World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1252
Is gathering the expert aspect, Shen Xiang cannot fall behind Fire God Palace. Makes them our retainer, is not the Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple, in order to avoid when the time comes some people of to fish in troubled water, moreover this aspect must check, as for in welfare, is better than that's it Fire God Palace, pills I burns!” Shen Xiang said. Li Baojun nodded: If there is Primordial Dan and Transcend Dan as the reward, expert that wins over are definitely many, that Fire God Palace uses is Earth Level High-Grade Dan as well as few Heaven Level pill, if Dean can have massive high level pill, I thought that our retainer can expand quickly.” This does not have the issue, when my a period of time......” Shen Xiang planned then to start to find the way to raise cultivation base, but looked like first refines large quantities of Primordial Dan to be good now, he will give Li Baojun to refine as for Transcend Dan. He returned to Dragon Vein, he now is first concise massive Soul Creation Fluid, for duplicating massive Heaven Level pill herbs. Heaven Level pill's herbs needs many Soul Creation Fluid to duplicate fast, for example Primordial Dan different main herbs, the Shen Xiang condense three days of quantities can only duplicate one, one month is also ten, if other Earth Level pill, his one month can cause a big pile. However he was very satisfied, must know that is the words of other people, must plant ten Primordial Dan main herbs, has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows, moreover when planter, but must look after carefully, unusual consumption spirit. If I am the limit refinement, a furnace can refine four grains, ten furnaces 40 grains, but enough has gathered 40 person a half years, every half year gives them grain of Primordial Dan, this is the business that delimits very much comes.” Although Shen Xiang eats Primordial Dan time like eating bean, but the words of other people, can have grain of Primordial Dan every year are very good. On that Fire God Palace previous time provokes, lost massive pills, now they gather the person to join them with pills, it seems like they a short time will not attack, when their condense good strength, to have massive pills again, they dare to get rid! The premise is, that cultivates Divine Dao Immortal Monarch not to get rid, if that Immortal Monarch takes the lead to attack, perhaps Fire God Palace will start the general attack to be ahead of time many.” Long Xueyi said. dragon brat, you had revealed several before, if you go into action, can kill that Immortal Monarch?” Shen Xiang asked.

Cannot, only if gives me again dozens years, otherwise I hit that fellow, reason that I can kill that to extinguish Dragon Clan , because these fellows were too weak...... Actually, very big reason is because they were frightened by me.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Sometimes therefore boasted in the fight is also a very strong tactic.” You also know that you were boasting, very had self-knowledge.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: Was right, what you use is god Gang? I always felt you get rid, probably is hiding other energies!” Does not have...... If I can use genuine god Gang, you can lead me to go to Fire God Palace now, cuts to kill that cultivate Spirit Fire God Palace Immortal Monarch, I use god Gang who has not taken shape.” Long Xueyi said: But was very fierce, but you cannot use, that is my White Dragon Clan unique ability, even if Divine Power does not melt Gang, we can also use to attack.” Shen Xiang nodded, said: actually you have not arrived at that Realm, is very difficult to stride in?” Long Xueyi responded: Naturally is very difficult, but regarding me is only the issue of time, if you, possibly requires a longer time, you well practice now, became Human Immortal said again, moreover your Divine Power more was also good, otherwise when the time comes you know that condense god Gang needed many Divine Power, it is estimated that used that very strong mysterious flame such like you, can drain your Divine Power instantaneously.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, his present Divine sea inside Divine Power were many, but if wants condense god Gang, is flash's matter, it can be imagined, god Gang is fearful. I did well Primordial Dan herbs, I seek to strengthen Divine Soul Heaven Level pill, for a long time has not gone to seek for herbs, hopes that can unable to find.” Shen Xiang muttered is saying, closed the eye, the centralized spirit went to concise Soul Creation Fluid...... The time on the past, two months, Shen Xiang came out from Dragon Vein in an instant in the past, arrived at Subduing Dragon City City Lord's Mansion, moreover he arrived here, has dozens formidable aura the induction to here, is some strange aura, but this new emperor day, was very strong a group of people. However these aura are not very tranquil, once for a while fluctuation, obviously is because was affected by the mood, Shen Xiang knows that definitely some people are squabbling.

Goes to a hall, seeing here to have many talented expert, everybody all have . Moreover the quantity can also induce him are much more, there are over a hundred this. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang arrives, sees noisily here, moreover some people win to be red in the face, seems like momentarily can hit such. Shen Xiang has swept a here person, the strength was to cross the Nirvana seven tribulations, this for the past two months, Duan Chong and Li Baojun really gathered some retainer to come. old man and middle-aged appearance is in the majority, but looks like young also many, two are the youngster appearances, but the only several females, look like are young, regarding the appearance, the female certainly pay great attention compared with the man. Has the larger part is undermines a wall, they should be Fire God Palace send.” Li Baojun said that obviously he has been unalarmed by strange sights to this matter. old man walks, very saying of loud voice: What undermines a wall? Don't we want to make some friends be deceived, what good to be your Subduing Dragon Sect's retainer by you to have? Dean was suppressed, although there is a fierce elder, but usually looks cold and indifferent evidently, everyone knows that your Subduing Dragon Sect sooner or later will be destroyed completely by Fire God Palace. If Fire God Palace attacks Chenwu Mainland, your Subduing Dragon Sect definitely will get rid, definitely will make these join here retainer to bring death, we are not cruel enough to look that these practice laboriously, close transcend friend ruins in your hands.” Duan Chong and Li Baojun can admit City Lord's Mansion the person who these persuaded, has the plan, if can by persuading somebody to leave, not the retainer who was worth them gathering, therefore Li Baojun and Duan Chong were not worried that making them quarrel here. You are bring death, Fire God Palace and Demon and Devil collude, wants to occupy seizes Chenwu Mainland! To win the trust of Demon and Devil, whatever they Demon and Devil kill and burn to plunder in Human Territory, but you actually look but not see, but also boasted Fire God Palace's to be good all day, you do not have a look at Fire God Palace to be scolded the stream of abuse in Human Territory now, your unexpectedly also maintained Fire God Palace, was really not the thing.” A female said icily. Shen Xiang saw that was already walked by the person of persuading somebody to leave, but keeps here person, majority are some loose cultivator, cannot get used to seeing the person who Fire God Palace and monster Devil Territory colludes with, even if they not pills that wants Subduing Dragon Sect to give, they will also join Subduing Dragon Sect's. We come time, had decided must resist with Fire God Palace, our strength are insufficient, must therefore unite numerous men of insight, cannot make the fellow of heart of Fire God Palace this viper obtain Chenwu Mainland's Dragon Vein, then regarding future Emperor Heaven, can only be a disaster.” old man sits on the chair, closes one's eyes, indifferently said.

Your this group of people persuaded, was obtains the Fire God Palace's advantage? After the worry, when the battlefield, will be cut to kill by here person heartlessly persuades somebody to leave their?” Shen Xiang suddenly said: „It is not the person of our Subduing Dragon Sect retainer, in one side, which fellow I have a look at? unexpectedly makes this matter against one's conscience, you do not know that because of the Fire God Palace's reason, Demon and Devil can invade Human Territory on a large scale? Even if there is an influence to attack Demon and Devil, will be stopped by Fire God Palace's, this you are clear!” I will remember your countenance, you hurry to leave Subduing Dragon City, later makes me see you again, decides not to cut bountifully!” The Shen Xiang's sound full is killing intent: Before I have not changed mind, hurries get lost!” Person who this suddenly braves, presents some people to know that Fire God Palace's Immortal King Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, in alchemy, defeated in this person of hand before, and disastrous defeat. The alchemy very fierce person, truly has very high status in an influence, because the people see Li Baojun and Duan Chong these two elders are respectful to him. ===== Today has two!