World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1250

After Li Baojun and Duan Chong and Shen Xiang hear, immediately laughs wildly. You extinguish Dragon Clan, how many strip fierce dragons have you killed? Our Subduing Dragon Sect's elder is in front of Holy Dragon Crown Prince, cuts to kill a Imperial Dragon health/guard, have you killed? Perhaps makes you go to the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon nest entrance to call several not to dare! unexpectedly far away runs from Heaven World our dissolutely, were your heads clamped by the gate are kicked by the donkey?” White Tiger cuts to kill the Imperial Dragon health/guard on the same day, this matter truly has been causing not a small stir, it is estimated that the Heaven World's people should know that therefore Shen Xiang said is the truth. On their this broken heads, the donkey disdains to kick their.” Duan Chong said with a smile. That three extinguish Dragon Clan immediately bristles with anger, whole face murderous aura, the Imperial Dragon health/guard was cut the matter that kills, they also know, therefore their this time sends for chatting the actual situation, but after they arrive, actually knew that Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean got up by the Fire God Palace seal, moreover is a Immortal King seal, seal large formation of use is also very fierce, in Heaven World is very famous. But they actually intentionally find fault, must look for opposite party Dean actually, they truly want to take advantage that Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean no longer, wrested away Subduing Dragon Sect to say again, but how they cannot clarify the Subduing Dragon Sect's concrete strength, therefore they planned that now the noisy point matter came, can look come out a very strong fellow. The elder who now comes out, they from the discussion sound of crowd had learned a moment ago this is alchemy is very fierce, but in their eyes, is the same with the mortal, does not have a True Qi fluctuation. After the Shen Xiang's dantian carries on the big fusion, the dantian had the strange change, was winding around by the grey aura, therefore inside True Qi will not reveal, let alone opposite party, even if Long Xueyi cannot induce the True Qi fluctuation to Shen Xiang within the body. Makes me get rid to deal with these three fellows, how I must have a look at them to extinguish the dragon but actually.” Long Xueyi suddenly said that Shen Xiang slightly one startled, but Long Xueyi also immediately left Hidden Jade Ring.

Afterward a spoken parts photoemission comes to shoot from the Evil Dragon Burial Ground illness of distant place, releases a very danger(ous) aura, especially that strong Dragon Force, making people think the thing that rapid flight comes is a super big dragon, but the ground also along with that spoken parts photoemission comes, but disintegration, is only instantaneous, the white light has grazed the place, gets sucked is similar to the withered great river is ordinary. This is Long Xueyi, she went to that side Evil Dragon Burial Ground a moment ago all of a sudden, flies to shoot from that side, making the person think that she comes out from Evil Dragon Burial Ground. Only is that looking disdainfully world imposing manner, let deter many people, making the people be similar to facing super expert, momentarily may be cut to kill. However, what surprising is extremely, has so formidable imposing manner person, unexpectedly is a female, although is covered with the veil, puts on white skirt, but sees that curve exquisite back, makes the person recollections get up in close succession. Subduing Dragon Sect inside unexpectedly hides this so fierce female, the people thought that the strength of this female, should be able to rumble to kill that anything to extinguish the fellow who Dragon Clan comes instantaneously. You...... Who are you?” That extinguished Dragon Clan old man to speak finally, the sound was having the incomparable shock, because Long Xueyi that Dragon Force was really extremely formidable, as if can grind the world . Moreover the body was also having a very terrifying pressure, that pressure not only made the ordinary dragon be afraid, humanity could the balls tremble. Long Xueyi partly is obstructing the veil, only reveals the upper half face, but has actually been able to see that she has certainly a beautiful face, moreover her beautiful eye, enough cancels the souls of many men. You, so long as knows that I was Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder that's alright, my name you have not matched to know! I just closed up the hundred thousand year to come out from the universe space, knew that some people provoke our Subduing Dragon Sect, do not think that Dean that kid is not, you can trample our Subduing Dragon Sect at will! Snort, hurries to kneel to beg for mercy, called of pleasant to hear, I could to you a complete corpse.”

The Long Xueyi's sound is very ice-cold, but the sound can make people feel that a chill in the air, making people think that this is keeping aloof space Goddess, can only look up. The expression of this speech, with the Bai Youyou study, Shen Xiang hastily gives Long Xueyi sound transmission obviously: dragon brat, do not install extremely, others' intelligence quotient may not be low, do not think that the head of everyone was kicked by the donkey.” That words that Long Xueyi spoke a moment ago truly are ramble on, if other people, may be scoffed, but before this time this , after being raised , the sweet and pretty person whole body that curled upwards was actually sending out a strong destruction pressure, making people think that she has destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength. Li Baojun and Duan Chong hoodwinked, in Subduing Dragon Sect also hid such Supreme Elder, they first time know, moreover was a female, but also called Shen Xiang is the kid, but the strength of this female truly is at present formidable, words that she spoke, Li Baojun and Duan Chong were doubtful. You......” Your what you? Suspects my words? Old lady Tu Dragon time, perhaps you extinguished Dragon Clan Old Ancestor not born!” Long Xueyi said very aggressively, she usually boasted, was this tone, therefore she says now that was not strange, seemed that matter. „Do you plan to kill us?” That old man calm, Dragon Force that but on Long Xueyi releases, makes in his innermost feelings emit an intermittent fear unceasingly, because this degree of Dragon Force, he is first meeting, even if they extinguishes in Dragon Clan most expert, perhaps is unable to compare. Has killed you dirty only the hand of old lady, I am make you mediate.” Long Xueyi said wildly that rare brave the first time, is not flamboyant roars a point to do right by itself to rest in the Hidden Jade Ring food and drink rubbish , to promote the strength to be so long laboriously?

Shen Xiang has known the Long Xueyi's strength is very strong, compared with him, but usually does not have what opportunity to show, therefore cannot exactly know her strength. Then I only then has killed you first!” That old man is angry, although the opposite party is formidable, but so despises to them, moreover has the firm killing heart, he also can only get rid first. This old man was a moment ago communicates obviously with that middle age and youth, making them not get rid, is looking at that's alright at the same time. That old man strength is very strong, Human Immortal late stage strength, does not dare to face Immortal Monarch at will. Fights with the fists, the fist turns into is burning fire dragon head, sends out shakes resounding dragon roar, resounds through the skies, the pressure that Dragon Force releases makes the earth shiver. A crazy fierce fist, is having the strong barometric pressure, the engine'knock' earth, by extremely quick speed bang to the chest that Long Xueyi that stands tall and erect......