World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1249
„If beforehand Divine Power, then as one medium, after displaying some Divine Ability, can to rely on between Heaven and Earth strength attack, but these Divine Ability need some time to display generally, for example Heavenly Dragon Seal! But Transformation Technique, is Divine Power changes into the strange energy, can change the structure of human body, lets the human body with other thing assimilation, the original between Heaven and Earth myriad things leave a source, but Transformation Technique has used this, first makes the energy of structure human body change into the source, then simulates the structure energies of other things, thus carries on the change.” So long as mentioned the thing in Divine Dao this aspect, Long Xueyi always talked at length, therefore she hopes that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can have Divine Soul, then she can teach many Divine Dao knowledge to give them every day. Long Xueyi continues saying: Divine Power is the Divine Sense evolution, the characteristics are the same carring capacity, but Divine Power is stronger than Divine Sense time, but the words of these two strength direct uses, at most are the spiritual attacks, if become god Gang, you can treat as True Qi to use Divine Power equally, moreover be more formidable than True Qi.” actually is this, then your Dragon Force what's the matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Our Dragon Force had inborn, but we also simultaneously bright Gang, if can practice to be lost in thought Gang, uses with Dragon Force, that is most formidable.” Long Xueyi said. In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise that this Imperial Dragon Clan dragon is really fierce, moreover these things are they are inborn, the quantity are no wonder few, but can actually have the small space in other tribal group huge world, even can also dominate the world at extremely few quantities. If I practice lost Gang to come, that can be used to release the flame god Gang?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally, but will have many me not to know that I am White Dragon, although can also release the flame, but does not have specialized Fire Dragon to be familiar with this matter.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang felt that he must release that type of strong flame, only uses True Qi to be insufficient, he thinks that becomes Immortal Monarch, perhaps cannot use that type of flame too for a long time. Dean, Elder Duan subpoenaed a moment ago from Subduing Dragon City, said that some people visit to cause trouble, person but who also has hit our.” Earth's Core Clan Patriarch Tie Li gives the Shen Xiang pass on message outside.

News that spreads from outside, will stop in a Yuzhu, Shen Xiang practice period, so long as the practice ended, will have a look in Yuzhu to have the news. Elder Tie, knows that is who visits to cause trouble? Is the specific situation what kind of?” Shen Xiang does not want to exit now, he also plans to refine some pill, the condense eighth Heaven Dan pill embryo, after by own True Qi promotion, seeks to be able strong Divine Soul herbs to come back alchemy again, this can make him soon practice to be lost in thought Gang. Only then three people, but the strength is very strong, strongest should in Human Immortal middle stage, but Elder Li and Elder Duan think somewhat formidabe.” Tie Li said. Duan Chong and Li Baojun are Human Immortal late stage formidable Immortal, but they could not cope with Human Immortal middle stage, explained that these caused trouble, truly was much more formidable, has very huge potential, must know Duan Chong and Li Baojun, if collaborated, can tie down Immortal Monarch. Isn't Fire God Palace's?” Shen Xiang also asked that he arrived at outside. „It is not, it is said is calls anything to extinguish Dragon Clan to come, they said that the untold hardships get down from Heaven World, comes to our Subduing Dragon Sect.” Tie Li said. Shen Xiang frowned, at this time can also run from Heaven World, that has definitely used very big strength, but this tight for Subduing Dragon Sect. Shen Xiang at this time naturally not exposed own status, but he must have a look, he used here just to construct good Teleportation Formation, came to a Subduing Dragon City secret room. Any nonsense extinguishes Dragon Clan, old lady has not heard, wants to exit to give really to extinguish to look that having a look at this group of fellows to have the big ability.” Long Xueyi is not feeling well very much, she can allow that Shen Xiang's Subduing Dragon Sect exists , because after her, must kill the dragon with Shen Xiang, kills in Imperial Dragon Clan these to let her repugnant Old Dragon.

Shen Xiang just went out of the secret room, induction to very strong Dragon Force aura, familiar Dragon Force he, all of a sudden distinguishes this is Dragon Force that humanity cultivates. „It is evidently strong, should practice fierce Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, has this might.” Shen Xiang murmured, hurries to the direction that Dragon Force releases. Snort, wants to exit to teach really this rampant fellow.” Long Xueyi has a bewildered repugnancy to that aura, moreover is very repugnant that why does not talk clearly as for her. Shen Xiang arrived at the spot, here is outside a city, Li Baojun and Duan Chong here, but also has outside the city stops to watch. In Li Baojun they behind also several young people who is injured to lie down, it seems like it was Tie Li a moment ago said the injured person on one's own side. Duan Chong and Li Baojun are facing the people of three wear snow white long gowns, one is old man, one is the middle age, one is a youth, unemotionally besides that old man, the face of that middle-aged and on youth full is a facial expression of keeping aloof, resembles world's number one such. „Really are these three fellows idle the egg to hurt, are all right to run rampantly here from Heaven World? They definitely paid very big price to be able, but came up time was not definitely easy.” Long Xueyi said. The youth looks at Li Baojun saying: I said that making your Dean come out to see me, some reasons do not deceive me again, if your Dean by the seal, this Subduing Dragon Sect be not opened, hurries to switch off to consider as finished.” You just got down from Heaven World, does not know the situation, this new emperor day person, majority knows that our Dean by the Fire God Palace's large formation seal, that seal including Immortal King can the seal, you have the skill words, goes to have a look by the seal, can come out?” Duan Chong said.

Shen Xiang walked, sees his form, some people hurriedly said: Look, this isn't Subduing Dragon Sect that alchemy very fierce elder? alchemy technique has transcended the mortal world, had looked lively, this Subduing Dragon Sect's elder alchemy was fierce, does not know that fought what kind of?” A Shen Xiang above that appearance appears, he to let others knows that in Subduing Dragon Sect has the fierce elder. Here has a seal, although does not have that seal Immortal King is so fierce, but wanted the seal your three to have more than enough to spare, do you want to try?” Shen Xiang said very much immodestly. Afterward he looks to Li Baojun and Duan Chong, asked: Where do these three fellows jump? Our people are he injure?” You...... Wasn't is in luck to wrest away Dragon Vein? Also gives any Subduing Dragon Sect's name, told you, we were authentic extinguishing Dragon Clan, has strong extinguishing dragon strength, even if in Heaven World, our given names were also resounding! Knew that your has Subduing Dragon Sect in Emperor Heaven, we think that you also unqualified give this name, therefore gets down, making you give us the Subduing Dragon Sect's palm jurisdictional control.” That middle-aged boast shamelessly said.