World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1248
Shen Xiang does not know before one , the matter that in the dantian has, knew that in own dantian has presented Seven Colors Heavenly Fire light glow, he feels very surprisedly, Gives a try quickly, Seven Colors Heavenly Fire is very attractive.” Long Xueyi urged. Shen Xiang is controlling with the intention, was emitted one group of flame by own palm, seeing this group of flame, Long Xueyi to cheer, seven color multi-colored sunlight glittering, all around crystal stones is mapping seven color light glow, appears more brilliant, simultaneously here also floods is burning hot heat very much really very much. Consumes True Qi to be quick, this Seven Colors Heavenly Fire is really fierce.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: All of a sudden, my grain of Heaven Dan inside True Qi consumed up!” Now his 35 grains of Heaven Dan, the speed, not long, this Seven Colors Heavenly Fire can consume according to this completely True Qi of his within the body. It seems like you can use many color flame now at will, this is controls by your regard? Also can use a fiercer flame? Always felt the flame potential that you stimulate is not only this, should be stronger.” Long Xueyi said that she has been following Shen Xiang, and has fused with Shen Xiang's strength, the situation in her clearest Shen Xiang within the body. I give a try again.” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow looks at own palm, is controlling strength in within the body with the intention, making these True Qi transform as a stronger flame erupts. Isn't good?” Long Xueyi sees the Shen Xiang's palm quite a while not to have the flame, then asked. Came!” Shen Xiang suddenly has cried out strangely, sees only his palm suddenly to lighten a flame, but vanished afterward, presented bunch of flame a moment ago, but also dodges to pass, not sustained combustion. But is this instance, completely finds time Shen Xiang within the body Heaven Dan all True Qi, obviously a moment ago that flame was how fierce, Long Xueyi also again and again called out in alarm.

„That quantity of heat of a moment ago erupting, perhaps earth core inside temperature is also mediocre, if some people in side, you have not controlled good fire Qi, definitely will be burnt, what flame is this?” Long Xueyi can induce to Shen Xiang whole body True Qi at this time has consumed, but also maintains that type of flame to present one instantaneous, to use that type of flame for a long time continually, consumption True Qi are surely many, this is not present Shen Xiang can use. It seems like you have unearthed within the body flame thoroughly strength, if your True Qi are many enough, perhaps can also release compared with a moment ago also the fierce flame.” Long Xueyi said. How Shen Xiang also thinks that he plans to try to release that type of flame again, even if consumed own True Qi not to matter, he wants to confirm were one can release that type of fierce flame, was in the accidental situation the ability. After restoring True Qi, Shen Xiang attempts once more, these time with was the same a moment ago, flashes through a flame, but actually erupts a very strong quantity of heat, if here not in Dragon Vein, but in a forest, all around all will be burnt down the ashes. I become Immortal, perhaps can only use very short time, is this type of flame the flame? Words that heavy light glow looks like, does not have what difference with the ordinary flame.” Shen Xiang said. The Long Xueyi nod said: According to light glow, is the same with your Universe Fire, is the ordinary flame is different, is Universe Heavenly Fire? However properly speaking, Universe Heavenly Fire should be the Five Elements Heavenly Fire blended body, you use Five Elements Heavenly Fire to fuse, can gather, consumes True Qi should not be so many, will not be fierce.” Shen Xiang sits in meditation to restore True Qi once more, after restoring, he released Five Elements Heavenly Fire, then fused together the Five Elements Heavenly Fire five colors flame, really turned with the ordinary flame same color, the flame also strengthened, returned stronger compared with actually Five Elements Heavenly Fire, therefore he can determine now, flame that before that use whole body True Qi released, was not Universe Heavenly Fire. I now can use very strong flame, however my True Qi cannot follow the consumption, even if I absorb outside Spirit Qi to build up to turn into True Qi, cannot follow that spending rate.”

This is a Shen Xiang quite depressed matter, he can release compared with Universe Fire also fierce Five Elements Heavenly Fire, Universe Heavenly Fire, even is Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, but if uses Universe Heavenly Fire, he thought that is only a double-hour, can consume completely True Qi of his whole body. Must know that beforehand Universe Heavenly Fire continuously releases one all day, cannot make his True Qi consume. True Qi that although consumes are many, but the flame also strengthened many times, if uses Refining Simulation Technique alchemy, even if the flame is strong, perhaps cannot promote any efficiency, plays a role at most. However he uses God Refining Technique not to be different, if there is a very strong flame, that can twice the result with half the effort, naturally, he not only need to promote the flame, he also needs to promote Divine Dao Realm, he just stepped into Realm of Perfection of Divine Dao boundary now, this regarding cultivating Divine Dao, can only be a start. Moreover arrives at behind, will be getting more and more difficult, even if he has Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, cannot make him promote rapidly, only if he like Long Xueyi, is that type inborn on practice Divine Dao, can like Long Xueyi, even if not practice, cultivation base can promote, is really enviable. If my present Divine Dao Realm cultivates again, strong?” Shen Xiang asked. Practices Divine Dao with cultivating True Qi is different, the Realm promotion of Divine Dao is very difficult, moreover Realm is also few, regarding humanity, many years can promote Realm to be good, therefore freak like you, I thought that between Heaven and Earth is very difficult to discover second to come.” Long Xueyi said: If continues to promote Realm again, that was turns the god into Gang's Realm!” Turns the god into Gang? Fierce? Can you achieve now?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Hehe, this did not tell you!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: You practice True Qi, should know that Qi Aura is very fierce, True Qi condense for Gang, making True Qi that releases be similar to the sharp knife is the same, wields conveniently, releases Qi Aura to chop a great mountain.”

Right, Gang who that Divine Power turns into? Also is equally fierce?” Shen Xiang is curious immediately. Is very fierce, if you practice True Qi , to promote Realm, the strength will be stronger than actually several times, and even ten times, but cultivates Divine Dao not to be different, you should know.” Long Xueyi said. Um, before has not stepped into Perfection, my Divine Soul is small and weak, moreover when has not changed the become god strength, the function of that strength is not very big.” The Shen Xiang nod said. Long Xueyi said: Divine Ability that if you can Divine Power condense become god Gang, when the time comes you display, the might will be bigger, naturally this is the affirmation, but the most major function can treat as True Qi to use Divine Power equally, releases, is used to launch the essence attack.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, is choked up with emotions immediately, if unifies together god Gang and True Aura, in addition his formidable fleshly body strength vigor, strength that then releases is definitely terrorist.