World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1247

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou now deep sleep, but Long Xueyi cannot suggest to Shen Xiang anything that during Shen Xiang falls into one piece to be confused now. Before he does not want to promote Fire Spirit time, but that opportunity suddenly braved, now he wants to promote, but actually could not seek for that key. When Shen Xiang feels for this reason anxious, suddenly a very cool energy flees in all directions to his whole body, making him very comfortable, at this time he remembered this is plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit when the energy of the fusion releasing. plant Heaven Dan is he obtains in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, but plant spirit is he on going to the Primal Chaos Mountain road obtains, both have been fusing, fused long time, but not completely successful, now suddenly emitted this strength to come, making Shen Xiang be enthusiastic immediately. This plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit fused, does not know that what situation will have? These two types of things can let a person closer nature, does not know that can be helpful to me promoting Fire Spirit?” Shen Xiang had a breach finally, now he entered Selfless State by himself, oneself anything does not do, this can let plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit quicker fusion together. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang suddenly thought that own body is very light, seemed fused with entire Dragon Vein by oneself was the same, moreover he also induces to the earth core these ebullition hot thick liquid probably, this makes him feel that one probably and earth fused generally. At this time he can clearer earth core revolution way, the earth core environment be bad, the hot thick liquid is similar to an intermittent crazy rough sea waves impact below, sometimes is the tide that several waves of hot thick liquid form attacks together, that energy of attacking, will attack greatly, seeps sky over, forms Spirit Qi. But under that Dragon Vein is, because innumerable pore passage form an implication rhyme the trace, therefore birth Spirit Qi are more, but also turns into the liquid, flows in a place again, finally concentrates the crystal shape, turns into Dragon Vein! actually is this! No wonder in the past Ancient Fire Beast obtained that Earth Core Spirit Crystal to be so angry to me, thing of actually this congealing crystal is the energy strongest shape!” Shen Xiang grasped anything probably. Felt plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit fusion, the time passes quickly, on the past more than ten days, Shen Xiang unconsciously, he had an idea suddenly quite the same as at this time, by own Fire Spirit promotion, but he had the direction. In Earth Core Spirit Crystal is containing very strong flame strength, I have thought must be able to be formidable I inside energy liberation Fire Spirit, but I make a mistake now!”

This is Shen Xiang sees the energy of under earth core ascending to congeal the crystal to associate, he planned that must breed in own within the body with the Dragon Vein same thing, but the nature and Dragon Vein are different, what he must breed is Fire Spirit Divine Veins. In Earth Core Spirit Crystal has Divine Fire fire seed, he can use this, type and Universe Fire Spirit conforms with together Heavenly Fire of his within the body. Thinks that he immediately complies, urges with formidable Divine Power, inhales in type of Fire Spirit and Heavenly Fire that Earth Core Spirit Crystal completely, although does not know that the result will be what kind, but he thought that certainly will make own flame promote a i volume stair. He just carried on not long, had the accident, that Earth Core Spirit Crystal suddenly has had a very formidable suction, fuses together Universe Fire Spirit to absorb little with his soul and fleshly body that making his whole body ache incomparable, on that day fire seed already was also inhaled in Earth Core Spirit Crystal, what making him not think, that Earth Core Spirit Crystal unexpectedly continually that plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit blended body devour past. little rascal...... your within the body what happened?” Long Xueyi suddenly is startled to shout, because she sees Dragon Vein Spirit Qi to turn into the liquid, by very astonishing speed seepage to the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang had not replied that his whole body is vibrating, his body unusual ache, but that Earth Core Spirit Crystal appears in the dantian middle, in place above crazy revolving in the middle that Divine Elephant, turns into Fireball, is absorbing the implication in his Heaven Dan inside True Qi and Universe Fire Spirit. Heaven Dan inside storage True Qi by extremely quick speed extraction, but fast absorbs Dragon Vein Spirit Qi to supplement, therefore Longxu will also see Shen Xiang so crazy absorption Dragon Vein Spirit Qi. Is absorbing five elements of True Qi, can evolve Five Elements Heavenly Fire? Like Li Baojun?” Long Xueyi seeps Divine Power to the Shen Xiang's dantian at this time, sees that Earth Core Spirit Crystal glittering the dazzling five colors multi-colored sunlight, immediately said with amazement. Also may be Universe Heavenly Fire!” Not long, Long Xueyi sees that Earth Core Spirit Crystal to have very big change: This...... unexpectedly is seven color light glow, is Seven Colors Heavenly Fire?” „It is not!” Shen Xiang said difficultly: Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao give my Yin and Yang Divine Veins little also in enters in this Earth Core Spirit Crystal, my Fire Spirit, Divine Veins and bone [lineage/vein], must merge into one organic whole!”

What? How can these things fuse together?” Long Xueyi has shocked, words that fuses, will be very truly fierce, but she worried that strength when Shen Xiang's fleshly body cannot withstand these things merge into one organic whole erupts. In the Shen Xiang's dantian, at this time can be said as piece of Primal Chaos, lightning flash thunder cry, the sound is huge, now he in Dragon Vein, the energy of absorbs is much bigger, Dragon Vein nearby Earth's Core Clan, has hidden, because the sound was really too big, entire Dragon Vein probably was roaring is being same. This condition has continued for one month to stop, at this time Shen Xiang also fell into a stupor. little rascal, awakes quickly, awakes...... Long Xueyi urgently to shout quickly, situation that now her unexpectedly is unable to see the Shen Xiang dantian . Moreover the Shen Xiang's body a True Qi energy sign, has not resembled the dantian to be discarded was the same. How?” Shen Xiang opened the eye, the severe pain of body vanished, he only thought at this time one slept probably. Your dantian? I cannot induce, is you acts unreasonably, didn't the lane have? A your True Qi aura does not have, what's all this about? Your Heavenly Saint Body also in?” Long Xueyi worried. Shen Xiang looked at own dantian, was shocked, inside five beasts, inside Heaven Dan are also likely normal, this does not have what change actually, but Yin and Yang Divine Veins, Universe Fire Spirit and Earth Core Spirit Crystal disappear, but turned into one group of grey Qi mist, this group of Qi mist wrap the entire dantian. He can in heavy this group of black Qi mist feel the Yin and Yang Divine Veins aura, moreover he thought that he can also release the produce fire flame to come . Moreover the flame will be fiercer. My dantian turned into a very big ash-gray space, five beasts in inside, the True Qi aura cannot send out likely, moreover I release the True Qi words, True Qi comes out by that piece of ash-gray Qi ball, so long as stains point these Qi mist, is very difficult to induce, does not know that is True Qi.” Shen Xiang said. At this time this condition he is also very difficult to talk clearly, he feels that big group grey thing also insufficient perfect, but has mysterious strength, is protecting his dantian, he thought that some people puncture his dantian, perhaps cannot destroy to inside thing, his dantian probably already not in his body, but actually exists. Is equal existence in Divine sea same shape, is his soul connected together. in other words, his fleshly body destroyed, his True Qi of practice same will also exist, this unusual phenomenon, Long Xueyi exclaims in surprise again and again.

Your this little rascal was away from the body of undying to be also near one step, has a look at your present flame to be what kind of quickly? Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou deep sleep, you carelessly tossed about, luckily was not the bad result.” Long Xueyi urged. Shen Xiang releases one group of flame in own palm, unexpectedly is very ordinary flame, this had a scare him and Long Xueyi! But the strange matter occurred, that group of flame unexpectedly that he releases started to change color...... First is red, orange, yellow, green and azure, blue and purple, these color fast changes, but to behind is white, [gold/metal] and black these three meaningful glance slow changes. Finally suddenly emits five dazzling light glow...... unexpectedly is Five Elements Heavenly Fire! What's all this about? I felt that I can use many shapes the flame!” Shen Xiang along with own regard, releases one group of ordinary flame, but this truly Universe Fire! Quite fierce, fiercer flame? I saw in your dantian to present seven color light glow before, perhaps you can release Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to come.” Long Xueyi said excitedly. ==== The time is tight, today is only two chapters, sorry!