, in special pass by, will then appear, but had on this grave the person in place, will turn defends the grave person, has strong strength, but actually received the restraint of that place grave, what as for will have consequence, we were not too clear!”

Is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave?” Shen Xiang has thought immediately this, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave is a fan, where does not know. We are not clear, in brief that grave is expert, as for is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave, we are not clear.” Pan Yunlan shakes the head to say. Why then Fire God Palace will fear that place? Wasn't there vanished?” Shen Xiang also asked that that place vanished, Fire God Palace did not have the reason fear. Has not vanished, but hides in other spaces, but is away from here very near that's it, but the Chenwu Mainland's energy is to maintain that world revolves, if they send out too strong expert to attack here sect, disrupts here balance, that secular world will perhaps appear, defends the person in grave to come out to slaughter.” Pan Yunlan said. If Immortal Monarch gets rid, can ruin a piece place all of a sudden, if here casualty are many, truly will accumulate many death Qi, death Qi more than one, will corrode here Spirit Qi, causing the energy to drain fast. What grave is that? Said that my father wasn't defends the grave person there? Do they have their meaning?” Shen Xiang asked that he does not think very much his father and clansman rescued from that place. „It is not clear, but they as defending grave person, the strength will be very definitely strong, secular world vanishes, the above person, the strength has been promoted, to know that your father they can have any danger(ous), who best is clarifies the tomb owner in that grave is, if a good person, they should not have any important matter.” Pan Yunlan said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also know that this matter, Shen Xiang thought that who they should also not the clear tomb owner be, otherwise he, when seeks for Emperor's Tomb, they will remind him, they possibly did not determine that grave is Emperor's Tomb. Actually the Chenwu Mainland's matter, sect of our native place can definitely solve, here hides strength not to be weak, now you can feel at ease cultivates, prepares transcend, Heaven World is your young people should go, if here were really when the time comes peaceful, I will also go to Heaven World.” Pan Yunlan has smiled saying with a smile to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang left Icewind Valley, returned to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, he they have not said with Xue Xianxian too, but told them, Pan Yunlan can come, talked clearly the matter, but he returns to Subduing Dragon Sect, arrived in that Dragon Vein of Evil Dragon Burial Ground middle deep place.

Knew that about that the matter of secular world and that grave, this made him think many things, that mysterious grave was absorbing the Chenwu Mainland's energy there obviously, but Chenwu Mainland will present Dragon Vein from now on, if linking mental association, can guess correctly that in that grave person must use Dragon Vein resurrect. dragon brat, what view do you have? Sister Meiyao and haven't Sister Youyou you said the matter of that grave very much?” Shen Xiang lies down in Dragon Vein that original manuscript deposits the Dragon Pearl place, his some years have not come back, but the constitution this Dragon Vein crystal stones quality also enhanced, he believes soon, certainly will evolve is Immortal Crystal. Has not said with me, but you can look for White Tiger to ask that perhaps he knows anything!” Long Xueyi said. Should not know that I thought that grave possible and that time does not have relationship, otherwise in the past these ancient influence already to Chenwu Mainland fight.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. He had inquired Duan Chong before, Duan Chong does not know this matter, therefore he thinks. Can make Fire God Palace have scruples, it seems like that the occupant in that grave is very strong, but is not Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, whose can be?” In the Shen Xiang heart is very curious, and does not have the means to investigate, naturally, this for wants to know that own father there is safe. Shen Xiang returned to Dragon Vein now, but this Dragon Vein adolescence speed is quick, therefore he does not need to be worried, because practice to consume Dragon Vein strength here. For many years, Evil Dragon Burial Ground and Subduing Dragon City large formation, is this Dragon Vein energy maintains, but this Dragon Vein not only has not reduced the energy, instead also strengthened. Shen Xiang comes back quietly, but this deeply under forbids other disciples to come, therefore few people know Shen Xiang to come back, only then Earth's Core Clan Patriarch and several old men know. First gives a try, can practice here Fire Spirit, the flame now is my bottleneck, I use God Refining Technique, does not have the formidable flame, is very difficult to refine Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan to come, even if refines Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan somewhat to be strenuous.”

Shen Xiang closes the eye, starts to search into that Earth Core Spirit Crystal, wants to initiate energy, expands his Fire Spirit, simultaneously makes the type of that Heavenly Fire germinate, if can fuse together these, perhaps his Fire Spirit can rise a very big stair. You just refined Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan to come, started to think middle-grade? Takes your time...... First refines Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan that suits me to eat, others waited for a long time.” Long Xueyi said. This I know, but I refine Primordial Dan is very strenuous now, does well will not be defeated well, you are not do not know, if not that beginning of the universe tree root and my Yin and Yang Divine Veins has the resonance, I refine furnace Primordial Dan to be definitely difficult.” Shen Xiang said: This Primordial Dan is quite easy to refine, if Transcend Dan, I thought that my present flame should be hard to deal with.” Transcend Dan regarding you are not practical, your transcends tribulation words, quite in wasting one time promote own opportunity, will you give up? I listened to Sister Meiyao saying that a pill was called Heavenly Dragon pill, gave the dragon to eat specially, rank decided according to the herbs quality, if herbs were Heaven Level low-grade, Heavenly Dragon pill who can refine the similar quality came, I thought that Heavenly Dragon pill was very certainly delicious!” Long Xueyi said. Good, I have free time to give you to collect herbs!” Shen Xiang must certainly promise her, raises formidable this Little Dragon, has very big advantage to him. Long Xueyi does not disturb Shen Xiang to practice at this time, the Shen Xiang's flame can promote, means that he can refine many high level pill to come, this is the good matter. Before, Shen Xiang once the opportunity can initiate within the body latent flame potential, can fuse very strong Fire Spirit to come in that instantaneously, but he knows at that time his fleshly body could not withstand, therefore he has not gone to do. But now he , to stimulate the potential of that hideaway, actually feels exceptionally difficultly.