World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1255
One year of preparation, Shen Xiang knows that a little time could not promote many strengths, but he actually wants to try, coming a limit to sprint, has a look at itself in this year time, some big progress. Do not forget to duplicate Black Blood Devil Sunflower, when the time comes uses these Demanding Life Devil Bow words, not having the acute poison words, strength to sell at a discount greatly.” Long Xueyi reminded him, was worried that he has forgotten this. Black Blood Devil Sunflower is under acute poison that these forbid the quite fierce toxin, is attacking, this type of toxin can have very big use, Shen Xiang naturally not to forget. This I knew!” After the Shen Xiang's flame promotes, refined Primordial Dan to be quicker, before he with that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade competed with alchemy the time, because the flame was weak, therefore has used many time, but he compares before now, quick more than one time, a day a night can refine two furnaces. It is not can succeed with God Refining Technique each time, had been defeated three times Shen Xiang to the present, but at his present age, refines Primordial Dan also to have the so high success ratio, that was unusual resulting, has now been able to refine Heaven Level pill, majority lived many years, cultivated Refining Simulation Technique to coming out that hundred multiple people can refine. Now he is not refining other Heaven Level pill anxiously, because now the situation is tense, he does not have that thoughts to study to refine new pill, moreover currently, there is Primordial Dan to support very long a period of time on enough him. The Subduing Dragon Sect's retainer can obtain Primordial Dan, every half year a grain, after this news passes on, many went to Fire God Palace's expert in abundance to change the mind first, throws toward Subduing Dragon Sect, but Subduing Dragon Sect is no one receives, wants to become the Subduing Dragon Sect's retainer, the condition that needs is very high, therefore causes one large quantities of people to keep them out. Even if cannot join Subduing Dragon Sect, but these people actually did not plan to go to Fire God Palace again, now everyone could see that Subduing Dragon Sect was formidable, has so rich pills foundation, this aspect has surmounted Fire God Palace, if joined Fire God Palace, later and Subduing Dragon Sect conflicted, perhaps will lose the life, the gain does not equal the loss. But joins the Subduing Dragon Sect's retainer, is Li Baojun and Duan Chong has checked, does not fear the Fire God Palace's person, therefore Subduing Dragon Sect from now on and Fire God Palace will have the conflict, these expert will not flinch.

These retainer are loose cultivator, it can be said that the new emperor day quite top loose cultivator, some even lived for these years for tens of thousands years, but also is only hundred. Although this crowd of loose cultivator have the Nirvana Realm top strength, but contrasts from these sect comes out, is some disparities, therefore Li Baojun has not only given their some Primordial Dan, has given back to many Earth Level pill they, has very big help pills to these loose cultivator. Chenwu Mainland's each sect, in secret is preparing, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire has refined 500 Demanding Life Devil Bow, delivers to Subduing Dragon Sect completely, this was only uses for a half year! These days Shen Xiang has come out one time, takes refinement from now on Black Blood Devil Sunflower, when lets these disciples are familiar use Demanding Life Devil Bow, joins these acute poison. But this is responsible for by Duan Chong, their Duan Family is skilled in regarding this matter, therefore Shen Xiang does not need to worry. One year quick on the past, Shen Xiang comes out from Dragon Vein, in this year he very diligently cultivates, although True Qi has the promotion, but the distance brings in the Nirvana eight tribulations also to have very long distance. All prepared similarly, where then must investigate that Fire God Palace to be situated, is then taking the Teleportation Formation plate in the past, lets first passing that took the lead, killed to be caught off guard Fire God Palace. formation plate has delivered, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, as well as Divine Weapon Sect understood that the refiner grandmaster bustled about one to refine all year round, was rare. In this year, Chenwu Mainland's each sect diligently prepares before attack, now they wait for the attack the opportunity. Shen Xiang before then, went to Chenwu Mainland these sect to walk, told them, quick can attack.

Each sect in secret established Teleportation Formation, connected that formation plate, can very fast faction massive disciple rushes in the past. Fire God Palace's is formidable, these sect know, but is so, cannot wait to be killed by them, since Chenwu Mainland has the Dragon Vein matter passes on, the Chenwu Mainland above person, the pressure is not small, frequently was worried will have a troop strong influence to kill, although such matter has not occurred, however the middle-and-small influence attacks is the common matter. Chenwu Mainland's each sect does not want to be in the passive situation again, they also counter-attack, counter-attack maliciously! This going, sends is the elites, it can be said that the entire sect's most foundation, Shen Xiang goes to these sect's times, sees the young face, although these disciples are young, but the strength is very strong, many of Nirvana Realm, some even crossed the Nirvana 78 tribulations. Shen Xiang does not certainly want to let some young have the disciple of talent to bring death, therefore he went to White Tiger Mysterious Realm! White Tiger hears Shen Xiang to attack Fire God Palace, is since somewhat accidental, thinks continuously, news that obtains, will be Fire God Palace momentarily will attack Chenwu Mainland these, but now actually reversed, but Fire God Palace does not know that each sect will achieve very strictly, has not divulged a secret. „Do you want to borrow our White Tiger Fighting Clan member?” White Tiger sees the Shen Xiang's purpose in coming, after all Shen Xiang's Subduing Dragon Sect and Chenwu Mainland do not have expert of Immortal King Immortal Monarch this rank, if Immortal Monarch gets rid, how they sent the past elite again to be fierce, that must die completely. Um, Fire God Palace has formidable Immortal Monarch, cultivates Divine Dao, killed that Fiendgod Cult vice- founder very much with ease.” Shen Xiang said: When the time comes you can not go to battle, so long as constrained these Immortal Monarch that's alright.” Fiendgod Cult? Fiendgod with cultivating that fellow really quarried a mountain to stand has sent, but deferred to the natural disposition of that fellow, this Fiendgod Cult should not be the good thing.”

White Tiger smiled afterward, said: „If others, that has not resulted in absolutely discussed that but you are different, I can make Bai Zhan bring some little brat in the past, said that I am also Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder!” This is busy regarding White Tiger is not anything, Shen Xiang makes him obtain that Law of Darkness profound bead, enabling him to grasp terror the strength of principle, on this point, he thought one were very difficult to repay Shen Xiang. Bai Zhan is White Tiger Fighting Clan Patriarch, how strength Shen Xiang does not know, but very formidable that's it, he is bringing two old man, as well as 30 young tall and strong youth, leave White Tiger Mysterious Realm with Shen Xiang, arrives in Subduing Dragon Sect. Bai Zhan has been familiar to Subduing Dragon Sect, he arrives, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran, Duan Sanchang and the others comes to salute to him on hastily, they have been together a period of time, looks like regarding this very gentle grandfather is very respectful. At this time Yan Yanran Yun Xiaodao their more definite Shen Xiang came back, but hid, otherwise cannot invite Bai Zhan these people, in this year special teaches, makes them understand that soon must have the serious matter, now they have not known that must attack Fire God Palace.