World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1251

The Long Xueyi's strength is immeasurably deep, Shen Xiang thought that she be fiercer than him, therefore also has no need to be worried about her, he compares to worry that actually that extinguishes Dragon Clan, just arrived here, cannot report including the name comes up, has provoked this violence dragon. The flame crazy fist of that old man is not weak . Moreover the speed is also quick, saw that a fist of this savage must fall on this along with the body of gentle and charming female, the heart of people cannot help but crazily jumps. However, after this fights with the fists, resembles thrust force such, although fist direct impact in the past, but Long Xueyi's body actually very strange moving backward, making that fist not stroke on her, moreover fist above strength also strangely vanished. Snort, isn't the fire Dragon God fist? Has anything to be good the Chinese zither, moreover studies that disappointingly.” Long Xueyi disdains one, immediately also makes a fist, this fist unexpectedly also braves very strong flame, moreover dragon head that the fist turns into must be bigger, is more lifelike, is similar to lifelike dragon head, is growing the great mouth, roared the bang to kill. This fist looks like that old man is fiercer, speed rapidness, that old man has not been startled with enough time, the chest fought with the fists by that fire Dragon God, sticks out suddenly a dazzling flame, meanwhile Fire Dragon penetrates the body of that old man, roared is flying to the distant place, the place that Fire Dragon grazed, the ground to ignite the steaming flame, was similar to draws a long straight line with the flame in the earth, looked like very fierce. Long Xueyi is only small has leaked such one, has deterred the people, that suddenly explosive force, as well as the terror flame, Li Baojun and Duan Chong this expert feels to be able not hold a candle, they had no longer suspected words that at this time Long Xueyi spoke a moment ago, they are only strange, when Shen Xiang looked for such fierce Supreme Elder, moreover was a female! Therefore, they admired to Shen Xiang. That extinguished Dragon Clan old man retreat several steps, on his chest, has big hole, does not know how Long Xueyi hit, unexpectedly has not made this old man bleed. The living person stands there, but the chest actually very big holes, this appears very strange. Said extinguishes the dragon, your ancestors pulled on shoes to me do not match, unexpectedly dares to come here dissolutely, from behaving badly cannot live!” During the Long Xueyi speeches, the body releases one very intensely Slaughtering Dragon Qi, Shen Xiang was very surprised her unexpectedly to accumulate that many Slaughtering Dragon Qi, was much richer than his Slaughtering Dragon Qi. Regarding this Slaughtering Dragon Qi, extinguishes the Dragon Clan three people most familiar, they knows that at this time kicked the sheet iron, this Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder, various aspects surpassed them to be expected that strength, that fire Dragon God fist, in many elders compared with their clan was much more authentic a moment ago, but that overbearing Slaughtering Dragon Qi, was they extinguishes in Dragon Clan nobody to compare favorably with. Has the words to say......” the chest of that old man, although was rumbled big hole, but also is actually living, but he felt that Long Xueyi aura is not right, hastily shouted.

Went to say with your ancestor.” Long Xueyi eyes red light dodges, that such as a palm leaf of jade, red light projects from the palm gently, infiltrates in the body of that old man. That old man just wants to counter-attack, but actually suddenly frames there, motionless, afterward astounding appeared, on the body of that old man suddenly presented many red silk threads, this old man body unexpectedly in split open, fissure glittering that blew out red light. Broken flowers are on the wane!” Long Xueyi light lightly snorted and said. Afterward body fierce exploding of that old man opens, turns into airborne that a piece of blood red fragment dances in the air, is similar to piece of blood red flowers with the wind flutters! Looks that red splendor is beautiful, flutters to the blood red level of distant place, everyone hit one to tremble, that was a person, like this died! Master......” extinguished Dragon Clan that middle age to shout one panic-strickenly. Goes together!” Long Xueyi that pair such as the Evil Devil common white hands wield, makes two that red light, submerges the body of that middle-aged and in that youth instantaneously! Sees this scene, the people to tremble, Long Xueyi at this time in their eyes is a succuba! Quick, the body of that middle-aged and youth, split open, fissure sending out has sold red light that the persons head skin tingles with numbness, afterward explodes, turns into red fragment, is similar to the bright safflower is fluttering generally with the wind. Shen Xiang frowned slightly, he saw Long Xueyi got rid a moment ago, added mixed other energies in inside, he thought that might is god Gang, but he was unascertainable, because Divine Power was invisible, used was very difficult to discover, if were god Gang, was so, but will have strong strength. Although he also cultivates Divine Dao, moreover he has also experienced Fiendgod Cult these Divine Dao expert, but is not considered as in his eyes authentic cultivate Spirit, he not be considered as.

But present Long Xueyi, is cultivate Spirit of genuine goods at reasonable prices, from birth that's it, even if she has revealed two slightly, but Shen Xiang has still not been able to see clearly her true strength. On this strength, dares to come my Subduing Dragon Sect to clamor, really acted recklessly, making you such die, is very polite.” Long Xueyi smelly fart throws down these words very much, on suddenly vanish from sight, but her is full of the dignified sound chilly, still reverberation near horizon. After returning to Hidden Jade Ring inside, this beautiful woman dragon of noble elegantly beautiful appearance laughed to continue a moment ago, matter that because handled a moment ago, lets her is very happy, she stayed in Hidden Jade Ring was so long, had the opportunity to come out to find relief rarely, she was very happy. A moment ago when that three extinguished the Dragon Clan person to arrive, is truly rampant, but actually completely died now, making the people feel that they died very aggrievedly, because nobody knows that his name, was rumbled to kill to become dregs. Has my this Supreme Elder here, their unexpectedly dares to come the Chinese zither, dislikes the life long such not to court death, gets what one deserves.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, did not have a moment ago that Supreme Elder appearance. Dispersed!” Shen Xiang was saying to the people. Li Baojun has given some pills these injured disciples eats up, the injury changed for the better, seeing own sect to have so fierce Supreme Elder, these disciples feel immediately proud incomparable, naturally, their first time heard that has this Supreme Elder. Returns to Subduing Dragon City, Li Baojun and Duan Chong hastily asked about that Supreme Elder matter. Dean, this Supreme Elder haven't we seen? Was you just invited?” Li Baojun asked. „A good fierce woman, looks like that Great Elder also wants to be fiercer.” Duan Chong said.

Long Xueyi naturally does not have White Tiger to be fierce, that is because White Tiger gets rid restrains very much, but the Long Xueyi natural disposition is such, has the opportunity to show off by her, she will certainly not let off, even if are not fierce, she will make others think that she is better than anyone, will therefore give people this false appearance. The time of boasting, Long Xueyi brought to the point of perfection, her strength, she has blown a few tricks in addition casually, can deceive very much easily the person. This...... Existed very much long time ago, but she has been closing up . Moreover the non- aspect makes an appearance, therefore you have not seen her, later will have the opportunity I certainly to make her take a walk in the gate much, directs the disciple.” Shen Xiang has been perfunctory casually. Cracks a joke, making Long Xueyi direct disciple, that is equal to letting her boasts, when the time comes definitely will blow the space to go the cow. Long Xueyi had not flung a moment ago any Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor reputation, Shen Xiang has thanked heaven and earth. What that side Fire God Palace has latest news?” Shen Xiang asked that now he does not have to stare at Fire God Palace personally, he also needs to practice , to promote strength. At present only then a news, they are gathering the disciple massively, even if not practice the flame, can invest Fire God Palace, moreover some of some of their also high level pill attract some expert to join.” Duan Chong said. Shen Xiang back and forth walked several steps, thinks that said: Elder Li, you also start the matter that plans the plan to recruit the retainer, only needed to cross Nirvana seven tribulation above expert, with Heaven Level pill as reward, if crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, can them Transcend Dan, as for these herbs, give me time, I collected.”